Tours to Montenegro

Tours to Montenegro: Budva, Becici, Petrovac, Perast from the company Level.Trevel

Tours to Montenegro

Tour to Montenegro - a great option for a holiday in a beautiful European country with a rich history. Below we list the most popular destinations for travel to Montenegro, as well as tell about the benefits of a trip as part of the tour.


Popular Destinations

Tours in Montenegro provide for accommodation at the best resorts in the country, checked by hundreds of tourists. We will briefly describe the main features of each.



Budva is a Montenegrin resort, where most of the tourists come. Tourists are attracted by the variety of beaches, the possibility of active night recreation and a rich excursion program.

There are 6 beaches in Budva. Their total length reaches 10 km. On the beaches are sun loungers, locker rooms, children's playgrounds and water slides. Beaches of Budva are covered with fine sand. Here you can test yourself in the role of a diver or jump with a tarp. Almost all hotels are located either on the first or on the second coastline from the sea, which is especially convenient for travelers with small children.

Tours to Budva, MontenegroThe main attractions of Budva are concentrated in the Old Town. This part of the resort is remarkable for its cozy narrow streets, along which it is pleasant to walk. In the center of the Old Town there is a citadel. Now it has a museum. It is surrounded by churches built in the Middle Ages.

Budva is popular among young people, who come here for an active night life. Here is one of the best clubs in the country - Top Hill. It is located in a picturesque location at the foot of the mountain. Disco passes right under the open sky. The club regularly hosts leading DJs from Europe and Montenegrin celebrities. In high season, parties in Top Hill are held every day.

Budva is rightly considered the center of Montenegrin poetry. In early July, poets from all over the country come here. Until the end of August they read their works on the streets of the city and arrange concerts. In summer, the local citadel turns into a stage for theatrical performances of Serbian and Montenegrin actors.



Becici - two small resort town, located near Budva. They are great for a leisurely family holiday on the Adriatic coast.

The resort of Becici is famous for its beach, which was once recognized as the best in the whole of Europe. Now it stretches along the coast for 1.5 km. On the beach of Becici, not too many people, which is its undoubted advantage.

Becici is a well-equipped resort center. There are enough cafes, restaurants, hotels. The streets of Becici are buried in greenery, it is cozy and beautiful in all seasons.

Becici connects with Budva through a major boulevard. If desired, vacationers can at least every day to visit another resort, enjoying the new beaches and attractions.

Becici is sure to please those who want to diversify their vacation with active pastime. This resort has special facilities for water skiing. Holidaymakers can use outdoor sports grounds, tennis courts, gyms. Those who love extreme sports go on rafting or paragliding. Some jump with a parachute or ride a "banana". Children spend time on well-equipped playgrounds.

 Tours in Becici, Montenegro


Petrovac is another resort located near Budva. From the main tourist center of the country it is only 17 km away.

The main feature of Petrovac is its amazing nature. The city is surrounded by olive groves and pine forests, where you can walk for days on end. Thanks to the abundance of greenery, the soft microclimate reigns here.

In Petrovac there are two beaches. The main beach boasts a beautiful bay with grottoes and secluded corners for swimming. On the small pebble beach of Lučice people are always less than on the main. Both beach areas are equipped with everything: sun beds, umbrellas, toilet rooms, cafes and bars.

At Petrovac, you can go for a boat trip with a transparent bottom, ride a jet ski or rent a boat. There are regular cruises on liners. Anyone can dive, taking all the necessary equipment directly on the beach.

The main attraction of the city of Petrovac is the old fortress of the Venetian era. Now it houses a nightclub and a restaurant. Not far from the fortress is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. In the vicinity of the resort Petrovac there are a couple of monasteries, where tourists often go.

Tours in Petrovac, Montenegro


Perast is a small town surrounded by high mountains and rocks. It is not considered a resort center of Montenegro, but still attracts tourists with its dimension and coziness.

The embankment is the most important sight of Perast. Along its line there are tiny little houses that are buried in greenery. There are several restaurants on the Quay where you can have a good meal.

The Church of St. Nicholas is another attraction of the town of Perast. The building is at an altitude, and you need to get to it on a spiral staircase. Above you see an amazing view of the sea bay.

For bathing from Perast you can go to the islands. The boat is regularly sent to the island of the Virgin. On the island you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also visit the local museum.


Why go with a tour to Montenegro

Montenegro is a popular country for travel. In 2017 it was visited by 2 million tourists. Vacationers who choose to travel to Montenegro, attracts:

1. Visa-free regime. Montenegro is one of the few European countries in which Russians can go without a visa. Those who come to Montenegro with a tour, do not even have to worry about registration.

2. Proximity to other countries. Montenegro adjoins Croatia and Albania, where a lot of excursions are sent. From Montenegro, you can also go to exquisite Italy or historically rich Serbia.

3. Favorable climate. In summer it's always hot and sunny in Montenegro. Despite the high temperature, thanks to the nearby mountains there is no too much heat. Rains in Montenegro are extremely rare. It seems that nothing can spoil the beach vacation in this country.

4. Clear sea. Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea. The water temperature in it rarely falls below + 27C. Transparency of sea water varies between 40 and 60 meters. Vacationers here can get plenty of tourists and even get acquainted with the inhabitants of the underwater world.

Tours in Montenegro5. Security. Montenegro is an absolutely safe country for visiting, where you can safely come with children. Many resort towns are equipped with video cameras. In Budva, for example, they are installed in all parts of the Old Town.

6. Beautiful nature. The sea, mountains, dunes, plains, groves, forests - all this can be seen in Montenegro. Particularly beautiful views are opened from observation platforms, which are available in every Montenegrin resort.

7. Developed infrastructure. This applies to both tourist areas and beaches. Tourists in Montenegro always have a delicious lunch, a refreshing drink or just a rest after a busy day.

8. Good conditions for rest with children. For small holidaymakers in Montenegro there are playgrounds, slides, zoos, water parks and other entertainment. Many hotels and cafes have a children's menu.

9. Rich historical heritage. Montenegro has preserved a huge number of monuments and buildings from past eras. Some of them were destroyed, and then restored by painstaking labor. In numerous Montenegrin museums you can get acquainted with the history of the country and its culture.

10. Opportunities for active and sports recreation. Buying a tour to Montenegro, you do not need to worry about what you will be doing. On any popular beach you will find services for renting water transport, equipment, etc.

11. The variety of excursions. At the big desire any tourist can go round all Montenegro or at least visit its most interesting corners within the limits of tourist excursions. Sveti Stefan Island, Boka Kotorsky Bay, Durmitor Mountain are just a few places where you can go on a guided tour from any Montenegrin resort.

12. Relative cheapness. Montenegro is not the most visited tourist country in the world, but because it has reasonable prices. This applies to everything: living in hotels, eating in restaurants, sightseeing tours, buying souvenirs, etc.


Advantages of traveling to Montenegro from Level.Trevel

Choosing a tour to Montenegro through Level.Trevel, you:

Travel to Montenegro in Level.Trevel1. Save time. In the catalog there are many tours for every taste and budget. You do not need to look for plane tickets, plan a transfer from the airport or book a hotel room. All this is done by professionals who know everything about comfortable rest.

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3. You can choose the parameters that are important for you. If you know exactly where you want to go, then you can use the independent search for the desired tour. To do this you need to choose the star rating and rating of the hotel, the distance to the sea, the location of the beach, food, the region of departure, the budget, etc. After a few seconds, all available options will appear on the screen, suitable for your requests.

4. Do not worry about anything. All tours to Montenegro, which can be purchased through Level.Trevel, are organized by experienced tour operators. You do not have to worry about that the flight will be canceled, and the chosen number will be occupied by other tourists. Such situations are completely excluded. In addition, the tour operator organizes a transfer for you from and to the airport, which saves you money.

5. Get the best price guarantee. Prices for a tour to Montenegro for two start from 85,000 rubles. If you are not satisfied with this price, then you can subscribe to receive notifications of its reduction.