Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is a luxury Marina in Tivat

Porto Montenegro

If you are tired of a beach holiday, you should take a break and walk through the streets of Porto Montenegro! Against the background of the coast, this small area just sparkles with its new hotels, luxury yachts and extraordinary cleanliness. If you are tired of the lovely village houses that have covered the coast, then come to Tivat! This place will not leave anyone indifferent.


Quiet Marina for luxury yachts

Porto Montenegro is a luxury Marina in Tivat. Its complex includes: apartments, hotels, conference hall, sports grounds, art gallery, Museum, restaurants, bars and shops. In fact-it is a small town for yachtsmen, which has everything you need for a comfortable stay and rest. Throughout the Adriatic, it is the only one of its kind such a complex, and in Europe their units.

Porto MontenegroThis project was created and implemented by Canadian businessman Peter Munch. He purchased a plot of land with several investors who became his partners. So the elite yacht complex was built.

Montenegrin yacht legislation is the mildest in the Mediterranean sea. The first eighty-five boat seats were opened in 2009. And the next year the pier gained the status of the official sport of the Republic, but the construction still continued. According to the plan, there should be six hundred and fifty berths for yachts of different sizes. The crew and passengers will be entitled to: full customs control, duty-free fuel purchase area, electricity connection point, wireless Internet, repair service, Laundry, food delivery and 24-hour security.

In addition to the Marina, the complex includes 130 luxury residential residences, a large sports complex, a yacht club, an outdoor swimming pool with bar, a Maritime Museum and a 5-star hotel with a casino right on the coastline. There are also offices of a yacht broker and a marine agent, a training center for Maritime training.

Today Porto Montenegro is selling residential premises and places for yachts, their delivery is planned for the near future. Russian citizens make up about thirty percent of all buyers.

In order to have a rest in Montenegro, you need air tickets, you need to decide on a hotel or private housing, to obtain insurance, to decide on a car or a transfer. When booking in advance of these services, you will get a good discount and save on costs.



Today, Porto Montenegro can already compete with the world's elite yacht complexes, because its difference is not only in high functionality, but also in relatively low prices. For example: the maintenance of an average yacht for a whole year will cost 24 000 euros or 2 000 euros per month. In Monaco or in Sardinia during summer Parking of the same yacht will cost 1000 euros per day, and even if there are free seats. On Capri and in St. Trope the same rates per day, well, Parking during the year will cost 500 thousand euros. The advantage of Montenegro is the absence of fuel tax. There is also accelerated customs and border control.

Porto Montenegro

You can have fun in Porto Montenegro in the elite indoor club Lido, which is located in a quiet corner of the complex. The club's outdoor swimming pool, listed in the list of 16 best pools in the world, in the form of a luxurious 64-meter reservoir. The local elite lies here in the tents, sipping cocktails and watching the magnificent sunsets over the Adriatic.

This is where Nathaniel Rothschild celebrated his anniversary a few years ago. The celebration was attended by only the closest friends — about 400 people. The press of Britain then described this Banquet as an unprecedented celebration, which Montenegro has never seen or heard. They say that the anniversary came most of those who are listed in the Forbes, and the most important guest at the party was British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

You can enter the port at any time of the day-it is absolutely free. Vacationers often make morning and evening walks on the pier, drink coffee or meditate.

Many of the tourists spend the evening sitting on comfortable benches, enjoying the view of the Gulf of Tivat.

Many properties are sold in Porto. Here you can buy and private apartments and premises in the building of the luxurious 5-star hotel Regent, the only hotel in the Bay. It's newly built. It is often settled during frequent visits to the Republic. The cost of the room per night — 130 Euros.

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