Holiday Village Orahovac


Orahovac is a fishing village in Montenegro, which welcomes guests. They come here for a measured rest, clean air and beautiful nature.


Location and population Orahovac

Orahovac is located on the shores of the Boka Bay of Kotor, at its northernmost point. The village is part of the Kotor municipality. In 2003, there were only 257 permanent residents in Orahovac.

The village is on a hill that rises above the sea. In Orahovac there are many observation platforms, from which the bay, mountains, neighboring resorts and even tiny settlements can be clearly seen.

The village is located just 9 km from Kotor. Public transport runs to and from the resort during the day.

 Location of the village of Orahovac in Montenegro


Description Orahovac

Orahovac is one of the greenest settlements in the country. This is due to the fact that in its vicinity there are thickets of wild pomegranate. In the village is a picturesque oak grove. On its territory you can see a 400-year-old oak tree. In Orahovac also grow palm trees, olive trees and other vegetation, characteristic of this region.

Local residents and Montenegrins from other cities often call Orahovac "paradise garden." Once this place was appreciated by the leaders of Yugoslavia. It was here that the party elite of the country rested.

Local tourists are assured that the local Mediterranean climate and mountain air have a beneficial effect on the lungs. Someone even helps them get rid of asthma and other similar diseases.


Infrastructure and leisure Orahovac

In Orahovac not find a major hotel. In the village there are only family mini-hotels and specially built for holidaymakers villas. Tourists often rent whole houses here, or they live in rooms that are rented in almost every family.

In the village there are restaurants and cafes of an average price category. They cook amazing fish dishes, which are caught by local fishermen. In the environmental friendliness of other products, you can not doubt, they are all grown either in the village itself, or in its suburbs.

Orahovac does not have a single cultural landmark or at least an old building that would be of historical value. For an inspection of interesting places it is better to go to the neighboring resort of Kotor.

Couples are the most common category of holidaymakers in Orahovac. There are no young people or active travelers for whom this village would seem too small and boring.

In Orahovac, it is often possible to meet foreigners of an age who slowly walk around the village, breathe the mountain air and enjoy life.

Rest in Orahovac, Montenegro 


Beaches Orahovac

The local beach stretches for 1 km and boasts amazing cleanliness. He has all the conditions for diving and snorkeling, which is actively used by tourists in Orahovac.

Transparency and excellent visibility are explained by the fact that the water in the sea falls directly from the mountain river. It is also fed by sources of fresh water that are nearby. This negatively affects the temperature of the sea.

Nevertheless, by the end of June, the water always warms up to the optimum bathing temperature. It is preserved on the beach of Orahovac until the middle of September, that is, until the end of the official bathing season.

The shore of the beach is strewn with pebbles, partly mixed with sand, which is brought here specially. To swim and walk along the beach was comfortable, it is advisable to purchase special slippers.

Trees grow right by the shore. They cast a shadow and save the holidaymakers in the heat that stands in Orahovac from the middle of July until the end of August.

On the beach there are sun loungers and umbrellas that are rented out. On the beach for tourists are local cafes, bars and restaurants.

Walking along the shore, you can see a few more beaches, more precisely, wild places for swimming. They are great for lovers of privacy who are looking for peace and quiet away from the tourist spots.

Nature of Orahovac, Montenegro