Montenegro food - Where to eat and how much food costs


A dining in Montenegro


Decided to spend the vacation in Montenegro? It is excellent option for rest in an environment of the purest air, the blue sea and the fine nature. For this purpose that the trip was pleasant and comfortable, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about this country. One of the main issues remains a dining and its cost in Montenegro.


Where it is more favorable to buy food?


The cost of food in resort towns is usually 20% higher, than in more remote regions of the country. In Montenegro it is possible to resolve an issue with a dining at restaurants and cafe. For tourists who are ready to buy and cook to themselves food independently there are local markets and supermarkets. The prices will differ depending on seasonality and the place of their acquisition. We will consider dining options in more detail...


The prices at restaurants and cafe


Food in Montenegro

Having studied the menu of several restaurants and cafe, it is possible to make the approximate list of products and their cost.

If you decided to sit home-style in cafe, then the day diet will cost at least €21 from the person. The breakfast will cost about €4, a lunch – from €7, and a dinner – from €10.

The cost of a day diet at restaurant will be still more expensive - about €35 from one person. The breakfast will cost €5, a lunch – €11, for a dinner be going to give from €18. Drinks don't enter these quotations.

Quotations for drinks are given below:

  • tea, coffee or sparkling water – from €1,5
  • juice from fresh fruit and berries – from €3
  • alcoholic drinks (a glass of wine or a glass of raki) – from €3.

National dishes enjoy wide popularity: soup of a chorb (2,5 euros), fried potato with meat (7 euros). The cost of desserts begins with 3 euros. The fact that portions big and nourishing, and unfinished food it is possible to ask to pack and take away with itself pleases.


If you want to save a little, take advice of skilled tourists:


  • Find cafe in which submit the complex menu. In the section Gotova Jela, you will find a nourishing complex lunch for 3 euros.

  • The prices of fast food, are the most available. For example, the big piece of pljeskavicas pizza will cost 1,5 euros. Fresh vegetables and meat sandwich – 2,5 euros. The cost of hamburger, sandwich with cheese and forcemeat will be from 2 euros.




Markets and supermarkets in Montenegro 

For those who decided to cook independently food purchase of products in shops and in the local markets is necessary.

The approximate cost of the main products in shop.

Food in Montenegro

  • bread – up to 1 euro
  • milk – 0,80 euros
  • grain – 1 euro
  • meat and cheese - 6 euros
  • sausages – 3 euros
  • eggs – 1,5 euros.

Prices of vegetables and fruit.

  •  potatoes, an onion – 0,50 euros
  •  tomatoes – 0,90 euros
  •  apples, bananas, oranges – about 1 euro.

In hot days it is heavy to do without drinks (water 1,5 liters - 0,60 euros, beer 0,5 liters – 1 euro, a wine bottle – 4 euros).

In local supermarkets there is a tendency to sell only fresh meat. Butchers undress meat at once in front of your eyes. One more feature will suit tourists. Supermarkets offer service, to prepare fish, the sausages and sausages bought in this shop on a grill. If you plan, rest with children, then you shouldn't delay bags baby food. It is possible to find habitual products of excellent quality in local shops without effort. Retail network of IDEA and VOLLI the bottom prices offer the small range of goods, but at the same time here. The most popular and, of course, expensive network MAXI MARKET. Here you will be able to pick up necessary goods from the huge range. The prices in supermarkets always fixed and below than market.

The markets in Montenegro very expensive. The market value of food has "highlight", she is two types. For guests one cost, and for local several times less. Learn where locals make purchases and go straight there, there the goods don't lie too long and it will be a guarantee of freshness of products.

In spite of the fact that Montenegro is on the seashore, fish and seafood always cost much. Kilograms is fresher than a small fish - from 7 euros.


Seasonal greens


The seasonal vegetables and fruit bought in the market will help to preserve the family budget significantly:

  • in May at the expense of tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, green onions and spinach;
  • in June apricots, vegetable marrows, sweet cherry and cherry join above listed;
  • in July grapes, a nectarine, a peach, apples and pears get to a diet;
  • in August watermelon, a melon, a fig ripen;
  • in September pomegranate appears.

 Food in Montenegro


Councils for tourists


Seasonal vegetables and fruit are recommended to be bought far away from the central streets in specialized trays. Here the prices will be below and less chances to encounter the stale goods.

Montenegro very much loves fresh bread. Therefore in all cities of the country, in mini-bakeries (pekarakh), every morning begins with baking of fragrant and fragrant bakery products.

The freshest meat is sold in butcher shops (mesarakh). Here you can not doubt its quality and freshness. The cost of kilogram fresh meat will cost 7 euros.


What influences goods cost


As Montenegro becomes more and more popular resort every year, local businessmen constantly raise food prices.

With appreciation of the euro, the prices during a tourist season will also grow.

The prices very much depend on the place in which you stop. In popular resorts the cost of a dining is always higher, than in remote settlements.

The final cost of stay in Montenegro depends on your expenses. Here it is possible to have a rest modestly for 200 euros, and it is possible to clear up on full. The choice for you!

Montenegros food