How to order a cheap taxi in Montenegro?

How to order a cheap taxi in Montenegro?

How to order a cheap taxi in Montenegro?

ll tourists who travel from country to country, see a lot of new and interesting, always have a need to save a little. Accordingly, tourism is not easy, and it must be treated responsibly! To profitably travel around the beautiful and beautiful country of Montenegro, you will need a taxi. Transport is an indispensable and one of the most important things in the upcoming adventures.

Absolutely every tourist approaches to economy in different ways, but basically during travel it is possible to save on

  • Hotel;
  • Excursions;
  • Tickets;
  • Food;
  • Rent a car;
  • And of course by taxi.

If you approach the economy responsibly, you can get a good profit.

Let's take a closer look at how to save money on a transfer from the airport. A fairly relevant and important issue for all travelers. Also, let's talk about how to make trips between cities in Montenegro comfortable and inexpensive.


Where to book a cheap transfer in Montenegro?


Where can I get a transfer in Montenegro?All tourists who already were in several countries are familiar with the situation when there is a problem with transport in a foreign country. Do you remember how we arrived in the country, left the airport, and began to puzzle how to get to that most desired hotel?

To arrive in Montenegro did not immediately go in a negative light, we strongly recommend that you think about what and by what method you will get to the paid number. Convenient and fast journey to long-awaited apartments - the beginning of a wonderful, interesting and fascinating holiday!

There are two variants of events:

  • You in advance, at home ordered transport, which will certainly be waiting at the airport;
  • Arriving in Montenegro, you nervously argue with the taxi driver and try to lose the high cost of the trip.

Naturally, we do not even consider the second option, it's useless! That's the first one, it's a worthy way to start your unforgettable vacation.

Attention! Many holidaymakers in Montenegro complain that taxi drivers are extremely unscrupulous with them. After arriving in the country, they take a transfer, and the driver tries everywhere with their most diverse routes, in order to increase distances, and earn more money. Be careful!


KiwiTaxi - service with a beneficial taxi in Montenegro


KiwiTaxi - a modern, convenient and simple service, allowing in Montenegro and not only in it, inexpensive to order a comfortable taxi. The service provides a lot of different variants of cars and drivers. You can find a person who will understand your language. This system is popular, and to it almost all tourists are positive. Service helps to not lose with the price, and reduce the risk of scammers. The main advantage of this program is that the price is exceptionally fixed. This prevents situations when the driver winds extra miles to take a large fee.

How much does a taxi service in Montenegro cost?


Making a taxi order in Montenegro is not a big problem. If you did this in advance, then you will not have to worry. If you forgot to make a reservation before arrival, then you have to pay several times more for this service.

Taxi for Montenegro

After you arrive and leave the airport, you will hardly want to stand under the burning sun with a bunch of suitcases and argue with the driver about the price. Almost always - a waste of time, because immediately there are those tourists who are ready to pay the specified amount and quickly arrive at the villa. If you did not have time to book a transfer, and search for it near the airport, you will pay about 50 Euro (if you take the distance to Budva). If the car was pre-ordered, you will pay about 20 Euros (and sometimes 14 Euros).

If you do not want to pay or order a taxi, you can use an alternative method - go by bus. Unfortunately, in this way of movement there are downsides. Regular buses run for a long time, and they will not take you to the gates of the paid number.

The difference between Moscow and Montenegro is exactly one hour. Remember this when you arrive to set the clock for the updated time.

Remember, if you have excellent driving skills, and like not to depend on other excellent alternative will be - hire a vehicle. Car reservations can also be made at home. The car will be brought to any specified place, and there you will sign a contract for its rental. Rent a car in Montenegro is simple and profitable. But a lot of impressions and entertainment are waiting for you!


Ways to save money on a taxi in Montenegro


How to save money by taxi in MontenegroIf you think you can save on a transfer, an unambiguous answer is yes. You can not save money, but you need to. Just need to pre-book your favorite car, which will arrive just in time to the airport. The result of this process is the benefit of several times.

Transfer will take the tourist to absolutely anywhere in Montenegro. You can safely count on such a taxi. Drivers almost always understand you, they are also friendly and sociable.


Booking a transfer in Montenegro


If you are in the process of organizing an upcoming trip, and decided that you will book a taxi to the hotel in advance, use the service offered by us. The reservation of a taxi in it will pass quickly and without any troubles. Approximate booking time is less than 15 hours before arriving in Montenegro. This time is enough for the system to choose the most optimal route from the airport to your villa. The optimal route built in the system will reduce the cost of the transfer. At the airport you will certainly be met, and the road to the hotel will be excellent.


What determines the cost of a trip to Montenegro?


What determines the cost of a taxiMany tourists are interested in what the final price of the ordered taxi comes from, and does the location of the hotel affect the cost?

If you used the offered service, filling out the booking, in one column you specify the exact name of the villa or hotel. The driver who takes you from the airport delivers exactly to the specified place.

In KiwiTaxi service, an ordered taxi has a fixed price, which excludes additional costs. When in the system you specify in what city you will go, and the cost is calculated. Perhaps the apartments will be located in the opposite end of the city - this will not change the total amount paid by you.

Недорогие трансферы из аэропорта

We order a return transfer


Let's see if you can call a transfer from the room to the airport? Directly it is one of the most practical and convenient options to leave the resort. If you want to spend your last day of vacation in peace, taking care of a taxi to the airport is a good way. Ordering a transfer in advance, you do not overpay extra money and get on the plane on time. It happens that when booking a transfer from the airport, you can make a reservation of the car there and back.

If you take into account important things, then the upcoming vacation will be perfect!


How to know the driver?


About this, everything is much easier! The driver of the ordered transfer will wait with a small sign, on which your name is indicated. If a taxi to the airport, the driver will wait in the lobby of the apartment.

This method is practiced in almost all countries, it is reliable and tested. You do not have to call someone or compare the driver's photo with another hundred others. Everything is simple and done for the maximum convenience of tourists.


What are the guarantees that the driver will meet?


Guarantees of taxi driversIf you are not sure that the driver will meet you on time - these are simple prejudices! It is profitable for companies to fulfill each call they have ordered. A person will meet you, and he will have a mobile number, and you have a dispatcher. The main thing when you leave the airport, look at the plates carefully.

If an unpleasant situation has occurred, and you expect your drivers already half an hour, take a taxi that stands next to the airport. The company that did not give you a taxi at the time undertakes to pay compensation. Direct compensation - the amount exceeding the paid taxi a couple of times. In the negative, you will not remain, and you can write a negative response to them (they are extremely afraid of it).


Delayed the flight, what to do?


Do not worry, and continue the fabulous journey! Flight delay is a frequent occurrence, especially if it is summer and high season. All this small little things that should not spoil the mood. Do yourself something useful, and continue to represent the upcoming vacation. The car you ordered is guaranteed to wait, and most importantly the cost of the transfer will not increase. With this in Montenegro, everything is fine and correct. Delay flight - perfect neither your fault, you do not need to overpay.


How to understand the driver?


If you are a tourist from Russia, and do not speak English, you will certainly find the most understanding drivers, and in Montenegro there are a lot of them. Remember, do not panic if the driver does not speak a language that is understandable. He will necessarily have the right address to which he will deliver you.


Summing up


Now you know how to save several times on a transfer and make the trip completely beautiful. In the planning process, be sure to consider what kind of transport you will arrive at the hotel, and leave it. On the service, which we offered will be enough to keep the most needed data, and all the booking has been successfully completed!

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