Prices and schedule of excursions in Montenegro in 2018

Prices and schedule of excursions in Montenegro in 2018

Prices and schedule of excursions in Montenegro in 2018

Individual tours in Montenegro

Plan tours in Montenegro in 2018

Features of tours in Montenegro

Current prices on tours in Montenegro 2018

Discounts on excursions in Montenegro 2018


Montenegro is an amazing and beautiful country that is filled with beautiful dark green forests, lots of attractions and lots of varied entertainment. Every tourist who chose Montenegro for the trip will not regret it! In 2018, Montenegro still has a visa-free entry.

Excursions to Montenegro in 2018

Travel in Montenegro will be inferior in the absence of a bright excursion program. After all, the country has a lot of various attractions that you simply must see and take a picture of the memory. To make the trip flawless, it needs to be planned correctly and on time. This will help reduce the number of regrets that you did not have time to visit something more interesting than you saw. Remember that a large number of excursions will not bring joy and positive emotions, but rather exhaust you. To get the maximum and not get tired at the same time, you will need to carefully examine in advance the cost and schedule of the most famous and high-quality tours in Montenegro.

Remember that the organization of excursions in Montenegro is different in that travelers are not taken from hotels or inns. In Montenegro, almost everywhere are narrow streets, which do not provide large excursion buses with any opportunity to travel according to limited and small streets. For this reason, travelers go to the nearest bus stop, and they are already waiting there. Usually, you will know the time of the tour in advance, which will reduce the risk of being late, and will reduce the time spent waiting for the long-awaited bus.


Comfort and personal excursions in Montenegro


If you allow the budget allocated for a vacation, you can think about ordering an individual excursion. This service is as comfortable as possible, and several times brighter and richer in its program. If you prefer maximum comfort, this tour is perfect for you.


How to correctly plan excursions in Montenegro in 2018?


Planning Montenegro Tours

Let's explore the process of planning excursions with you in detail. Information will be valid for excursions of tourist representatives. Traveling with them guarantees safety, and reduces any risk of unsuccessful situations. Travel costs always vary, but are a bit more expensive than can be found on site.

If you decide to choose a tour right on the beach without the help of tourist representatives, you can get into a situation that is not the best. Many travelers who already know the whole process and checked on themselves talk about guides who do not speak Russian at all. They try to explain with gestures, which at first glance is very strange, and naturally no one understands.

There are situations that the tourist paid for the tour, but the bus with the guide never arrived. Accordingly, the amount of money spent is gone; you will not find the person to whom you gave the money, but the excursions are not. To avoid any negative impressions from the rest in Montenegro, we strongly recommend not to risk for the sake of economy. The amount you earned will be small, and you can spoil your vacation.


The nuances that should be considered when organizing a holiday in Montenegro


Before planning your beautiful and long-awaited holiday in Montenegro, remember the most important and key points that must be considered in advance.

 Here are the most important things to consider:

  • On the first day of arrival, cancel all excursions! First of all, you will get tired and want to gain some strength, and yet you just do not have time all at once;
  • On the second day of a fabulous vacation, you can visit the amazing excursion to the Boko-Kotor Bay. Tourists who have a large supply of time and are not yet tired can safely send to the Montenegrin wedding. The estate is beautiful, beautiful and mysterious, which will make the second day of vacation intriguing;
  • In the following days in Montenegro, you can consider the following excursions: Rafting, Jeep Safari, a trip to Albania or Croatia;
  • Remember that any guided tour is interesting, but takes enough time and your strength;
  • When your journey comes to an end, and the plane is scheduled for lunch tomorrow, it’s best not to plan another excursion.


 How to find out the relevance of prices?


All published prices are valid for 2018, and verified. Rates constantly vary depending on the time of year, and on the number of willing travelers.


What discounts tourists expect?


To save a little on the tour, you can use the current discounts, which are guaranteed to reduce the cost of a wonderful trip around the neighborhood.

Discounts for excursions are very diverse, here are the most popular and proven:

  • Absolutely all little tourists up to 12 years old inclusive (beneficial for parents who take their children on every trip);
  • For a child who is not 4 years old, you can not pay at all! With the condition that he will not occupy space, and sit on the hands of an adult;
  •  Prices and discounts on trips to MontenegroIn Montenegro, there is a specialized system of discounts, which is calculated from the number of excursions purchased at a time. For example, you are traveling with friends and bought 5 vouchers, your discount will be 5%. Accordingly, if you purchased 7 vouchers, the discount will be 7%. Purchased tours in the amount of 5 or more pieces - always 7% discount. This discount is valid only if you have paid the vouchers immediately and in one transfer. Book your interesting excursions in advance - still at home, and get good discount rates;
  • Unfortunately, for all active or extreme rest provided in Montenegro, no discounts are offered. If you want to ski, do not wait for discounts.


In which cities you can visit excursions?


The best excursions in Montenegro 2018

In Montenegro, the most popular resorts are the following cities:

  •     Budva;
  •     Becici;
  •     Saint Stephen;
  •     Petrovac

All of the above cities have their own unique "flavor", and attract tourists in their own way. Due to the good location of cities and the maximum number of attractions there, tour agencies quickly and easily manage to attract tourists and distribute them to the buses. Due to this, the cost of all the excursions does not fall, and the quality for tourists is offered the highest. Guides speak Russian and understand you.

In 2017, a huge number of tourists arrived in Montenegro, who dreamed of visiting all the most beautiful and interesting places in the country. Due to the decent number of travelers who want to see not only popular resorts, but also less popular small towns, excursion agencies began to organize trips from Tivatay Kotor.

Previously, high-quality and interesting excursions found in these cities was almost impossible. Now they are of good quality, bright and memorable. Therefore, you can safely book them.



Resorts Ulcinj, Bar and Herceg Novi


Montenegro Bar city

These cities are located a little far away, which is the most compelling reason for the minimum number of excursions in them. From all the popular tourist routes they are really very far. Excursions are rare here, and it happens that the intended ones do not take place.

The resorts of Ulcinj and Herceg Novi are perfect resorts for independent travel and recreation. If you look at these particular cities, you can simply rent a car and enjoy self-vacations. We also recommend to view the option with individual excursions. In any case, you will be satisfied! Remember that Montenegro can live exactly 90 days without a visa. Therefore, if you really wanted to stay here, quickly fill out the necessary documents for obtaining a visa.

Group tours: how and where to purchase?


There are three modern and popular methods to purchase group excursions. Let's look at each of them separately and in more detail.

1 way

After you flew to Montenegro, you can visit one of the offices found by tour agencies. Visiting the office, you can purchase a tour. You can also agree that a representative of the agency would come to your hotel. This method of purchasing vouchers is common and normal.

The only thing that will be a minus is the wrong ratio of the quality of the excursion and its high cost. Excursion agencies at the sight of not an experienced tourist, immediately try to cash in on everything! They offer a ton of additional accessories and sell you expensive excursions, but of poor quality. Of the minuses, you can select another one, if you expect a representative for a few hours, he probably just forgot about you. This option is suitable for travelers who prefer to look at the goods before paying money.

2 way

Ways to find excursions in MontenegroThe second way is to purchase excursions "on the beach". This option is chosen by travelers who firmly believe in great luck and freebies! Near any beach in Montenegro there are always a lot of local citizens who are actively engaged in luring tourists for all sorts of entertainment and excursions! They can distribute beautiful advertising leaflets with a variety of excursions all day. Prices on these booklets attract immediately, because it is cheaper than in the agency.

The main feature of this method of acquisitions is that the quality of excursions is rather low. Most often they are conducted in English. Sometimes they even collect an additional fee to enter the territory of the sights. Quite rarely it turns out to buy a tour on the beach of decent quality.

 3 way

 The third method to buy group excursions - is the usual for us booking through online resources. Now there are a lot of bona fide agencies that refused from the office at all, unnecessary employees and from the mass of all kinds of advertising. Such excursion agencies flourish and become popular solely due to the excellent quality of excursions sold, excellent guides and the word of mouth technique. By the way, this method has become popular among tourists, really works! For example, you will definitely listen to your friend who has just arrived from Montenegro, and be sure to contact the recommended agency.

The cost of these excursions are very attractive, they are much lower than in a regular office. Among the minuses one stands out - when booking, you must make about 20% of the prepayment of the total price of the tour. Of course, for other tourists - this is a plus and a guarantee that you will definitely get a reserved place.

Group Tour Bookings

 Group Tour Bookings

Group Tour Bookings In order to book any tour you like, you will need a minimum of time. The whole process is carried out automatically via the Internet. We suggest you use the most popular and proven services that select all kinds of excursions to your taste, as soon as possible. Booking services are very relevant now. After all, they can find the perfect trip with a lot of useful stops. Excursions are offered at reasonable prices, which is even more pleasing to satisfied tourists.

Prepay for the selected excursion requires approximately 20% of the total cost. If you pay with Visa or MasterCard, the debit will be free of charge.

The service has offers for individual excursions. These trips are done exclusively by professional and licensed guides.


Cancellation and refund of excursions


Everything in life happens, and if you have urgent reasons, and there is no possibility to visit a tour that has already been paid, you must cancel it. Fortunately, almost all excursion agencies support this feature. To cancel and return paid money, you will need to contact the organizer. Remember that cancellation and refund from the tour has its own rules. If you make a cancellation within three days, the agency undertakes to return the hollow amount paid by you. If you cancel for a couple of days, you will get back only half the money. In case you just missed the scheduled excursion, the agency will take 20% of the money.

Quite a convenient service that will help you get your money back. If we compare the proposed service with classic agencies, the system is more loyal and convenient. In ordinary agencies, it is often almost impossible to get paid money back for travel, and the entire return process takes a lot of time.