Holiday in the Kamenari village


Kamenari is a tiny village in Montenegro and one of the most budgeted resorts in the country. It is suitable for unassuming tourists looking for a quiet place to relax.


Location Kamenari

Kamenari is located on the shore of the Verige Strait, the narrowest in the entire Kotor Bay. The village is located 15 km from the famous resort of Herceg Novi. It is most convenient to come here from Tivat airport, which is nearby.

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History and contemporary meaning Kamenari

The name of the village is translated as "stonemasons". Once Kamenari almost completely inhabited by representatives of this ancient profession.

The quarries located here were actively used for the construction of temples and mansions in Kotor. The stones that were outnumbered in this village were delivered to Venice in large batches.

In the Middle Ages Kamenari had an important defensive significance. Right opposite the village there were special chains that prevented the entry of pirate ships into the bay.

A little later, a border checkpoint was opened in Kamenari, which brought a lot of money to the village. They were able to build houses and hotels here, build a fleet and a theater. Once upon a time life in this place was a key.

Today, Kamenari is known for its berth, from which regular passenger ships depart. It is here that ferries stop from Kotor to Herceg Novi and back. To be in time to take a seat, it is advisable to come to the dock in advance.

The cost of the ferry ride is 4 euros in winter and 4.5 euros in summer. For transport transportation an additional fee of between 1 and 2 euros is charged. The journey time is only 15 minutes. It is best to go on a trip before sunset and enjoy the beauty of Kotor Bay.


Accommodation Kamenari

Kamenari is by far not the most famous resort in Montenegro, so prices in it are far from tourist. Here you can rent a room with a view of the sea, rent spacious apartments on the first coastline or even live in a well-maintained villa.

When looking for housing in Kamenari it is desirable to consider only those objects that are at a distance from the crossing. Otherwise, you will constantly hear the noise of cars and breathe polluted air.

The main attractions of the country are within a two-hour car ride from Kamenari. Many tourists go to have fun in other resorts, and come here only for the night.

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The best hotel in Kamenari

Casa del Mare-Capitano is a hotel located in the heart of Kamenari. It takes only 4 minutes to get to the beach. The beach area is best reached by bicycle, which can be rented at the front desk.

The hotel is decorated in a Mediterranean style, the walls of the building are decorated with stone. The hotel rooms are bright, spacious and fully furnished.

Each room has a TV with satellite channels. Hotel guests are provided with bathrobes and bath accessories.

Casa del Mare-Capitano has its own restaurant. Service is carried out on the menu and wine list with a lot of high-quality drinks.

The territory of the hotel houses a frequent garden, in which fruit trees grow. Next to them a swimming pool is built, in which it is pleasant to cool in the heat.

Casa del Mare-Capitano in Kamenari 


Infrastructure and leisure Kamenari

In Kamenari there are shops, pharmacies, cafes and restaurants - everything you need for a comfortable stay. The prices are everywhere average, it is not necessary to expect high-level service from local establishments.

The village has a municipal beach. It consists of concrete areas with rare sandy approaches to the water. The local beach can hardly be called comfortable.

The zone behind the ferry is the most popular fishing spot in Kamenari. This village is a favorite place for many Montenegrin fishermen.

Nature is something for which it is worth choosing for a holiday is Kamenari. The village is surrounded by majestic mountains, in summer it is buried in lush vegetation, filling the air with a sweet aroma.

Kamenari village in Montenegro 


Sights Kamenari

At the entrance to the village stands the church of Saint Nedelya, which is easily recognized by the high bell tower. The Orthodox building is located on a hill, in the summer on its territory trees and shrubs bloom.

The church was built in 1867. Its building has a monumental view, complemented by a majestic dome and a long tower.

It is remarkable that in the church of the Holy Week there are two altars installed at once. The first is dedicated to Holy Week, the second - to St. John. Both altars are skilfully painted.

In the temple you can see several icons, created in ancient times. Of particular interest to visitors is the image of Our Lady with Jesus, which was written by the local creator roughly in the 15th century.

Not far from the village is the church of Our Lady of the Rosary, erected in the XIX century. In the vicinity of the church is St. Nicholas, which dates back to the XVII century. The Church of St. Anne is the most visited in Kamenari, which is due to its location right by the beach.