Sea cruise on the Adriatic will bring a lot of impressions and the most positive emotions

Sea cruise on the Adriatic will bring a lot of impressions and the most positive emotions

Sea cruise on the Adriatic will bring a lot of impressions and the most positive emotions

Sea cruise on the Adriatic will bring a lot of impressions and the most positive emotions. Many cruise programs on the Adriatic sea include a visit to Montenegro, but, as a rule, come to other countries.

The length of the beaches of Montenegro is almost a hundred kilometers, and the water temperature reaches 26 degrees Celsius, which makes cruises in Montenegro pleasant and comfortable.


Cruise ship 

Travel on comfortable sea vessels on various routes has long been included in the range of offers of travel companies. Cruises in Montenegro is an amazing opportunity to see the most beautiful places, visit the magnificent beaches, enjoy plenty of delicious local cuisine, get acquainted with the unusual traditions of the inhabitants and the rich history of the country.

Cruise liners during the trip make stops where tourists go ashore and can walk around sightseeing. There are many routes that start and end in different cities. To choose the most suitable, it is necessary to get acquainted with several routes and programs of cruises. As a rule, all cruise ships are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of travelers.

If the routes of large ships are painted literally on the minutes, then renting a yacht of small size allows you to plan your sea trip on your own, both in time and in the course of the trip.

 Cruises in Montenegro

Scammers choose yachts

Fans of strong emotions and risk can take a small weekly cruise around Montenegro on a sailing yacht. During the stops you can walk or take a tour of local attractions. Yacht vacation in Montenegro — what could be more romantic than sailing in the sea and enjoy the fresh wind with a salty taste of the waves. This is an unforgettable journey, which should visit every brave sailor, whether he is a businessman, financial analyst or any other successful person.

Montenegro, lying on the Adriatic sea, is just included in the list of countries through which many popular routes. Often cruise ships come in. Its port is suitable for Parking large ships, and the Bay itself is extremely beautiful for inspection from the deck of the ship. In addition, the participants of the trip can take a tour of the ancient city of Montenegro.


What time of year is the best time to travel?

The Mediterranean climate, which is inherent in the Adriatic coast, allows you to travel on it in any season. So do not be upset if the holiday falls only, for example, in February. The best time for sea travel is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn: August, September, October. Remember that tours in the most popular months are always more expensive. However, if you want to save money it makes sense to buy or book a cruise in advance. In addition, today so many travel companies that many carry out promotions and offer discounts and special rates.

Sea cruise is a very romantic and elegant way to travel and explore the country, which will give you the most unforgettable experience.

 Time for a cruise in Montenegro

Cruise to Montenegro

Sea cruises often give you the opportunity to get acquainted with interesting sights, difficult for the ordinary land tourist.

  • This is a visit to a variety of Islands, and next to Montenegro there are several natural and man-made Islands of different sizes with unique historical buildings.
  • This is an acquaintance with the most beautiful sea and rock coastal caves, for example, with the famous blue cave.
  • This is a visit to the most beautiful bays and bays, as well as a tour of the ancient cities from the sea.
  • This is swimming in unique places and diving directly from the deck of the ship.