What money to take on a trip to Montenegro?

What is the currency in Montenegro is in high demand? Very beneficial during a trip to Montenegro to take euros, if you value your time, money and nerve cells. Banks do not want to accept rubles from Russia and Belarus. It is possible to exchange dollars, but the exchange rate to the Euro is not very profitable. In this regard, will advise you to solve this financial issue to travel to this unique country and to buy euros at home. Be sure to take not a large purse, which will add a trifle, since delivery to 10 euros it issued coins.


Currency in Montenegro


How much money to take a trip? Given the existing limit on the import and export of currency to the country the amount that exceeds 10 thousand euros are subject to Declaration. Duty not paid. There are instances when the funds believe at the border.

 Currency in Montenegro


Plastic cards in Montenegro


Card in MontenegroCurrency used in Montenegro is very convenient, if it is to contain on plastic cards. Card systems MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and Maestro are accepted almost everywhere in the resorts and in the capital. It is very convenient, when you cross the border that bad — ATM's are not everywhere. It is possible to use credit and debit cards, banks are not difficult to exchange traveler's checks or rare currency to the Euro.


Important: Before leaving a need to find out from your Bank whether free payback card abroad. There are banks that you just need to tell about your departure, because they block transactions from abroad.



What currency does Montenegro use?


Since 2002 here I go only Euro (EUR). To change the currency easier and cheaper at home.