Prices in Tivat

What are the prices for tourists in Tivat?

Prices in Tivat

Tivat is by no means the most visited city of Montenegro, which positively affects pricing in it. Below we will describe in detail the cost of living, eating and entertainment in Tivat.


General information about Tivat

Tivat is a small town located in the Boka Bay of Kotor, in one of the most beautiful and memorable parts of Montenegro. Tivat has a centuries-old history and accommodates several important for the country attractions, including Buch Castle.

In the town there is a wide, ennobled Embankment, from which you can quickly reach the nearest islands and resorts. In Tivat, always clean, quiet and quiet - what you need for a good rest.



Accommodation in the little-visited Tivat is cheaper than in the popular throughout the beach season Budva or on the luxurious island-resort of Sveti Stefan.

In Tivat, you can rent a budget room in the hostel (from 6 euros per night), a modest apartment (from 8 euros per person), luxury apartments (from 15 euros per person) and even a villa (price on request).

The cost of living in a hotel is always higher than in a rented apartment. On the other hand, in most Tivat hotels, guests are provided with continental breakfasts and regular cleaning. All this pays for the initial expenses.

The minimum monthly rent of an apartment in Tivat is 450 euros in high season. If you plan to come to the city in the autumn or winter and rent a house for a long time (from six months), then you will be offered a discount.

Prices for accommodation in Tivat 


Car rent

It is most convenient to travel around Montenegro by car. You can rent it right at the airport in Tivat. The initial cost of such a service is 30 euros per day for a normal imported car. Business class cars are more expensive: from 60-70 euros per day.

Some companies provide bonuses for a long lease. Prices for car rental in city firms are not too different from those offered at the airport. With private individuals, you can negotiate a discount.



Tivat's prices for food are not too high, but it should be understood that some of the shops and markets of the city are tourist oriented. Most of them are concentrated in the area of ​​the local port and the embankment. The margin is from 20 to 50%.

It is most profitable to buy products where local people do it. Montenegrins prefer to buy in supermarkets, and not in markets where they can offer stale products, and then cheat. Prices in the markets are almost always overestimated.

Cg prshuta in Tivat costs 15 euros, shrimp - 17 euros, sausages - 7 euros, cheese - 6 euros. The price per kg of vegetables varies from 0.4 to 1.5 euros, fruits - from 1 to 2.5 euros. Cooking in Tivat independently is always more profitable than eating in local institutions.


Cafes and restaurants

Breakfast in the middle price cafe in Tivat costs 4 euros, lunch - 7 euros, dinner - 10 euros. The minimum cost of a hot drink is 1 euro, soda water - 1.5 euros, a glass of wine - 3 euros.

Prices in cafes and restaurants in Tivat

If you want to save on food, you can find an institution that provides visitors with a comprehensive menu. Tivat is not the most tourist city of Montenegro, so there are plenty of cafes and restaurants in it.

When you come to the institution, ask the waiter what dishes are on the menu today, as Montenegrins usually do. Thus, you will get an inexpensive, but high-quality dinner, in which there will be a meat dish. The cost of the meal is about 3 euros.



Excursions are something that is included in the entertainment program of almost everyone who is in Montenegro. Just a few years ago to find excursions in Kotor was problematic, and full buses with guides were sent only from Budva, Becici, Petrovac and several other resort centers to the country.

Now on the site of Olympus ( there is a whole list of excursions from different cities of Montenegro, including Kotor. The cost of a trip outside the city as part of the excursion group starts from 25 euros per person. Some excursions cost 40-60 euros.

As in any other city of Montenegro, Kotor has excursion benches, which offer the same excursions as on the Internet. The cost varies slightly, but when buying a tour on the street you can get a discount.

Entertainment in Tivat, Montenegro