Casino Royale in Montenegro

Casino Royale in Montenegro

Casino Royale in Montenegro

Probably, many of you have heard that the world-famous film “Casino Royale”, released in 2006, was shot in Montenegro. But it's not...


About the film and Montenegro

In the film, the action really, in the story, takes place on the territory of Montenegro, in the famous casino “Royale”, but the shooting in this country has not been carried out.

Imitation of Montenegro in the movie ”Casino Royale“ became landscapes and cities of the Czech Republic-shows the surroundings of Prague. It is not clear why it was decided not to shoot in Montenegro, but we can say with certainty — the scenery of Montenegro in this film there.

After the release of the film with James bond, the popularity of the country began to grow rapidly, and the number of tourists coming to see where the film was shot, has increased significantly.


Rest for the soul

Casino Royale in MontenegroCasino Royale in Montenegro was opened for players four years after the opening of the hotel in Bečići, on the tenth flight of the Five-star hotel Splendid Conference & SPA Resort — the most fashionable hotel on the Adriatic coast. It is the most popular holiday destination for tourists from nearby countries and around the world. Pretty quickly, he earned a reputation as a hotel for highly respected visitors. It guarantees its visitors. A high quality service in indescribable beauty places.

The casino offers one of the most beautiful views of this country — the world-famous Bay of Becici. Visitors to the casino can enjoy the game against the backdrop of an impressive sunset or breathtaking sunrise.

The casino offers quality gaming accompanied by professional dealers in a pleasant atmosphere. At your service — a modern gaming space. The institution has slot machines, tables for “Texas hold'em poker”, Russian and Caribbean poker, American roulette, blackjack. Here you will also be offered a delicious menu and drinks as a compliment from the institution.

For the convenience of guests, the Casino has a restaurant, serves free drinks, is constantly open for the exchange of chips, plays nice background music.

Operating time:

  • Monday-Thursday: 18: 00 to 04: 00 am.
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 about 06:00 am.


The entrance to the casino

In beach wear, coats and shorts in a casino is not desirable to appear. You have to stick to the dress code. Come in casual attire. Visitors who do not adhere to the dress code may be denied access to the institution.

For the peace of the guests of the institution, the casino staff can refuse to visit and guests who are in a state of strong intoxication.

It is a gorgeous place both outside and inside. On the territory of a lot of greenery, swimming pools, private beach — very clean, nice even just to walk around, and the Charter — you can go to the restaurant “Promenade”.

Casino Royale in Montenegro  

By the way:

It should be noted that casinos in Montenegro operate quite legally — almost every resort you can find several gambling centers. Some travel agencies even offer special “casino tours”. However, this small country, of course, can not be called “Las Vegas”.

By the way, it is interesting that several casinos in this country were opened by Russians and these institutions are called one of the best in the country.