Milocer - Montenegrin resort


Milocer is considered the most prestigious resort in the whole of Montenegro. Once it was the home of the royal family. Now Milocer built up with luxurious apartments and expensive restaurants. Moreover, it is famous for its amazing nature: picturesque mountainous terrain, dense forests and a huge Botanical garden.


Location Milocer

Milocer adjoins the famous island of Sveti Stefan. It is distant from Budva for 6 km. Tivat Airport is located 28 km from Milocer. The route from the airport of Podgorica to this resort takes 40 minutes by car.

 Milocer on the map of Montenegro

Beach holidays Milocer

In the resort of Milocer there is one of the best places to relax around the Mediterranean - the Queen's Beach. Previously, he was the favorite location of the royal family. This is precisely what explains its name.

The beach is buried in cypress trees. Its territory is covered with sand and pebbles. The entrance to the sea here is sandy. Holidaymakers especially like to meet on a beautiful beach sunsets.

Near the beach of the Queen there are cafes and restaurants. Nearby there is a parking for cars. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas.

In the season for the entrance and use of inventory you need to pay, because the territory of the Queen's Beach belongs to the local hotel. In the low season, when there are not enough guests, the beach is open to all comers.

 Milocer in Montenegro

Leisure Milocer

Behind Milocer is the highest mountain range of the country - Durmitor. It includes 27 peaks with a height of more than 2200 m. The territory of Durmitor consists not only of mountains, but also of glacial lakes, canyons, and underground springs. It is home to the Tara River canyon, recognized as the largest in Europe.

In winter, skiing, sledges and snowboards are skiing in Durmitor, in the summer mountain rides are carried out, horseback riding is conducted, hiking is organized. Fans of thrill who have come to Miločer can go rafting, paragliding and even jump deep into the canyon under the supervision of an experienced instructor.


Walking Milocer

Milocer is sure to please fans of hiking and medieval architecture. Old buildings here are not only well preserved, but also restored in places. Cobbled streets, colorful churches, small squares - all this gives the city a special atmosphere.

Many like to walk in the local parks and forests, which are buried in greenery. The air in them is saturated with the aroma of herbs, flowers and trees. Parks are great for picnics, which are often arranged here by tourists.

 Walks in Milocer, Montenegro

Sights Milocer

The Botanical Garden is Milocer's main attraction. This place occupies a vast territory of 18 hectares. In the garden you can find plants brought to Montenegro from Asian and African countries. Many rare varieties grow here in the natural environment: mimosa, agave, magnolia, cacti.

Praskvica is the main monastery of Milocer. Its building is located on a hill with a wonderful view. The monastery was built in the XVII century. On its territory beats a unique spring. The water in it smells of peach, which can not be explained. The air in this place is also saturated with a pleasant peach aroma.


Restaurants and shopping Milocer

Shopping in Milocer in MontenegroMiločer - a place for demanding tourists, accustomed to quality rest. Local restaurants offer a variety of dishes and a high level of service. From the summer terraces of many resorts are opened charming landscapes.

In the numerous shops and street shops of Milocer, you can find amazingly beautiful things created by the skillful hands of local artisans. The resort is popular products made of leather and artificial stones.

It is important for tourists to remember that shops work from morning (from 8 or 9) to lunch (up to 12), and then close to the siesta - midday break. They again open their doors only closer to 4 o'clock in the afternoon and do not close until late.

Milocer's markets, where you can buy fresh fish and seafood, are open mainly in the morning.