Apartments in Montenegro

Apartments - accommodation in Montenegro

Apartments in Montenegro

Montenegro is a tourist-developed country, offering vacationers a huge opportunity to rent a house. There are options for accommodation for every taste, ranging from inexpensive apartments in not the most famous resorts and ending with luxury apartments on the first coastline of Budva or Tivat. All this we will discuss in more detail below.


What are the apartments in Montenegro

  • 1. Budgetary. The price for them starts from 10 euros per day in high season. People who want to rent this option should not count on European-quality repair, a beautiful view from the window or proximity to the coastline.
  • 2. The middle class. The cost of living in a nice private apartment starts from 60 euros per day in the summer season. For this money, vacationers get well-equipped accommodation with air conditioning and other amenities.
  • 3. Apartment. These are comfortable new apartments with good repair. In most cases, the apartments are located right by the sea, and their balconies offer wonderful views. 100 euros - the starting price of rent in a season.

 Apartments in Montenegro

Cost and features of renting an apartment in Montenegro

The price of housing depends on the month in which you are traveling. High season lasts from June to September, low - from October to May.

In high season, real estate is rented only. To find a good accommodation option, it is advisable to begin a search at least a couple of months before the upcoming trip. The prices for rent in the summer and early autumn are jumping dramatically. Local owners do not make discounts.

In the low season, the situation is radically changing. Because of the small influx of tourists, landlords are not only trying to rent their property for the entire period from October to May, but also make impressive discounts for foreign guests. Most advantageous at once to pay six months of residence.

The cost of rent is largely due to the renown of the resort, in which you are going. In Budva, Kotor, Becici and Petrovac, you have to pay significantly more for housing than in Ulcinj, Bar, Sutomore, Stoliv, Kamenari or Igalo.

The price depends on the tourist tax, which all foreigners pay. Its size is 80 euro cents per day. Most often, the tax is included in the rental price. He pays the owner of the property, and upon eviction gives you the appropriate document. It is important to remember that it is required to cross the border. For lack of a document, a fine is provided.


Where to look

Buying apartments in MontenegroIt is most convenient to search for housing in Montenegro on a special site-aggregator, which contains many offers from local landlords. The most popular of them is the service "".

On it you can independently choose many search parameters: the number of rooms, the availability of parking and terraces, location relative to the sea, the possibility of free cancellation of booking and early arrival, etc. You can also filter out all the found options for an important characteristic for you: the cost, the estimates of other vacationers or the number of stars.

To make sure of the correctness of your choice, you can see photos of the accommodation, as well as read the reviews of travelers. Service publishes only real opinions of holidaymakers, on the basis of which an apartment or any other housing is assessed. Because of this publicity, landlords benefit from providing their guests with good quality accommodation and a high level of service.

Booking accommodation through, you do not need to make an advance payment. Some owners of the property require confirmation of the reservation in the form of a deposit, others allow vacationers to pay directly on the spot. Many can be contacted and agreed.

There are other sites-aggregators, created on the similarity of Among them the most popular are the following: Airbnb, (focused exclusively on the Montenegrin market),,,