The whole range of tours in Montenegro

Montenegro excursions - what excursions to choose

The whole range of tours in Montenegro


Excursions across Montenegro


Montenegro – the country of bright contrasts and surprising rest. It is located on a small ground, but at the same time is generously endowed with natural beauty: by the warm sea, high mountains and amazing landscapes. It is possible to enjoy rest in this country all the year round.

The Adriatic tender Sea and versatile coast will bring unforgettable rest for fans quiet pro-driving time. The massif with snow-covered tops, suggests to spend time at active speed. Fans of old times and natural landscapes, will be able to get acquainted with architectural and natural sights of the country. Here it is easy to diversify the leisure, changing slow lying on the beach with active excursions.

What excursions need to be visited? As more than once spoke, Montenegro – the many-sided country in which each tourist will be able to find to himself work to liking. Will bring to your attention a huge number of excursion programs. About the most popular we will dwell.


"Heart of Montenegro" - Tsetinye


Cetinje in MontenegroIt is the first excursion which needs to be visited. The bus excursion will bring to the ancient royal capital, the city of Tsetinye. The skilled guide will be able to draw your attention with strange stories which are connected with these places. The narrow mountain road will lift on the serpentine to the very top of Rock Lovchen.

Exactly here on the observation deck, at the height of 1200 meters it is possible to admire fine landscapes of the Boka-Kotorsky gulf. In the territory of the Lovchen park there are many observation decks. They open a tremendous view of all Montenegro: in the north there are majestic snow-covered mountains, picturesque Lake Skadar in the east was located, and from the West the view of boundless blue of the Adriatic Sea opens. Passable through the village of Negushi, to guests will suggest to taste national dishes – prnut also cheese. It is necessary to pay 36 euros from the person for this travel.


Amazing Boko-Kotorsky gulf


Boko-Kotor BayIt is the most beautiful and big gulf of the Mediterranean. It crashes into a coastal strip and forms a set of mysterious bays. On coast of the gulf both the towns of Perast and Risan were located cozy. All travel takes place on the small boat which allows to examine the coast entirely.

Traveling around the gulf, the guide will tell about local legends. Floating the village of Lepetani, you will hear an interesting parable about seamen who coming back home, left the mistresses in this village. A fine combination of ancient houses to a bright orange tile and emerald greens of smart vegetation, create great picturesque ensemble. All gulf is a huge garden in which various flowers and plants grow. Thanks to Mountains Lovchen and Oriyen, the gulf is under protection against cold winds that forms comfortable temperature all the year round. The romantic lunch on the deck of the ship will become "highlight" of an excursion. Will offer you fish dishes or national meat in a combination to the Mediterranean wine. The cost of walk will cost 25 euros (for one guest).


Herceg-Novsky gulf


Herceg Novi GulfIt is one of the most beautiful and romantic excursions which is offered by Montenegro. It passes the most part of time on a small katerk which will slowly roll you along a coastal strip Herceg-Novska Riwyery. To your attention all beauty of the coast will open. Bathing in waters of Adriatic Sea will become an obligatory element of the walking program. You will begin the way in the largest port - Montenegro. It is calculated on the parking more than 630 yachts of the average size and on 150 huge yachts. Here it is possible to see on what millionaires whittle away a huge fortune. Yachts strike with the chic and high cost.

Exactly here to you will suggest to come aboard the pleasure boat on which already waits for a light Mediterranean breakfast. As it is pleasant to begin a voyage with a breakfast on the deck of the ship! Through a small period, the stop and an exit to the city is planned. The city Herceg-Novi is surrounded with juicy greens in combination with bright colors. Everything was buried in verdure: ancient temples, ancient constructions, fortresses and monasteries. All city is tangled in labyrinths of narrow small streets, some of them completely consist of ladders. By all means visit street souvenir shops. Here it is possible to find interesting handicrafts which will remind for many years of rest. For an additional fee, will suggest to sweep in the Blue grotto.

According to stories by locals, it was a shelter for sea pirates who I stored the treasures there. Perhaps something will manage to be found also to us? In general an excursion very bright and memorable. It isn't overloaded with exact historical dates at all, and is rather similar to the unostentatious story by the local about the strange country. On average for such day it is necessary to give about 45 euros for one person.





If you didn't manage to see canyons, then you didn't see the most picturesque places of Montenegro. It is the longest and volume excursion. During 11 hour trips the guide will tell a lot of interesting about mountain gorges, lakes, villages which were located on green hills and about the people living in these parts.

The travel on canyons of the Tara Rivers and Morach begins early in the morning. The gorge is considered almost the deepest on the earth. Its extent is 80 km, and depth of-1300 m. Near the observation deck to tourists will suggest to stop and to look attentively at the fine mountain nature. A twisting snake the river fluently flows among majestic mountains. Everything is buried in violent verdure of emerald color.

Monastery of Moraca

The following stop will be near Morach's monastery. Far from fussy life it radiates tranquility and a pacification. It is the orthodox monastery 12 of a century. The ancient frescos of the monastery executed in the Byzantine style in embraces of the bewitching nature have a harmonious appearance. The territory of the monastery consists of several monastic cells, small churchlet of Saint Nikola and big cathedral church of the Assumption of the Saint Virgin. Further the twisting road takes away to the following sights. Surprising types open on the Biotown lake which was located at the height about 1100 m above sea level. On silent pedestrian paths which surround the lake it is possible to walk slowly, admiring modulations of the purest water. In this silence you feel as a part of the nature. One more "highlight" waits for Montenegro ahead. The automobile arch bridge – Dzhurdzhevich. From height of 150 meters the view of the massif among which a sapphire stream the mountain river curls opens. The Tara River so clean and transparent that even from such height it is possible to see its stony bottom. Having gathered positive emotions, it is time to have a bite! The cozy small restaurant surrounded with dense vegetation hospitably welcomes the guests and offers a nourishing lunch. The cost of an excursion is about 35 euros, plus 15 euros a tasty lunch.

For fans and judges of an extreme type of rest, there will be interesting excursions too.



The surprising adventure waits for all who will decide to visit this excursion. The Tara River is in a deep canyon, surrounded with the high Rocky Mountains. The temper at the river not idle time, but it gives a certain passion and mass of impressions. Three hour descent on the mountain river will present a heap of impressions and beautiful memoirs. In respites between descents, the easy picnic with friends against the background of the fine nature, will give force for the following achievements. What can be better for fans of active recreation?


Lake Skadar


Skadar LakeThis lake, is one of natural parks of Montenegro. Here you will be able to get acquainted with the wild nature of this edge. The lake is famous for the unique flora and fauna. Exactly here hundreds of bird species and a set of interesting plants live. It is outdoor recreation in a combination to water walks on the boat and of course, tasty national food. From picturesque landscapes takes the breath away! Walk on the small boat will help to consider sights of these places better.

In the neighborhood of Lake Skadar there are ancient monasteries which are impregnated with spirit of antiquity. The purest water and attracts to bathe in the depths, after the long road. The exciting fresh air every minute makes up for appetite. At local small restaurants they will tasty feed you with traditional air-dried meat, a freshly cooked small fish and unique wine which is born only here. The excursion to Lake Skadar is a quiet rest on a bosom of the bewitching nature which will cost you about 40 euros for the person. 

These are one of the attended excursions most often, but not everyone.


How it is correct to choose an excursion?


How to choose an excursion to MontenegroIt is one of frequently asked questions. All tourist segment in Montenegro is divided between several tour operators. Since the airport and on all coast, will begin to offer you excursion programs on any of manners. It is worth treating the choice of the program seriously. It is necessary to take an interest in the list of places which are covered by a travel. If the long road is necessary, specify a question of a dining whether it is included programs in the price. Take an interest in what language round will be held.

Of course, there is an opportunity to visit many sights independently. For this purpose it is necessary to study those places which you plan to see. It will help to plan day and not to lose any minute. If you travel by bus, then it is necessary to study the schedule of departures and ticket price.


Private walk


If you have an opportunity to use services of the private guide, hurry up to make it. The individual excursion is absolutely other impressions and emotions. You choose in advance defined guide who will tell about the places chosen by you. It is possible to make offers with addition in excursion tour of special sights. An opportunity to beat down the price, to bargain will become the pleasant moment. Such tour is formed only by you and the guide. All travel is carried out on the comfortable car. In the presence of the big company, the cozy and fast minibus is offered. In more interesting places, it is possible to stop and enjoy beautiful landscapes and to take the memorable pictures. Such format of rest with guarantee will leave excellent memories of the amazing country.




Meals in MontenegroImportant aspect in rest is a dining. It can spoil or on the contrary improve mood. The prices of a dining very strongly depend on a season. At the height of a tourist season the cost of products considerably increases. It needs to be considered. The cafe and restaurants are ready to feed tasty and nourishingly guests. Portions are rather big therefore you shouldn't reserve at once much. First course approximately will cost 4 euros, and a meat plate in 10 euros. Fish dishes are much cheaper, about 3 euros. Fast food remains the cheapest option of a dining. The price for such lunch will be no more than 2 euros. The average bill in cafe will make: a breakfast – 5 euros, a lunch – 10 euros, a dinner – 10 euros. Aren't included drinks in the specified price. The price of one glass of drink, on average will be 2-3 euros. The markets in Montenegro very expensive, aren't present the fixed prices there. But supermarkets will pleasantly surprise with stability in price policy. The most juicy fruit are on sale in trays, far from the central city streets.

Montenegro is capable to welcome hospitably each guest and to share the picturesque landscapes.