Przno - resort in Montenegro


Przno is a small Montenegrin resort located on the territory of a former fishing settlement. There are no sights, no active nightlife, but there is a calming silence, warm sea and beautiful landscapes.


Location Przno 

Przno - a village off the coast of the Adriatic Sea. From Podgorica, it is separated by 65 km, from Tivat - 25 km, from Budva - about 6 km. Many of those who come here and rent a car, constantly travel between the cities of Montenegro, as much as possible sating their vacation.

On the map Przhno looks like this:

 Przno on the map of Montenegro


Weather Przno 

Przno is completely surrounded by mountains, which protect it from wind and cold. Thanks to this, the swimming season here lasts long enough: from May to October. Summer in Przno is usually dry, and in the winter, small rains often occur.

The air in the resort is completely saturated with the smells of numerous plants growing on its territory. Ethers, minerals, coniferous vapors - these aromas constantly hover in the air.


Beaches Przno 

The main beach of Przno is divided into two parts: paid and free. They are both remarkable for their purity, unusual reddish sand and warm calm water. Due to the lack of waves, beaches are perfect for relaxing with young children.

Paid beach area belongs to the local hotel. It occupies 2/3 of the entire coast. Three reefs protect the beach from the waves. On one of them flaunts a dilapidated structure of stone. Previously, it was an outpost, which was carefully guarded. It was from him that the local guard gave people signals about the approach of pirates.

Beaches of Przno in Montenegro

The free beach occupies a tiny territory of 350 m. It is surrounded by a picturesque olive grove. In the low tourist season on the municipal beach is cozy and quiet, on high it is often filled with tourists. Free beach is cleaned regularly. It is also protected by reefs, it also has a beautiful view of the mountains and an islet with an old building.

The paid beach is not always closed for tourists. The entrance fee is only taken towards the middle or the end of June, when a large number of tourists come to Przno.

On both parts of the main beach you can see boats and nets belonging to fishermen. They actively sell to tourists freshly caught fish and fresh seafood.

The royal beach of Przno is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. It is assigned to the hotel, and only guests are allowed to enter it free of charge. The rest pay for renting beach equipment.

In a low season, this rule ceases to apply, and the Royal Beach is open to all comers. Not far from it, the residence of the Montenegrin government is based, because of which access to the beach is sometimes temporarily blocked.

Kamenevo is a free beach in the Budva Riviera, located between Przno and Becici. Here is a shallow bottom, azure water and small pebbles. In the water you can grope huge boulders, which is not something that everyone likes.

 Holiday in Przno in Montenegro

Leisure Przno 

Przno - not the place where you should go for a busy holiday. This village is more suitable for couples and elderly people looking for solitude away from the noisy megacities and resort centers.

Tourists, who chose Przno for their trip, devote much time to walks through narrow stone streets, cozy embankment and green parks. From the village you can walk to St. Stephen's, one of the key tourist places in Montenegro. The path runs through a picturesque forest.

In the evenings, a few cafes of Przno are filled with holidaymakers who admire the setting sun and enjoy the sounds of the sea from the terraces and balconies. The cafe serves mainly fish dishes, all menus have some traditional European dishes.

Diving is the most popular beach entertainment in Przno. Those who dare to get to the seabed, get acquainted with the inhabitants of the underwater world: squid, octopus, cuttlefish. Some have a chance to see dolphins.