Holiday in the village Prcanj


Prcanj is a small fishing town, famous for its hospitality, picturesqueness, delicious sea food and excellent opportunities for a measured family vacation.


Location Prcanj

Prcanj is located in the Boka Bay of Kotor, which is considered to be a natural pearl of Montenegro. The town is located right at the foot of the Vrmac mountain range.

Kotor is only a couple of kilometers from Prcanj . A narrow coastal road leads to the settlement. When driving on it, it is important to be careful and not exceed the maximum permissible speed of 40 km/h.

 Location Prcanj in Montenegro


History and modernity Prcanj

In the past, Prcanj was one of the most prosperous coastal cities in the country. Here were born the famous Montenegrin captains, sailors and painters.

Almost all the houses located on the first coast line of Prcanj were built in the XIX century. Thanks to them, the charming atmosphere of the Middle Ages remained in the town.

Today the population of Prcanj does not exceed 3000 people. Every summer a huge number of tourists from Croatia, Serbia and other European countries come here.

In the city there are no ennobled beaches, no nightclubs, not even large shops. Instead of all this, he attracts tourists with his measured rhythm and historical heritage.


Sights Prcanj

The main attraction of Prcanj is the Catholic Monastery of St. Nicholas. The building is located in the central square of the town. On one side of it is the post office, on the other - a large lighthouse. Not far from the temple you can see the ruins of an ancient Franciscan gallery.

Near the monastery of St. Nicholas is the temple of the Blessed Virgin. To get to it, you need to climb a wide staircase. The temple impresses with the luxury of interior decoration. Moreover, this church is one of the largest in the Bay of Kotor, which is its main mystery.

Prcanj landmarks

Prcanj was always a small settlement, and therefore the erection of a large temple on its territory simply did not make sense. The author and sponsor of the construction project is still unknown. Perhaps the temple was built by the Maltese knights. According to legend, they hid their numerous treasures somewhere in the vicinity of Prcanj.

Another secret of the church of the Most Holy Theotokos is the drawings carved on its arches. They encircle the building from all sides. In some places, the drawings are brightly colored. Scientists suggest that they were carved by the Maltese knights who built the temple.

At the temple of the Most Holy Theotokos there is an observation deck. From it a wonderful panorama opens up to Prcanj with its small houses and blooming gardens. From the height you can clearly see the islands of St. George and Gospa od Skrpel, which are directly opposite Prcanj.

Downstairs, there is a small restaurant serving national cuisine. According to tourists, they prepare the best spaghetti with seafood in the whole of Montenegro. Tea in the institution is served in interesting mugs.

The oldest building in the city is the Bucha Palace. In another way it is called the Palace of Three Sisters. According to legend, once here lived the sisters who fell in love with one sailor. None of them managed to achieve reciprocity, and all three died unhappy.

In Prcanj there is a well-known medical center - the Vrmats Institute. It accepts people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal system. Neurological, skin and many other diseases are treated here.

From Prcanj, you can quickly reach the neighboring town called Stoliv. It has the largest antiques shop in Montenegro. Objects of antiquity are right at the entrance to the shop. Here you can find ancient books, old coins and centuries-old weapons.

Holidays in Prcanj, Montenegro 


Recreation Prcanj

In Prcanj there is a beautiful embankment, from which ships and yachts passing by are visible. From here you can go to Kotor and any other coastal town of Montenegro. Along the waterfront there are numerous cafes and restaurants that specialize in fish and seafood dishes. Along the quay there are bathing areas. Small stairs lead to the sea.

To enjoy a full rest on the beach, you can go to the outskirts of Prcanj, to the beach Markov rt. Thanks to the gentle descent into the water, this beach is ideal for relaxing with young children. It has both pebble and concreted areas. The beach area is equipped with toilet rooms, locker rooms and showers, renters are provided with sun beds and umbrellas.