Accommodation in Montenegro

The main aspects of living in Montenegro

Accommodation in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the most accessible and favorable for living in Europe. Below, we will discuss the main features of life in it, which should be taken into account by immigrants.



In general, Montenegro can be called quite a prosperous country. Most of its indigenous people say that they are satisfied with their situation.

According to the UN, Montenegro ranks 52nd in terms of living standards. In total, 186 states participated in the study. Every year the rating of the country on the list increases, which indicates its gradual development.

The average life expectancy in Montenegro is 74 years. The world indicator is at around 66 years. Longevity of Montenegrins is explained by climate, ecology and way of life.



Immigrants from Russia and other CIS countries characterize their life in Montenegro with calmness, stability and security. This applies to those who have found a permanent job and have a guaranteed income.

Almost all Montenegrins are not very confident in the future, but they are not in a hurry to change anything and prefer to enjoy the present moment. During their working hours, they sit in a cafe, walk and talk.

The average monthly salary in Montenegro is at around 500 euros. The highest income is observed among workers involved in tourism. Local residents claim that a family of 3 people is desirable to have at least 1000 euros a month.

Earnings in Montenegro 


Accommodation in Montenegro is cheaper than in other European countries. In particular, this applies to spending on food: a full-fledged food basket for a family of 3 people a week costs about 60 euros. At the same time, all products in it are environmentally friendly and healthy.

Utilities are a special item in Montenegro. For electricity and water, you have to pay more than in Russia. In addition, in Montenegrin houses there is no unified heating system, therefore, for the arrangement of housing for the winter season, we have to spend additional money.

Renting or buying an apartment is an unavoidable waste for any immigrant. Monthly accommodation in rented apartments costs about 250 euros a month provided long-term cooperation with the owner of the property. Prices for apartments in Montenegro are at a lower level than in other European countries.

Pre-school and school education in Montenegro is free. For the use of medical services, only those who do not have borawak pay a document that entitles them to temporary residence in the country.



Life in Montenegro means paying taxes. All products and other products produced on the territory of the country are subject to a 19% rate. This rule does not apply to basic necessities, for which a reduced tax of 7% is payable.

Individuals earning more than 480 euros a month pay a tax of 19%. Those whose salary is at a lower level can expect a reduced rate of only 9%.

Legal entities pay a 9% tax on profits - the lowest in the whole of Europe. If the entrepreneur intends to invest all proceeds in the further development of his business, he is completely exempt from tax.

The real estate tax is levied on both citizens of Montenegro and immigrants. Its size varies from 0.1 to 1%. The specific rate depends on the purpose of the immovable property, remoteness from the sea and the basic infrastructure, etc.

 Pros and cons of life in Montenegro

Pros and cons of living in Montenegro


A favorable Mediterranean climate is the main advantage of living in Montenegro. In this country there is no cold winter, and in the summer you can fully relax on the Adriatic coast.

Montenegrins and immigrants enjoy the beautiful landscapes all year round: the sea, mountains, canyons. There are many parks and protected areas in the country, perfect for recreation and walking.

Ecology is an important advantage of living in Montenegro. According to the environmental indicators, this state occupies an honorable first place in Europe. In Montenegro, there are practically no industrial facilities that pollute the atmosphere.

Safety is an important plus of life in Montenegro. Lost things here are accepted to be returned, along local streets you can safely walk even in the dead of night, and the local police are always ready to help a person in trouble.



Features of the local mentality - one of the disadvantages of living in Montenegro. Among the indigenous people, it is customary not to keep promises, to be late for meetings and to postpone the execution of important cases. It may be hard for a Russian person to get used to it.

Among the individual shortcomings of life in Montenegro can be identified small size of the country (in most towns it is difficult to find quality things and satisfy their consumption needs) and low quality of medical care.