Resort of Shushan in Montenegro


Shushan - a small Montenegrin village, located on the beach. Several years ago it was recognized as the cleanest resort in the country. Below we will talk about the possibilities for recreation in this place.


Location Shushan

Shushan occupies a small area between Sutomore and Bar. Sometimes this village is called the northern suburb of Bar. The road from one settlement to another and back takes 20 minutes. Along the way you can enjoy plenty of flowering gardens, azure sea and a refined quay.

 Location of the resort of Shushan in Montenegro

Shushan has a well-developed transport network, so it can be reached from anywhere in Montenegro. From Tivat and Podgorica, where the only airports of the country are located, passenger buses regularly run to the village.


Climate Shushan

Shushan is called the warmest resort in the whole of Montenegro. The bay in which the village is located is surrounded by a mountain range. Thanks to him, no clouds or winds get to Shushan.

Almost all summer in this resort is stable sunny weather. By early July, the water is warming up to + 26 ° C, and the air temperature rises to + 30 ° C.


Recreation Shushan

Shushan is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a quiet budget resort for families. There are no discos, no noisy restaurants, no crowds of tourists. It is noteworthy that even in August in Shushan there are free houses and apartments for every taste. Almost every apartment is rented.

Almost all the buildings of the village are located along the sea coast. From the beach they are separated by a highway and a couple of streets. Housing can also be found in the depths of the resort, on a small slope. The road to the beach from anywhere in the village takes no more than 10 minutes.

The resort has small grocery stores and a few cafes. Shushan does not have a single attraction. To diversify your vacation, you can stroll to Bar - a relatively large and popular resort. It has a fish market, several clubs, children's attractions and a huge variety of institutions.

Shushan is not suitable for fans of outdoor activities, nightlife or a busy excursion program. If you want to visit new places every day and get fresh impressions, it's better to choose Budva or Tivat for holidays.

Holiday in the resort of Shushan 


Beach Shushan

In the village of Shushan there is a beach. It is a small-pebble zone, which extends for 2 km along the coast.

Near the beach is a dense forest. It is home to numerous exotic plants: eucalyptus, chestnut, cacti, wormwood. They fill the air in the coastal zone with sweet aromas.

Not far from the beach you can see decorative plants: mimosa, oleander, agave, rosemary, laurel. The rich vegetation adorns the beach and makes it an even more pleasant place to relax.

The entrance to the water here is gentle and even. The only drawback is the shallow depth of the water, because of which you can not swim well on the beach. But this is great for young children, who often rest in the resort of Shushan with their parents.

The beach is clean and well maintained, it has sun loungers and umbrellas. There is no point of rental of water equipment or training in diving. Near the beach there are several restaurants where you can eat a snack.

Ships regularly depart from the coast, which follow to other resorts in Montenegro: Petrovac, Sutomore, Sveti Stefan, Budva.

Shushan Beach in Montenegro


Events Shushan

In July and August in Montenegro begins a period of tumultuous celebrations. In Bar, right by the resort of Shushan, the festival "Barskaya Chronicle" is held. Within the framework of this event, more than 50 exhibitions, meetings with outstanding cultural figures, musical performances, etc. are held.

"Days of Mrkoyevitch" is an ethnographic holiday that helps to understand the culture and customs of the Montenegrin people. "Meetings under the Old Olive" is a children's festival, at which the creations of young poets and writers are presented. In the hot season in the Bar held "Marathon in the swimming" - one of the most spectacular sporting events in the whole country.