By bus to Montenegro

How to get to Montenegro by bus?

By bus to Montenegro

Travel by bus costs cheaper than flights, but because they are often chosen by tourists who want to save money. In this article we will tell you how to get on a bus to Montenegro from Russia.


Independent travel

There is no direct bus connection between Russia and Montenegro. To get to the country of the Balkan Peninsula, Russians need to make a transplant.


The way through Serbia

The easiest independent route is a trip from Moscow to Belgrade by train and the subsequent journey from Belgrade to Budva by bus. This way takes at least 2 full days.

The bus, which runs between Serbia and Montenegro, leaves daily. The ticket costs about 24 euros. The price varies depending on the season and the company carrying out the transportation.

The bus that runs from Belgrade to Budva does not give out food or drinks. But on the road tourists see beautiful landscapes, which constantly replace each other. In addition, European buses are spacious and comfortable.

According to the official schedule, the bus leaving from Belgrade at 7 am arrives in Budva at 6 pm. Count on it not worth it, public transport makes unplanned stops and is always late.

By bus from Serbia to Montenegro 


The way through Ukraine

From Moscow and any other major settlement of our country you can get to Kiev - the main city of Ukraine. Between the two capitals there is a railway and bus service, as well as regular flights.

From Kiev, Lviv and Mukachevo to Budva, daily passenger buses depart. The journey time is approximately 12 hours. As we already mentioned above, the bus can make unscheduled stops that delay it.

Buses from Ukraine follow not only in Budva, but also in Podgorica. If you are going to rest on the Adriatic coast, it is more convenient to buy a ticket to the resort, if you want to go deeper into the country - to the capital.


Bus tours

If you like long bus trips and perfectly feel on the road, a bus tour to Montenegro will suit you. In the summer it is actively offered by the capital travel agencies.

The bus tour to Montenegro includes a visit to several countries: Poland, Slovakia, Serbia. The last stop before entering Montenegro is Belgrade, where tourists often spend the night.

After spending the night in Serbia, travelers are taken to a resting place on the Montenegrin coast. It can be Budva, Tivat, Sveti Stefan or any other coastal town. The way back is made on the same route, but without tourist stops.

Such tours are organized in St. Petersburg, Lviv, Kiev, Minsk and other large cities of the CIS. The cost depends on the number of countries visited and the hotel in which tourists will live. The minimum price for a two-week trip is 350 euros per person, excluding food and personal expenses.

There is an alternative option for such a trip. Some travel agencies offer a flight from Moscow to Budapest, where tourists are met by a comfortable sightseeing bus. After a quick survey of the Hungarian capital, vacationers are taken to the final destination - to Montenegro.

Bus tours to Montenegro 


Important points

Since a bus trip from Russia to Montenegro involves visiting other European countries, it is important to think in advance about the need to open a visa. For example, to visit Hungary, Russians need to have a Schengen visa, which takes several days to receive.

If you choose a bus trip to Montenegro because of the cheapness, it makes sense to look at the prices for air tickets. In the middle of the week, you can fly to this country for just 20 euros - about the same amount is a ticket for a bus from Belgrade to Budva. At the same time the journey by public transport takes a day, and the flight takes only 2 hours.

To find profitable plane tickets, you can use the service Aviasales. If you are serious about traveling on land transport, it makes sense to visit the website, which will help you find the best route.