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What you need to know about Montenegro

What you need to know about Montenegro

Montenegro is a hospitable country with all the conditions for a good rest. On its territory there are beaches, resort areas, mountains, historical heritage sites, cultural attractions. In this article we have collected everything about Montenegro for tourists and independent travels in this wonderful country.


All you need to know about Montenegro before the trip

Montenegro is located in the central part of the Mediterranean, in the south-west of the Balkan Peninsula. From Russia, it can only be reached by plane by purchasing a flight ticket to Podgorica or Tivat . To any other resort will have to go by car or bus. Railway communication between the Montenegrin cities is not developed.


If desired, you can drive around the whole country by car. Since the tourist map of Montenegro is replete with landmarks, it will take a week to complete a journey with stops in the most interesting places. You can rent a boat and go exploring the country on it.


Montenegrin is considered the official language, although most of the population speaks fluent English and Russian. About 15,000 immigrants from Russia now live in Montenegro, some signs and menus are even translated into Russian.


The national currency is the euro. Almost all banks and exchange points are located near the resort areas. Bank cards are not accepted everywhere. The same goes for traveler's checks. On a trip you should definitely take cash.


What time to travel to choose

All the subtleties of tourism in Montenegro not to mention, but it is important to talk about seasonality. A typical Mediterranean climate reigns in this country. Summer is dry and hot, and winter is mild and snowless.


The swimming season starts in May and lasts until September. With a strong desire to swim, you can even in April and September. The sea warms to a comfortable temperature by the second week of June.


Tourists who know everything about the country of Montenegro and have repeatedly visited it, recommend planning a trip for June or September. During these two months, the air temperature is not too high, there are few tourists, and the prices for flights and accommodation are acceptable. In July and August, the temperature reaches its limit, which prevents comfortable rest.


All about the resorts of Montenegro

More than 20 Montenegrin cities and towns have the status of resorts . The main flow of tourists is observed in Budva, where many pebble beaches marked with the Blue Flag are concentrated. This city has a huge number of cafes, bars and clubs. Budva is considered the center of nightlife and is great for youth recreation.


The Becici resort is only 3 km from Budva. Cities are interconnected pedestrian tunnel. The Becici resort is known for its 2-kilometer-long beach covered with golden pebbles. Once this small Montenegrin town was recognized as the best resort in Europe in terms of cleanliness and arrangement of beaches.


By popularity, Budva and Becici should be Kotor, located on the shore of the bay of the same name. The beaches at this resort are less than in Budva, and they are all covered with pebbles. The regularity of life in Kotor and the picturesque nature of its nature attracts couples with children .


Sveti Stefan is considered to be the most fashionable resort in Montenegro. For demanding tourists, all conditions are created here: hotels with the highest level of service, clean beaches , expensive restaurants . Entertainment on the peninsula is not very much, so for active recreation will have to get to Budva or Bar .


Herceg Novi is one of the greenest resorts in Montenegro , covered with palm trees, cacti, flowers and exotic fruits . Within the city there are mainly concrete beaches, but in the vicinity there are excellent places to relax with a sandy coast. They can be easily reached by boat.



What is interesting in Montenegro for tourists

Reviews and photos of Montenegro indicate that most of the tourists come to this country for a beach holiday. Montenegrin beaches are mostly covered with pebbles mixed with sand. The water in the sea is clean and warm. Local beaches are equipped with all amenities. There are cafes, restaurants and rental points right off the coast.


Between trips to the beach, you can have time to visit the historical and cultural attractions of the country. Guest reviews will help decide what to see in Montenegro first. Travelers speak positively of the Old Town in Budva , the mountain monastery of Ostrog , the island of Mamul's fortress, the Dzhurdzhevich bridge .


If you want to know everything about Montenegro , you should definitely go to the mountains , where the virgin nature is preserved. For a day trip, the Durmitor mountain range with its highest point, Bobotov Kuk, is perfect. The best photos of tourists from Montenegro are made from there.


In Montenegro, developed active tourism. On the coast you can rent a boat, scuba diving , fishing tackle or any other water equipment. Hiking tours , horseback riding, extreme river descents, paragliding are organized in the mountainous regions. With the arrival of winter in Montenegro ski resorts are opening.

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