Herceg Novi

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Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is a blooming garden-city of Montenegro, which is located on the shore of Kotor Bay, in fifty miles from the city Dubrovnik in Croatia.

The city-resort of Montenegro, Herceg Novi is situated in the heart of the Adriatic coast, at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor.

Founded in 1382 Herceg Novi is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable cities in Montenegro, which is ideal not only for those who are looking for a relaxing stay outside of busy cities crowded with tourists, but also for those who have a small budget.

You can see on the map: Herceg Novi is conveniently situated for arrival, as it lies close to the towns of Tivat, Podgorica and Dubrovnik, where there are international airports. The city was founded in the 16th century by the king of Bosnia Tvrtko, and therefore has a rich historical heritage and offers educational tours, trips to the monuments of architecture and breathtaking tours in the Bay of Kotor.

Herceg Novi is a unique city at the crossroads of cultures

Herceg Novi


Due to the influence of Turkish, Spanish, Venetian and Austrian cultures the architecture of the city of Herceg Novi has a unique style: it displays the events of the past. There is the Orthodox monastery of Savina, built in the XVI century, Botanical garden, history Museum, Old Town with its famous clock tower, a monument of the era of Ottoman government, located in the city center, the Ottoman fortress Kanli-Kula.

The city was known under different names, such as Sveti Stefan, Castel Nuovo, and, finally, it got the present name Herceg Novi. The structure of the city represents many small squares connected by narrow alleyways.

The dominance of different cultures is also reflected in the cuisine: signature dishes are created under the influence of Hungarian, Muslim, Oriental and Austrian specialties.

Being a city of history and culture, Herceg Novi is a favorite target for lovers of religious art, as it has not less than 89 Catholic and 74 Orthodox churches, and ancient ruins of 14 ancient temples. And the city is also famous as a tourist Spa-center because of the abundance of mud with therapeutic effect that is in the healing source of Igalo.


Attractions Of Herceg Novi


For fans of fascinating architecture it is recommended to visit one of the main attractions of Montenegro – the Savina monastery with its luxurious gardens, which was founded on a hill, in 2 km from the centerof the city, in honor of the Archangel Michael. The monastery consists of 3 beautiful Orthodox churches, two of which are dedicated to the Saint Mary, and one another, Saint Sava’s Church is a cemetery and beautifully tiled. From Savina monastery there is a magnificent view on Kotor’s Bay.

Lovers of art and religious history will be able to discover the treasures stored in the monastery, including works of art and unique books, icons, utensils and work of the famous school of Gothic art.

For cultural family holidays and lovers of history the regional Museum of Herceg Novi is offered, which is located in a building of the Baroque style. The building is dated over than 150 years.

Visitors can see the museum’s collections of archaeology, ethnography, ancient agriculture tools, old boats, ancient icon, etc.

Unique core of Herceg Novi is the Old Town, dating from the second half of the last century. It has several old buildings, designed in architectural styles, indicating the dominance of Turkish and Venetian cultures. On the square of Nikola Durkovic of the main street of the Old Town there is the Clock Tower, where the visitor will be able to count 60 steps. In the Park of Herceg Stepan, also called Bellavista, there are the Church of the Archangel Michael and mounted fountain.

If a tourist continues his route through the cobbled streets of the Old Town, he will be able to get to Forte Mare, a beautiful fortress overlooking the sea.

In half an hour you can drive around the Old City and appreciate all the architectural treasures that are located there.


Attractions Of Herceg Novi

Widely known among the tourists is the place Igalo, which is the part of the town of Herceg Novi known as the famous health resort of the country. If a person suffers from severe injuries, rheumatism and other diseases, then he can undergo treatment in one of the resorts, for example, in the Institute of Doctor Simo Milosevic. Here is used a lot of techniques to restore patients' health and improve their well-being such as massage, electrotherapy, thermal waters and so on.

And, of course, tourist cannot forget the beautiful beaches of Herceg Novi with its soft white sand. The local beach is famous for its unprecedented purity and perfect equipment: chairs, rental services of water transport, cafes on the waterfront – all so that tourists can relax and spend an unforgettable vacation. The water temperature in Herceg Novi all year round is kept at around 15-20 degrees, which allows you to enjoy the waters of the Adriatic almost every day.


Accommodation for tourists

As Herceg Novi is a tourist town, there are many options for travelers for accommodation: from budget hostels to international hotels of Herceg Novi. You have even the option to rent an apartment that will be especially convenient for families or for groups of friends, as it will enable greater freedom of action.

According to reviews of tourists hotels Delfin Top Clubs, Top Clubs, Park and Riviera Resort offer the best rooms and optimally match their price and quality.



The climate of Herceg Novi


Weather in Herceg Novi is especially pleasant: rich flora consists of lush magnolias, unique cacti, agave, eucalyptus, pomegranate or rare plants, bougainvillea, an important witness to the Maritime past. There is a beautiful Botanical garden with over a hundred species of plants, which attracts many artists and photographers to capture photos of Herceg Novi’s beauty and to try the sweet taste of the surrounding environment.

Bordering the Adriatic sea, Herceg Novi is a resort with a humid subtropical weather where there are more than two hundred sunny days a year. The average temperature here ranges from 13 (in winter) to 31 (in summer). The most rainy months are October, December and November. Recommended months for visit is a period from May to September.