Restaurant "Giardino"

Restaurant "Giardino" in Montenegro


The Giardino restaurant was opened more than 35 years ago. From the day of its foundation the institution positions itself as a family restaurant of national Montenegrin cuisine. Now "Giardino" enjoys great popularity among tourists who have a rest on the most popular resorts of the country.



Giardino is located between the town of Petrovac and the island of Sveti Stefan, in the cozy town of Rezevici. From the terrace of the establishment there is a beautiful view of the sea and the Budva Riviera - one of the most picturesque natural attractions of Montenegro. The restaurant is located in the orchard, which is drowned in flowers and Mediterranean vegetation.

Location of the restaurant Giardino 



For cooking dishes, the Giardino restaurant uses traditional recipes, time-tested. The taste of the dishes is complemented by fresh herbs, which are grown right in the garden.

The main pride of the restaurant is the meat from under the sachet, cooked on the grill - a traditional dish of Montenegrin cuisine. In the menu of the restaurant there are a whole lot of other meat delicacies: shish kebabs, steaks, chicken legs, steaks.

Dishes from sea fish - a separate position in the menu of the restaurant "Giardino". Guests of the establishment can enjoy a plate with seafood, order fresh fish for lunch or dinner, try several kinds of squid or shrimp.

The restaurant also offers visitors vegetarian type of food. In the menu there are ragout, mushroom dishes, diet soups, vegetable salads, different kinds of pasta, cheeses.

Lovers of sweet will appreciate the desserts of the restaurant Giardino. After the first and second dishes, pancakes with stuffing, fruit salads, homemade cakes and pies are served here.

Many dishes are served together with side dishes, which is always indicated in the menu. It also prescribes the composition of most dishes, which simplifies the choice for visitors and saves their time.

Menu of the restaurant Giardino

The waiters of the restaurant "Giardino" are familiar with the menu and can unobtrusively advise a dish that will suit the taste of the guest. The menu is translated into 8 languages, including Russian.

The wine list of the restaurant offers visitors a variety of drinks. Giardino serves white, red, pink, dessert, sparkling and local wines of good aging.

Guests of the establishment are offered other types of strong drinks: champagne, beer, liquor, tequila, cognac. Bartenders skillfully prepare cocktails. Fresh coffee, bottled water and fruit juices are always available.


Description and services

From the middle of spring until late autumn, visitors to the Giardino restaurant are located on the open terrace, at other times the main hall of the restaurant is opened for them. The restaurant plays Mediterranean music, which creates a quiet atmosphere in it, which has a rest.

In the garden of the restaurant you can find ripe figs, cherries, grapes or kiwis - it all depends on the season. The open terrace of the establishment is littered with lavender and wildflowers, which impregnate the air with their wonderful aromas. From the terrace and the windows of the covered hall, there is a picturesque view of the mountains and the sea.

For children in the restaurant "Giardino" there is a small area with a fenced yard. On it young guests of the institution can collect a bunch of flowers, play with a cat or a dog, stroke a rabbit or go hunting for turtles.

For the convenience of visitors to the restaurant in front of it there is free parking. Guests of the establishment can use the wireless Internet, which works in all its parts.

Jardino Restaurant in Montenegro

The Giardino restaurant is great for holding important events: weddings, christenings, birthdays. Tables can be booked. In the summer it is worth doing in advance, as in the evenings on the terrace there are almost no empty seats.

In a quiet and cozy establishment business meetings are often held. Polite staff, quiet music, beautiful views, well-adjusted dishes - all this makes a favorable impression on colleagues and partners who choose for dinner or dinner the restaurant "Giardino".