How to rent a villa and apartments in Montenegro?

How to rent a villa and apartments in Montenegro in 2018?

How to rent a villa and apartments in Montenegro?

How to rent a villa in Montenegro on the Adriatic coast?


Montenegro is a small and attractive state that is located on the southeastern part of the European continent. The country has found its name thanks to the amazing dark green forests of extraordinary beauty. The state is relatively recently designated on the world map, but it is already considered an excellent place where you can afford inexpensive and excellent time. Tourists are attracted by a variety of recreation, beautiful nature and the natural cost of all entertainment.

Accordingly, when planning the forthcoming holiday, each tourist pays attention to where to live and what kind of housing to rent. Due to the fact that there are a lot of resources on the Internet that are filled with all sorts of proposals for renting a room, a villa or renting apartments near the sea, we have prepared detailed instructions. Modernity offers different terms and concepts that relate to housing, many tourists find it difficult to understand, for example, the difference between a room in a private sector, a villa or an apartment.

We prepared the material, which described in detail the entire process of renting inexpensive housing, and described in detail what type of rented housing is different from each other.


What is the difference between villas and apartments in Montenegro?


apartments in MontenegroLet's take a closer look, what is the difference between a villa and apartments in Montenegro?

The apartment is an actual and popular replacement for conventional, classic hotels. For tourists, the great advantage is that it is in Montenegro that very popular services for renting apartments. The wide prevalence of this type of lease is due to the fact that guests of the capital can settle in rooms where they will actually feel themselves at home. This home atmosphere has one more important advantage: visitors do not have a limited regime and internal order, as in a hotel. Rest in people who rented the apartment is not limited to an unnecessary routine. All the guests are left to themselves, and naturally prefer to spend their free time as you like.

A good advantage in the apartment is that they look very attractive and beautiful. The interior in the rooms is perfectly executed and harmoniously matched, all the necessary pieces of furniture and appliances are there. The main thing is that renting an apartment is simple, as well as ordering a room in an ordinary hotel.

In Montenegro, it is the apartments that have gained huge demand from all kinds of tourists. Now everyone can choose not only in the choice, and find themselves the most suitable option, both in appearance of the rooms, and on the budget. Renting them is done without unnecessary documentation, which simplifies the removal. The cost is quite a difference and varies.

Villa in MontenegroVilla - a luxurious and refined country house, which has a large general area, and is made in Roman or Italian style. Rent a villa is worth it to someone who has increased cash, and the desire to make the upcoming holiday prestigious. Villa, as a private household is a seasonal housing, and in Montenegro for this all conditions are created. You can stay in the villa without removing it entirely. A tourist can use the free number. So do a lot of people, and renting one day out is optimal in value. Accordingly, the total cost will depend on the season, the level of comfort of the villa and its location.

Unfortunately, it will be more difficult to rent an entire villa on your own than a regular room or apartment. Most people who live in Montenegro hardly speak Russian or English. Villas they do not expose on the Internet, because they do not use it at all. If you find a local number that offers to rent a villa, dial it up will be almost impossible (roaming, high cost of the call).


What will happen in the apartments that can be rented in Montenegro?


What is in the apartment?Rent an apartment - get a good room, with comfortable accommodation. The room can even be in a large and luxurious villa, where other tourists from different countries will live next to you. The apartments usually have a pair of bedrooms, a shower room, air conditioning and a kitchen. Furniture products here are absolutely excellent, there are almost new. The TV in the room will be large-scale, with a huge diagonal. In the bathroom you will expect a modern shower or a whole bathroom!

In fact, the rental of apartments can be understood by removing the room in the villa, but with the individual unit made. In this block, there is a whole separate hotel, where there are all normal amenities - bathroom, kitchen, bedroom. The cost of such a lease, respectively, will be much higher, but the rest will be better and more comfortable. The result of renting such apartments: you stay in a chic environment, and no one at all looks at you.

Prices for this type of housing vary naturally, but rather high. From the size of the apartments, they can accommodate 2, 4, 8 or 12 holidaymakers. To rent apartments and spend the most comfortable vacation, for example, Europeans in the first half of the year book rooms. This reduces the cost, and most often book Germans and Italians.

What will happen in the room you rent in the villa?


What is in the villa?A classic villa in Montenegro is an externally attractive building that has a terrace with beautiful landscaping, and small charming balconies. Almost a private house and a villa in this capital - this is a similar structure. All local citizens are already accustomed to erect multi-storey houses with a large number of rooms and bathrooms. All the houses built by the Montenegrins are created to make money for them - to rent to tourists.

Directly the cost of such rooms varies widely, it all depends on its total area and amenities offered. For example, the difference: in inexpensive rooms there is a usual shower tray, and in an expensive room is equipped with a modern cheap cabin.

Fortunately, in Montenegro, almost all households and apartments have better conditions, and almost 100%, if you remove even the most budgetary room, you will find normal conditions.

The most budget apartments have the following:

  • Excellent and reliable bed;
  • Fridge;
  • Shower room;
  • A place with a washbasin and a separate toilet;
  • Air conditioning;
  • The room has a balcony or a separate exit to it;
  • Good TV;
  • Free WiFi;
  • Cabinet furniture for things - a chest of drawers, a curbstone or various shelves.


Can I rent a villa in Montenegro entirely?


Villa, as we described her early huge private house, which is filled with different rooms in the area, most often more than a dozen. It is quite expensive to rent a villa completely. Her reservation will have to be made much earlier than you plan to leave.

Of course, if a large amicable company or a large family has gathered together, this is a very interesting decision. You can enjoy your own company in luxurious surroundings, where absolutely no one can disturb you. Together you will plan the further path of entertainment and travel. We strongly recommend booking the whole villa about half a year before the upcoming trip to Montenegro.


Average prices for the rental of real estate in Montenegro


Cost of rent in MontenegroTo know for which total amount to rely on rental housing, you need to start looking at the average prices. As an example, you can see the cost of rent in the most popular and large city - Budva.

In the midst of the season, rates for rooms and other accommodation start from 1600 rubles. for one night to 6500 rubles. Accordingly, if we consider luxury options and elite rooms, the price will increase several times more, and will be from 14 000 to 50 000 thousand rubles for one day. Certainly these prices are available to all fellow citizens.

Housing categories in Budva and its prices

Let's see the average prices and quality of the apartments:

1. The most inexpensive number: approximately 1,700 rubles per day

Naturally, cheap - it means not very comfortable. This room will have minimal conveniences, and the sea is far enough away;

2. Average number: cost from 2600 to 3500 per day

The best option for an average tourist who came to spend a good time in Montenegro. Comfort at the usual level, the rooms are located not quite at the sea, but close to it;

3. Excellent apartments: at a price of 4000 to 6500 rubles. for one day

This number will be located right next to the sea. The conditions in it will meet the highest requirements. Most of these villas have their own pool and other privileges.

How to rent a villa in Montenegro and find the best price for it?


Rent a villa in MontenegroIf you are planning or are already organizing a future vacation in Montenegro, renting a home is a very relevant and necessary service. In order not to lose with the cost, and not to overpay extra money, it is worth to go to this stage of the holiday competently. We offer you to familiarize yourself with two guaranteed options that will help to rent an excellent apartment or villa by the sea, and not directly overpay money.


The most profitable options for rent in Montenegro:

  • Independent selection of rooms and their rent through online reservation services;
  • Rent a room on arrival at local owners or by phone in advance.

These are the most popular and popular methods of booking accommodation for holidays in Montenegro. Further, we will consider both options, and we will advise which method is more reliable and profitable.


Do you want to rent a property in Montenegro in advance or on the spot?


Apartments in Montenegro for the seasonIn the past 2017, the flow of tourists was normal, although, for example, in 2016 it was very reduced. Despite the fact how many tourists would not be in Montenegro, the best rooms are always busy! Therefore, virtually all reservations are made in advance for a couple of months.

Of course, if you are the tourist who prefers maximum comfort and the number next to the sea - this type of booking is not for you! Most often, the accommodation booked in advance by phone from a local owner is different from the views. Instead of comfortable apartments, you can get a small room away from the sea, and pay for it at the price of the suite.


Is it possible to make a lease without intermediaries in general?


Naturally, if you consider the theory, then you can completely remove any real estate without intermediaries. Most of the local population rent apartments through only various agencies and the Internet, but directly.

Unfortunately, in this type of room collection there is a huge minus, it should be taken into account necessarily - Montenegrins in most cases do not have their own Internet resources, which would provide detailed information about the room. Because of this factor, it turns out that you rent a room without a clue where it is located, and what amenities are provided. Local people do not speak Russian and English very well, so many specific information on the phone can not be recognized.

Real estate transactions

Another negative factor is that the rates of rent directly from the local are several times more expensive than through the services for booking. With what the price difference is connected - it is absolutely not known, we simply state the facts.

Important advice: All tourists who travel to Montenegro for the first time, we strongly recommend booking the apartments through one of the favorite online reservation services. After a successful reservation of the room, upon arrival, you will be able to call the owner of the villa quietly and agree on a further vacation with him.


Why is it better to make a reservation through the online reservation service?


Rent of accommodation through reservation serviceFor those who are just starting their travels through the countries, and discovering a stunning and unforgettable world of independent travel and tourism, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the unique and useful aggregators.

A little about the explanations of what an online booking service (aggregators) is - automated systems that offer the tourist a universal search for hotels and his reservation. In such a system, the user himself sets the parameters: cost, number of people, departure and arrival date and other important criteria.

If you prefer to quickly make a reservation of real estate in Montenegro, then online booking service - created specifically for you! It is very easy to use the system, and all services are understood. In automatic mode, the system will select the most suitable accommodation according to the criteria. Variants in the systems of mass, while you get high-quality photos, you can read reviews and view the location of the house on the map. This will make the search really simple and comfortable.

This method of selecting housing for rent will save you from intruders, and exclude the option when the villa has already been booked by someone else. Services offer really relevant and inexpensive prices.