Montenegro Airlines d.o.o.

Montenegro Airlines d.o.o.

Montenegro Airlines d.o.o.

The history of the Foundation


Montenegrin state airline, began its existence in the autumn of 1994, in the month of October. The company M. A. d.o.o. has a license for international and domestic passenger transportation. Also, the airline carries out Charter flights and transportation of goods and mail around the world.


In recent years, the company “Montenegro” has grown very much and has become a modernized institution that operates according to modern international standards. There are many positive reviews of passengers, as well as certificates and awards for services.


Routes and flights

Montenegro planesThe airline constantly operates flights to various cities around the world: Moscow, Belgrade, Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt, Podgorica and others. In addition to the permanent routes are carried out charters in different directions.


Aeroflot airlines consists of five modern aircraft's. In the future, the company “Montenegro” plans to modernize and further expand its air fleet. The company aims to conquer new markets, open new routes, increase flights and the number of passengers.


There are 20 destinations in the network of flights. Due to the presence of only two airports, which are located nearby, it is necessary to focus on international flights.


Today M. A. d.o.o. has regular flights to such European cities as:

  • Frankfurt;
  • Zurich;
  • Dusseldorf;
  • Paris;
  • Lyon;
  • Rome;
  • Belgrade;
  • Ljubljana;
  • Moscow;
  • Saint Petersburg;
  • London;
  • Copenhagen;
  • Vienna.


During the tourist season, Charter flights to the following cities:

  • Naples;
  • Tehran;
  • Graze;
  • Tel Aviv;
  • Bratislava and others.



The company offers passenger transportation “economy” and business classes.


Business class provides a separate salon, they carry more Luggage, here a variety of dishes on the menu and a wider selection of drinks. Passengers respond positively about food. Passengers of this class have priority in baggage collection, check-in and boarding.


Passengers who often use the services of the air carrier from the company are offered bonuses, they are replenished account, which depends on the cost of the ticket. It is also possible to increase the class of service or buy cheap tickets.



Air passenger begin to check in at the airport two hours before departure and finish 30 minutes before it. If more than one carrier is operating the flight, baggage is checked in before the point of arrival, but this only applies if there is a difference between the flights within 24 hours.


Online check-in is made upon departure at the airport and on its website. You can do self-registration from a mobile phone, using an Internet browser in it.



Montenegro AirlinesCarry-in cabin hand Luggage, takes one place and must weigh ten kilograms. It is also allowed to take a baby carriage or a cradle for the baby and his food, and something from the allowed list.


Any passenger has the right to carry free baggage, but its volume and weight will depend on the route of the aircraft and the class of service. In the “economy” to carry up to twenty-three kilograms of free baggage in business class — up to thirty-two kilograms per person. Weight over the norm is paid.


The airline allowed the transportation of Pets in a cage inside the cabin. The cost of transportation from twenty to thirty euros. Also, animals are transported as registered cargo in the Luggage compartment for a fee.


Airline of the Republic today

The company has not yet been included in the star rating of air carriers, but its success in passenger transportation in European countries is impressive.


The airline has an honorary certificate and the title of “the most punctual airline”. A distinctive feature of the company is accuracy and safety.


The authorities of the Republic plan to open a direct airline Podgorica-Barcelona in the near future. Negotiations are under way about the opening with representatives of the company “Vueling”.