Children's Montenegro

Rest in Montenegro for children

Children's Montenegro

Children's Montenegro offers great opportunities for a rich holiday for young guests. In this country, children are particularly warm and attentive. Below we will talk about the features of recreation with children in Montenegro.


Time to travel

June is the ideal time to travel to Montenegro with a child. The resorts are not too hot (around 26 ° C), and the water is warm enough for bathing (about +22 °C).

Another option for travel may be September. The sea is warmer this month than in June. Tourists on beaches and near major attractions are fewer and fewer options for choosing a resort, housing, recreation programs with a child - more.

In July and August, children in Montenegro are not too comfortable because of exhausting heat. Water in the sea sometimes gets too hot. Beaches are filled, children do not always find a free place for games.

 Summer Camp in Montenegro


Choosing a resort for recreation with a child, it is advisable to stop at the fact that it has a lot of good beaches. It is better if there are several of them next to the house, for example, pebble and sand. Children love to play with stones and build sandcastles, and to deprive them of one of the pleasures is not worth it. Such a variety of beach areas are in Becici.

Beaches of Herceg Novi, Tivat and Kotor are less convenient for small holidaymakers. Their banks are covered with large pebbles, in places in their territories there are large concrete platforms. It is necessary to enter the water directly from them. Learning to swim in such conditions is difficult.

For children's beach rest, cleanliness and well-groomedness are especially important. For these characteristics, some Montenegrin beaches received the "blue flag". They are in Becici, Petrovac, Ulcinj, Rafailovici and Sutomore.



Children's holiday in MontenegroIn Becici there is a water park with slides and swimming pools for small children. Playgrounds are built on the beaches of this town.

In Budva is an amusement park with a bunch of attractions. In the season on the embankment of this resort works a whole lot of trampolines, hills and other entertainment.

In Lovcen national park there are rope tracks for children of different ages. Kids 5-7 years with pleasure cope with the most simple obstacles.

In many family hotels, children can be left with caregivers. Such hotels usually have mini-clubs, swimming pools and playrooms. Their availability is worth knowing when booking.

Many parents take children for walks in green parks and forest areas. Montenegrin excursions, aimed at adults, are interesting for children.


Children's camps

All the children's camps in Montenegro offer guests entertainment, cognitive, sports and sightseeing programs. There are camps with a certain focus.

"Only English Land" - Montenegrin camp for children from 9 to 19 years. It is located in Budva. This is a great place to improve the child's knowledge of English. In the morning and in the afternoon children actively study, and in their free time visit interesting excursions.

Children's camps in Montenegro"Fantasy Land" is located in Ulcinj. He takes children from 8 to 16 years. This camp offers vacationers a rich animation program. Children here learn a foreign language, pass the basics of the economy and learn history.

"Zhemchuzhina" is a children's and youth camp located in the town of Ch'an. It is aimed at schoolchildren from 7 years and young people up to 21 years. The small guests of the camp are entertained by professional animators. Sports are regularly held here. For senior guests regularly arranged discos.

"Citrus" - a children's camp in Montenegro, located near the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Children who have a rest here are constantly busy: they go on excursions (for example, visit the famous Skadar Lake), watch movies, take part in musical concerts, compete in sports events, study. This camp offers excellent conditions for exercising under the guidance of experienced coaches.