Petrovac - resort town of Montenegro


Petrovac is a paradise for lovers of peace, tranquility and natural beauty. It has all the conditions for a beach holiday and can be a great place for long-awaited holidays by the sea.


Location Petrovac

Petrovac is located in the center of the Adriatic coast, 18 km from the famous Budva. On the road to it from the airport Podgorica or Tivat takes about an hour.

From Petrovac, you can quickly get to other popular resorts in Montenegro. Buses run regularly to Bar, Kotor, Cetinje and Niksic.

Petrovac on the map looks like this:

 Petrovac in Montenegro

Climate Petrovac

Petrovac from three sides is protected from winds and cold cyclones by mountain massifs. The resort is typical for Montenegro's Mediterranean climate. It is characterized by mild winters and warm summers.

Good weather, which has a beach rest, is observed in Petrovac for 7 months a year. Already in April on the beaches of the resort you can swim and sunbathe. The swimming season lasts until the end of October.

Petrovac is known for its favorable microclimate. It is created by pine and olive groves, in which the resort is literally buried. Doctors consider the air in this region to be healing and even recommend coming here with young children.


Beaches Petrovac

Beaches in PetrovacThe main beach of Petrovac stretches for 2 km along the sea coast. In its territory there is everything you need for relaxation: sun beds, umbrellas, locker rooms, showers, toilet cubicles. There are several bars and restaurants on the beach. In July and August, there are many people here.

Luchice is a more picturesque beach with a convenient entrance to the sea. It is located to the left of the main beach, and you need to get to it on a specially paved road. On the side of Lučice there are stone cliffs and rocks. One of them offers a wonderful view of the water surface and mountains.

The depth of the sea is quite large - the only minus of both beaches is Petrovac. Children can swim on them only within 3-5 m from the shore. Beaches are considered pebble, but on the main occasion there are large stones. Pebbles in Lučice are something like sand, so it is more comfortable for rest.


What to see Petrovac

Fortress Castello - the main attraction Petrovac. It is built in a luxurious Venetian style. The building is located on the cape, from which a beautiful landscape opens. Now the building of the fortress is reserved for a restaurant and a night club, where often parties are held. In the pavilion, located near the fortress, you can get acquainted with ancient Roman mosaics.

Monastery Rezhevichi is of considerable interest for believers. It is located 4.5 km from Petrovac, surrounded by large olive trees. The territory that the monastery occupies is suitable for walks.

In the neighboring village is the most famous monastery ensemble in the whole of Montenegro. It's called Hradiste. Old churches, small cells, a monastery cemetery - all this can be seen by going here on an excursion.


Things to do Petrovac

Holidays in Petrovac, MontenegroThe Petrovac coast is covered with tents where water equipment and equipment can be rented. Boat with a transparent bottom, a catamaran, a water bike, an underwater mask with a tube, inflatable circles for swimming - the choice is huge.

Many tourists who have a rest in Petrovac, do not deprive themselves of the pleasure to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the sea depths. On the beaches of the resort there are diving centers, in which training is conducted followed by immersion.

To the right of Petrovac, there are a couple of secluded bays. You can get to them only by water transport, taking it on lease on any of the two beaches. On the shore you can arrange a picnic and plenty to enjoy the surrounding nature.

In Petrovac there is a quay. Car access to it is closed, and therefore nothing disturbs the rest of holidaymakers who decided to take a walk along the sea coast. Numerous cafes, confectioneries, pizzerias, souvenir shops and shops are located on the embankment territory.