Oliva Restaurant

Oliva Restaurant in Montenegro

Oliva Restaurant

"Oliva" is one of the finest establishments of the luxurious island of Sveti Stefan, where almost everyone who rests is on it. The restaurant offers visitors a wide choice of dishes and drinks, a cozy interior and quality service.



Restaurant Olive is located in the vicinity of the island of Sveti Stefan - a popular place to relax among the stars from the world of music, cinema and business. The institution is located right by the beach, and from its windows a panorama of all the surrounding territory opens.

 Oliva Restaurant in Montenegro



Olive Restaurant continues the tradition of the famous institution Pod Maslinom, which was on the island of Sveti Stefan in the 70s of the last century and was considered a favorite meeting place for representatives of the Yugoslav elite. Now the restaurant "Oliva" is part of the company Pure Angel.



Olive Restaurant offers its visitors a menu that is suitable for any occasion: a family dinner, an anniversary, a wedding or a business meeting.

The menu is dominated by the dishes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine for Montenegro. The institution also employs cooks who specialize in cooking dishes of international and Greek cuisine.

The cost of light snacks starts from 2 euros and ends at around 9 euros. Full-value dishes are more expensive: shrimps with vegetables - 14 euros, octopus in tomato sauce - 24 euros, lobster with caviar and garnish - 120 euros. In the menu of the Olive Restaurant there are also desserts: assorted, cheesecake, cakes, ice cream, etc.

The restaurant "Oliva" boasts a variety of drinks. The restaurant offers freshly squeezed juices, soda, cold and hot coffee, tea. The alcoholic card includes aperitifs, wines, bordeaux, beer, liqueurs, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, brandy and various types of cocktails.

Restaurant menu of Olive 


Planning and interior

Several years ago, Olive Restaurant was overhauled. Now the institution is fully executed in an authentic Mediterranean style and furnished with new furniture.

The building of the restaurant includes three terraces, located at different levels. Each of them has its own unique design.

There is an aperitif bar and a main room for up to 60 guests. The institution can accommodate 250 people at the same time.


The services

Olive Restaurant is not only a pleasant place for a meal, but also a great place for events of any scale. The restaurant is open for organizers who organize unforgettable private celebrations and take responsibility for preparing for major business meetings.

On the eve of the festive days, the restaurant hosts entertainment programs and even develops separate menus. "Oliva" can be an excellent solution for celebrating the New Year, Valentine's Day and any other holiday.

Sometimes in the restaurant there are evenings of live music, which invite Montenegrin stars. Most often, such events fall on weekends and holidays.

Olive Restaurant has a separate children's playground, equipped with houses, slides and swings for younger guests. Due to this institution became a popular place among couples who can enjoy delicious food, interior and scenery, without worrying about the leisure of their children.

Right next to the playground is a zone for playing beach volleyball, which everyone can use. A few dozen meters from the restaurant "Oliva" is the rental of underwater equipment.

 Entertainment in the restaurant Oliva



Guests of Olive Restaurant, who gave positive feedback about this place, highlight fresh food, unobtrusive staff and good music that plays in the institution. Almost all visitors to the restaurant celebrate the beautiful view opening from its terraces, as well as a beautiful interior in which it is pleasant to spend time.

Despite the abundance of good reviews, the Oliva restaurant does not suit everyone who visits it. Some guests complain about low-quality food, others - for slow service, the third - for unreasonably high rates of Olive Restaurant.