Prices for tours to Montenegro

What are the prices of tours to Montenegro?

Prices for tours to Montenegro

Tours to Montenegro begin to be in demand with the arrival of May and remain relevant until September. This European country is chosen by active tourists who want not only to spend time on the beach, but also to enjoy its cultural and historical heritage. From our article you will learn about prices for trips to Montenegro and the nuances of their purchase.

 How to buy a tour to Montenegro

How to buy a tour to Montenegro


Buying a tour online is cheaper than buying it in the office. This is due to the fact that the owners of travel companies include in the cost of the voucher their own rental costs, staff salaries, etc.

Tours to Montenegro from tour operators are better to look at their official sites. It is on them that the most profitable vouchers are published without extra charges from intermediaries. Large tour operators pay only for secure protocols, and therefore tourists may not worry about the reliability of the procedure.

Anex Tour is the largest tour operator in Montenegro , which offers vouchers to any budget. Tours are also organized by BiblioGlobus, CoralTravel, De Visu, Europort, ICS Travel Group. Before buying it is worth visiting the website of each tour operator and compare prices.

 How much is a tour to Montenegro and how to save


How much is a tour to Montenegro and how to save

Prices of tours to Montenegro for two start from 5,000 rubles. The average price of trips with double occupancy is 40,000 rubles. Tours are more expensive than 80,000 rubles on sale almost never occur.

The prestige of the resort plays an important role in the issue of pricing. The cheapest tours to Montenegro include accommodation in Rafailovici or Sutomore - unpopular resort areas with an underdeveloped infrastructure. A trip to the elite resort of Sveti Stefan is significantly more expensive.

Price is also determined depending on the star hotel. There are almost no 5 * hotels in Montenegro, a much larger number of hotels has the status of 3-star and 4-star. It is important to consider that even the most expensive Montenegrin hotels do not have large territories.

Rest in a hotel with a private beach is the most expensive. Almost every city of Montenegro can easily get around in an hour, and therefore the factor of remoteness of the hotel from the sea does not really matter when choosing a trip.

The cost of the tour to Montenegro is largely influenced by the type of food. It is more profitable and more convenient to purchase a voucher with breakfasts included in it. Lunch and dinner in local hotels is not accepted. In each resort there are enough cafes and restaurants for every taste.

Tours to Montenegro in September or October are cheaper than in June, July or August. This is due to their low demand. To avoid losses, tour operators are forced to make discounts.

Cheap tours to Montenegro go on sale about six months before the intended trip. Tour operators call their purchase early booking and give it an impressive discount. There are also "last minute" tours - those that were not sold in advance, and therefore are sold at reduced prices.

The price of the tour for two to Montenegro may vary depending on the city of departure. The most economical option is to choose a ticket with a charter flight from Moscow or St. Petersburg. The smaller the city of departure, the higher the cost.


 What are the tours


What are the tours

The most popular among travelers are the resort Montenegro tours , which provide great opportunities for independent recreation. The tourist who bought such a ticket decides when to go to the beach, and when to go on sightseeing.

Contrary to popular belief, tours to Montenegro “all inclusive” are not always limited to flight, accommodation, transfer and meals according to the concept of the hotel. They may also include additional options such as organizing excursions.

Excursions in Montenegro involve visiting the main historical sights of the country. The excursion program necessarily includes arrival in Kotor - the ancient city, which was awarded a place in the list of UNESCO.

Often travelers visit the small town of Ulcinj. This resort boasts not only beaches, but also beautifully preserved minarets and neighboring medieval towers.

During excursion tours to Budva in Montenegro, travelers are shown the Old Town. Its main attractions include the fortress wall, the citadel and ancient churches.

If desired, a one-day or two-day excursion tour of Montenegro can be purchased at a local company. Excursions are conducted not only on cultural, but also on the natural attractions of the country.

A tour to Montenegrin , bought from a local operator, will allow you to see the most amazing and difficult corners of the country. This may be the Durmitor mountain range, the majestic mountain Lovcen or the famous Lake Skadar.

You can also purchase a medical tour to Montenegro with a rest on the sea . This voucher includes flights, accommodation in a sanatorium, good nutrition, a course of treatment and additional procedures. Almost all Montenegrin resorts have their own equipped beaches with a closed entrance.