Montenegro Attractions

Montenegro Attractions - what to see

Montenegro Attractions

When choosing what to see in Montenegro, do not forget to visit the canyon of Tara, whose depth is 1.3 km. In this gorge there are waterfalls and rapids, and therefore this is an excellent place for rafting. UNESCO included the Tara Canyon in the World Heritage List.

We also recommend visiting the largest inland lake Balkan - Skadar Lake. It is located on the territory of two states: Montenegro and Albania. Pelicans and many other species of birds live here. On the coast there are fortresses and monasteries.

Skadar Lake

Also, one should visit the monastery Ostrog, carved into a rock in the XVII century. To be cleansed from sins, you only need to walk from the Lower to the Upper Monastery. There you will hear a lot of interesting stories from the monk.

From the sights of Montenegro, it is especially worth noting Budva - a city on the coast, in which:

  • 35 beaches and 3 museums;
  • the fortress walls of the 15th century were preserved;
  • a lot of ancient churches, monasteries;
  • often there are all kinds of festivals.

Not far from Budva are located Kotor Bay and the city of Kotor, which was founded during the Roman Empire and is now listed in UNESCO. It lies at the foot of the mountain. In the city there is a cathedral of St. Tryphon with frescoes of the XIV century.

Church in Kotor

If you want romance and beautiful nature, go to the town called Petrovac. It is surrounded by pine forests and olive groves. Here you can have a great time at the cafe or on the sandy beaches.

Talking about the sights of Montenegro, it is worth mentioning about Tivat, more precisely the islands of St. Mark and Flowers, Bucha Castle, the beautiful city park and the village of Gornja Lastva, located nearby.


Winter in Montenegro

Zablyak resort in winterThose who are interested in what to see in Montenegro in the winter, we recommend to visit Kolasin and enjoy the special atmosphere of the city, as well as its surroundings with mountain peaks, rivers, waterfalls. There you can also do snowboarding and skiing (the total length of descents is about 15 km), for tourists there is a lift. The surroundings of Zabljak, in which there are many mountain lakes, attract lovers of winter fishing.

In winter there is always good weather in Montenegro. That is why it is nice to celebrate the New Year.

Now you know what are the sights in Montenegro, what to see, and therefore will have a great time traveling in this small but very beautiful country.