Prices for holidays in Montenegro

What are the prices for holidays in Montenegro?

Prices for holidays in Montenegro

Tourists planning to travel to Montenegro are certainly interested in prices for holidays in it. This country can safely be called one of the most budgetary European destinations. Even with a strong means of limitation, a trip to Montenegro can be pleasant and interesting.

Rent a house in Montenegro

Rent a house in Montenegro: prices and options


Prices for houses in Montenegro and their rent depend on the resort. The most expensive property is located in Sveti Stefan, where celebrities like to relax. Ulcinj, Sutomore, Cetinje, Risan and any other little-visited resort area are suitable for budget travelers. Prices for holidays in Montenegro in Becici , Kotor and Petrovac are on average.

Prices for holidays in Montenegro also depend on the wishes of the tourist regarding his comfort. The cheapest way is to rent a small apartment (50 € per day) with regular repairs. The average price of a well-finished spacious apartment is 100 €. The same is a double room in a hotel. The owners of luxury villas request from guests at 150 €. Prices in Montenegro are significantly lower in winter .

The price of holidays in Montenegro “all inclusive” from a tour operator can be more profitable than the cost of a self-found flight and accommodation option. This is explained by the fact that tour operators are buying up air tickets and hotel rooms in bulk at discount prices. Thrifty tourists can pay attention to "hot" tours.

Food prices in Montenegro

Food prices in Montenegro


Prices in Montenegro for food start from 3 € for breakfast, 5 € for lunch and 10 € for dinner. These rates do not include drinks. Non-carbonated water costs an average of 0.5 €, tea - 1 €, coffee - 2.5 €. Class facilities greatly affects the cost of alcoholic beverages.

Tourists who want to save money should choose places that are far from the coastline and attractions. The best option would be cafes and restaurants that specialize in fast food. They are the most popular among the locals.

The cheapest are the already prepared dishes, which are in the menu section "Gotova Jela". This category usually includes cabbage rolls, goulash, chicken fillet, stuffed peppers and rice with vegetables. Meals with seafood cost Montenegrins and tourists the most expensive.

The cheapest products are sold in supermarket chains. The market leaders are Aroma, Mega Market, Voli, Ide and HDL 365. In the high tourist season, prices for essential goods increase. The cost of seasonal fruits, by contrast, falls sharply.

Cheese on average costs 2 € per kg, potatoes and bread - 0.5 €, tea - 2.5 € per pack, strawberries - 1.5 €. Prices in Montenegro for cigarettes start at 2 € per pack.

Prices for transport in Montenegro

 Prices for public and leased transport in Montenegro


Local buses run on a schedule that hangs at every stop. The cost is between 1 and 6 €, depending on the length of the route. On the bus, you can comfortably move between the resorts.

The cost of landing in a taxi is 0.8-1 €, each km of the journey costs 0.5-1 €. With the start of the high season , taxi prices in Montenegro are rising. Private drivers, too, tend to unnecessarily inflate prices.

A rented car is an excellent option for moving between Montenegrin resorts and even neighboring states. Daily rental of an economy class car costs 30-40 €, a jeep - 50 €, a premium car segment - 70 €. In the budget of a trip to Montenegro, you need to lay the price of gasoline - 0.6-1.5 € per liter.

Prices for excursions in Montenegro

Prices in Montenegro for sightseeing, entertainment and attractions


When choosing a local tour in Montenegro instead of prices, be guided by the reviews that can be read on the Internet. It is also important to consider the language of the tour and the place of gathering. Prices for holidays in Montenegro in September are significantly lower than in the summer months. This also applies to excursions. However, the choice becomes less, because some tourist destinations are not realized due to their low demand.

For a sightseeing tour in Kotor they ask about € 15, a visit to the Bay of Kotor costs 25 €, a sightseeing tour of any city costs € 30. For visiting the national park Durmitor in the tourist group you have to pay 45 €. The high price is due to its remoteness from the main resorts and the difficulty of driving through the mountainous terrain.

Water activities help to diversify the rest. A full day of rafting on a mountain river with an instructor costs about 75 €. Diving with a scuba diver accompanied by a professional diver costs around € 45. Before choosing any kind of entertainment in Montenegro, it is important not only to compare prices, but also to read the reviews.

The main part of Montenegrin attractions are churches with free admission. For visiting minarets, fortresses, observation platforms and other interesting places also do not need to pay. For the entrance to the national parks take 2 € per person, in museums - 5-20 €.

Renting a deck chair and umbrella on public and private beaches in Montenegro costs 5-7 € per day. Guests of beach establishments and guests of some hotels have the right to use the beach equipment for free.