Montenegro in winter. Ski resorts in Montenegro: Zabljak, Durmitor

Montenegro in winter. Ski resorts in Montenegro: Zabljak, Durmitor

Montenegro in winter. Ski resorts in Montenegro: Zabljak, Durmitor

Pearl of Montenegro, the resort town of Zabljak


is the center of mountain tourism in the country. It is located at an altitude of about 1500 m near Mount Durmitor, which makes it the most high-altitude resort on the whole European continent. The ski runs are open here 120 days a year. In addition, Zabljak attracts tourists from all over the world with magnificent rafting along the Tara River, mountaineering and hiking.


The Nature of Durmitor


The uniqueness of the nature of Durmitor is created by virgin forests, unspoilt lakes, high-mountain meadows. A significant part of the massif consists of a national park, which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. This includes canyons and valleys of the mountain rivers of Tara, Dragi, Susice, Komarnitsa. In addition, the Tara Canyon in 1977 was recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Particularly popular is Lake Chernoye - one of 18 mountain lakes of glacial origin. It is called "the eyes of the mountains" - the lake is made up of two ponds in which the reflection of the mountain gives the water an amazing dark color. For a short period the water bodies merge and form a waterfall.

The nature of Dormitory


Zabljak in winter


All year round the resort welcomes lovers of outdoor activities. In winter from December to early April, the slopes of Durmitor are ready to accept lovers of high-speed descents on skis and snowboards.

In January, the "Winter Cup of Montenegro" - car racing. At the end of the season, fans of skiing are expecting the popular "Durmitor Cup" recently.

Guests of the resort are given the opportunity to ride around the area on snowmobiles, walk on snowshoes. Also for the guests are open fitness centers and SPA-complexes. Beginners can master ski equipment in special schools.

Montenegro: Durmitror ski resort

Comfortable rest to tourists are provided by cozy hotels of a small town, in cafe and restaurants the menu of local and European cuisine is presented. Points of hire of inventory fully provide all the necessary equipment for mountain sports. Security is provided by rescue services.

For the hotels we use this service:

On the average on the routes the thickness of the cover is 110 cm. In the ski season, the air temperature remains comfortable, within + 2 ... + 80C. If you want to go skiing in the summer, then you can go to Debele Namet, here the snow does not melt all year round.

 Montenegro: Durmitor Hotels, Zabljak


Mountain ski trails of Durmitor (Zabljak)


On Durmitor there are trails for any level of athletes, they also differ in style of riding.

  • Savin Cook. The length of 3.5 km. The descent begins at an altitude of 2.3 km, the height difference is 750 m. The lift is provided by several lifts: 2 chairlifts, 2 children's, 4 rope tows.
  • Stuck. The length of 2.6 km. It is characterized by the picturesqueness of the descent.
  • Yavorovach. The length is 800 m. It is ideal for beginners, including for children.

 Mountain ski trails of Durmitor (Zabljak)


What to do in Zabljak in the summer?


In the summer, life at the resort does not stop. Fantastic landscapes and the cleanest air attract tourists here for walks along the high-mountain paths. In July, Zabljak is flooded by cyclists - every year the "Durmitor ring" is organized here. August is famous for jeep racing.

Climbing routes, and of course stunning rafting along the mountain river Tare - are integral parts of the summer holiday in the resort of Zabljak.


Approximate prices in €

Sky Pass per person

  • One day - 8
  • Seven days - 48
  • Season - 380
  • Night - 5
  • One-time climb - 5

Rent for a day

  • Ski kit - 10
  • Sticks and skis - 5
  • Sani for children - 5