Sanatoriums of Montenegro

Best sanatoria of Montenegro

Sanatoriums of Montenegro

Beautiful nature, warm sea, favorable climate, clean air - all this makes Montenegro a suitable place to restore their physical and moral health. To recover from ailments, it is best to stay at a local sanatorium. We will talk about the two most famous of them below.


Institute of Igalo

The Igalo Institute is known far beyond Montenegro. He began to receive patients in the distant 1949, and now is considered the largest health center in the world.



The Igalo Institute has achieved outstanding results in the detection and elimination of neurological, respiratory, orthopedic, gynecological and cardiovascular diseases. It also successfully relieves patients of rheumatism.

To conduct therapy, natural resources are used, with which nature has generously endowed Montenegro: curative mud, mineral water, river, lake and seaweed.

In the process of treatment, methods of hydro-, electro-, balneo-, reflexo- and thalassotherapy are widely used. Often applied acupuncture, aromatherapy, ultrasound, inhalation.

Health resort Igalo Montenegro

Each patient passes through an individual treatment program. At the same time, group procedures for kinesitherapy, occupational therapy, and relaxation are being actively conducted here.

Igalo Institute is popular among those who want to quickly and effectively lose weight. Not so long ago in this medical center there was a department of plastic surgery.

The establishment has a beauty salon. It offers one-day and multi-day facial and body care procedures.

The medical center is open to young children and people of age. Here, athletes who are experiencing a period of recovery from trauma are welcome.

The Igalo Institute also offers general wellness activities. They are aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good physical shape, as well as getting rid of bad habits.



Health resort Igalo MontenegroThe Igalo Institute has a team of Russian-speaking doctors, so there are no problems in communicating with our compatriots. If someone needs to speak with an English-speaking doctor, the staff will invite an interpreter.

Patients are accommodated in comfortable rooms in one of the buildings of the Institute. Almost from all windows and balconies you can see a green garden or azure sea.

The territory of the medical center is equipped with a swimming pool, gym, tennis courts and several sports grounds. The well-kept garden of the Igalo Institute is great for walks and picnics. The beach is a couple of minutes walk from the main building.



"Vrmats" is a slightly less popular Montenegrin center of medicine, which is located in Prcanj. It is considered a multi-purpose medical and tourist type institution.



Medical programs in the center "Vrmats" are compiled by a group of specialists using modern technologies. The quality of treatment meets European standards.

Indications for treatment in the sanatorium "Vrmats" are the same as in the Igalo Institute. Special results are noted in the rehabilitation of patients with cardiac, locomotor and pulmonary diseases. In many respects, the warm climate and Montenegrin air contribute to this.

Many come to the medical center "Vrmats" for outpatient therapy. It includes procedures for hydro-, physio- and electrotherapy. Regular inhalation is performed for patients.


Sanatorium Vrmac Montenegro


"Vrmats" can accommodate up to 210 patients. They are located in fully equipped rooms. Almost all of them are equipped with balconies overlooking the fragrant territory of the sanatorium or the seashore.

For discerning guests there are apartments consisting of several rooms. Some patients are accommodated in bungalows right next to the sea coast.

Leisure can be diversified by hikes on the beach, which belongs to the medical center. On the territory of the institution there is a swimming pool and sports grounds.