Sutomore is a resort in Montenegro


Sutomore is a small Montenegrin resort that attracts tourists with its tranquility and comfort. They do not go for a stormy fun, but for leisurely beach rest, supplemented by long walks and visits to historical sites.


Location Sutomore

Sutomore is located between Petrovac and Bar. From the first it is separated 13 km, from the second - only 5 km. Here's how Sutomore looks on the map:

 Location of Sutomore in Montenegro

A railway passes through the resort. It connects the Serbian capital of Belgrade and the Montenegrin town of Bar. From Sutomore you can easily reach these two places.

Often, from this resort go to Podgorica. The way by train or car takes half an hour. Residents of the capital have long been chosen by Sutomore, they often spend their days off here.


Weather Sutomore

Due to its favorable location, Sutomore is famous for its warm winter (from +11 °C) and hot summer (from +25 °C). The resort has a typical Mediterranean climate, characteristic of the entire Adriatic coast.

From the land Sutomore is surrounded by cypresses and pine trees. They reliably protect it from wind, cold and rain. Rains are observed here in the period from November to March. From April to October in Sutomore it is usually dry and sunny.

Local residents open the swimming season in May, but sea water during this period is often cold. Optimum to come to Sutomore in the middle of June. The weather has a rest, but a huge flow of tourists yet.

 Weather and beaches in Sutomore, Montenegro

Beaches Sutomore

Sutomore attracts tourists with its beaches, which stretch for almost 2.5 km along the sea coast. All of them are clean, well-maintained and equipped.

The main Sutomore beach stretches for about 800 m. It is considered to be the only sandy beach in the whole resort. It is said that the sand here has a mineral composition. Many believe that it cures pain with rheumatism.

The other beaches of Sutomore are covered with small pebbles. In size, they are several times smaller than the main beach. Many of them are considered wild, and therefore are excellent for a solitary pastime.

On the beaches there are standard entertainments: trips on catamarans, flights with a parachute, rolling on tablets. Experienced scuba divers offer tourists diving.

Near the beaches there are numerous cafes and restaurants with completely different menus. In total there are about 50. Nearby are souvenir shops and shops with beach attributes.


Sights Sutomore

In Sutomore there are several historically valuable buildings erected in the Middle Ages. These include the two-church Church of St. Thekla, built in the XII century. From the Benedictine monastery of St. Mary in Sutomore, only ruins have been preserved, but they are also interesting for connoisseurs of history. The resort still has the fortress of Hai-Nehai (translated "fear - do not be afraid"), left to Montenegro by the Turks.

Not far from Sutomore one of the main natural attractions of the country - Skadar Lake is based. It has impressive dimensions and partly covers the territory of Albania. On numerous islands of the lake, ancient temples and monasteries have been preserved. On a lake boats and catamarans often travel.

 Church of St. Thekla in Sutomore

What else to see and where to go Sutomore

Sutomore itself is interesting for its historical heritage. In the town you can see ancient houses made of stone, extracted from local mountains many centuries ago. Almost all the streets are paved with age-old cobbles.

In summer, most of Sutomore overlaps, so the resort is extremely ridden cars. Everything here is for walks. Picturesque bays, quiet lagoons, steep cliffs, refined parks and dense forests - in Sutomore there are many places for inspection and recreation.

The resort has a fish market, where you can buy seafood from local fishermen. Here it is customary to carry on trades without any restrictions and purchase delicacies at half price. It is advisable to come to the market in the morning, when the night catch is still fresh.