Weather in Montenegro

Weather in Montenegro. Seasons in Montenegro

Weather in Montenegro

The country has large differences in altitude, so the climate in different parts of the country is different. If the coast is warm in the summer + 35, and in the winter about zero, in the mountains, as a rule, to minus twenty degrees, and in the summer do not always want to change into shorts.


Regarding the settlements located in the mountainous area in the North of the country, there is often snow until July.


The country has very strong winds both on the coast and in the North of the country. Winds are so strong that some trees grow at an angle, and poorly fortified billboards fall.


In summer, sea water is equal to the temperature of + 23 + 26 C, and in the Bay of Kotor is heated to +29 C! The beach season lasts from may to September.


Tourist season

There are two tourist seasons in the Republic: summer and winter. Most of the tourists visit the country in the summer to swim in the sea.

Summer season

Weather in MontenegroLasts from may to mid-September. In summer, vacationers prefer to relax on the beaches. Intense heat is Ulcinj and Kotor, it is a bit cooler in Budva or Herceg Novi.

The average water temperature is +28, the sea is so clear and transparent that the water can be seen at a depth of 45 to 65 meters.

The air temperature warms up to +50C, but the heat is not felt so much due to the influence of the nearby mountains.

It should be remembered that in July-August a lot of tourists, and the most accessible beaches are a lot of people. Which entails dirt and overpriced goods.

We strongly recommend taking part in excursions that are worth the money spent on them.

If you are satisfied with a cleaner beach holiday, then we recommend going to the New World or Bulgaria.


To assess the nature of Montenegro, look at the beautiful photos. When you hover over it with the mouse, you will learn much more about the place that you liked.

Winter season


In winter, the holiday season is very short and depends on snow. Montenegro in winter is a skiing sport. We do not recommend to travel in winter in the mountains. The season is tentatively starting from the end of November and lasts until may.

The main winter resorts of the country are Kolasin and Zabljak.


Advantages of ski resorts:

  • The ski resorts of Montenegro are still young.
  • They do not have a long history, however, they have the latest equipment.


The main advantages of Montenegrin winter resorts are:

  • Comfort in living and recreation.
  • So that cable cars have high capacity and low load.
  • Ski routes should be different: from simple training to complex professional.
  • A variety of tracks for snowboards, cross-country and mountain skiing.
  • Trails in Montenegro are ideal in terms of their slope from 25 to 40.
  • There are almost no avalanches in the ski resorts.
  • Availability of schools for skiers and snowboarders, providing training for children and adults.
  • Mild, comfortable climate with good weather.
  • The Republic is ecologically clean and has no industry.
  • Very beautiful scenery of the mountains, rich history and attractions that require your visit.
  • To get to the resorts will have passing through the amazingly beautiful canyons of Tara and Moraca.


We recommend seeing:

  • Biogradska Gora national Park, located nearby.
  • The excursion program, if it will offer-the number of excursions will depend on the condition of roads.
  • If you think to eat in restaurants, we recommend visiting Savardak with national cuisine and the building, built in the style of traditional houses of Montenegrin's.
  • Zabljak is a ski resort and the place where most of the competitions are held.


Montenegro in spring and autumn

Some articles about the Republic tell that spring and autumn are the best time to visit the sights. We want to object to this, in the spring and autumn the rainy season begins here. Rainy weather in Montenegro can last for weeks without interruption, the locals “hibernate”.


Naturally, with this weather, the trip along the mountain roads dangerous enough, and see what You can not do anything. We would not advise resting during this period.

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