Review of Montenegro holidays

What holidays can be celebrated in Montenegro?

Review of Montenegro holidays

Montenegro holidays are a real gift for those who love the sea, the sun and easy communication. Montenegro can be called a country of holidays and festivals.


Official holiday:

  • 1 January-new Year.
  • 7 January-Orthodox Christmas.
  • May 1-day of labor and workers.
  • July 13-day of the uprising in Montenegro.
  • May 21 is the day of the Republic.

The mild Mediterranean climate, the diversity of nature, beautiful ecology, the richness of colors — the reason for the original festivals of flowers.


Flower festivals

Flower Festivals in Montenegro

Already in February, one of the main festivals of Montenegro — the Mimosa Festival. This colorful and joyful festival begins with a flower fair and a wine festival and ends with an exhibition of flowers, a procession of a brass band and majorettes, a masquerade and a theatrical performance. All guests are offered to taste traditional dishes — grilled fish and wine. In March are “the Days of Camellia”, buried in floral exhibitions and embellished the show “Camellia” and the beauty contest “Miss Camellia”. And in the midst of summer, in July-a romantic holiday “days of wild mountain flowers”.


New year

For the New year in Montenegro decided instead to dress up badnyak, a young oak. In the new year's eve in this country decided to dine with family or to arrange a noisy party with friends — who as you want. As a rule, at first all gather at a festive table, and after midnight go for a walk and to congratulate neighbors and passers-by.


St. Tryphon's day

St. Tryphon's day, celebrated on February 14, is considered the main holiday of the small Montenegrin town of Kotor. And for its residents it is not just a religious date, but a real folk festival with mass celebrations, songs, dances in national costumes. Tryphon is revered by both Orthodox and Catholics. The image of the Martyr can be seen even on heraldic symbols, for example, on the flag.

 St. Trifon Day in Montenegro

St. Basil's day

On may 12, pilgrims from all over the world come to the rock monastery Ostrog. There is a huge tent city. And this excitement is quite justified — everyone wants to get into the monastery of the patron of Montenegro. And at the end of the month in Tivat begins a number of cultural and entertainment events that are timed to the day of youth. For example, in Ulcinj — a spectacular competition on beach football.


Other holiday

Various music festivals are held on a large scale. Classical music festival in October and jazz festival in November. In June, the international music festival “Song of the Mediterranean” is held in Budva.

All year round, in Montenegro there are theatrical and film festivals:

  • In February-carnival and masquerade ball in Kotor and the film Festival in Belgrade.
  • In April-theater festival “HAPS” in Herceg Novi and masquerade “spring night of masks” in Budva.
  • In may-international television festival.

The diversity of the landscape and nature of Montenegro allows for a variety of sports competitions and festivals. Traditionally in April on the territories of Montenegro and Italy hosts international Cycling competition “On Gorham Tsar Nicholas” in may, a festival of mountaineering “the Cup of Montenegro”, an extremely popular horse games in Ljubicevo.

In summer, Montenegro is immersed in hot, Sunny days, and crowds of tourists overflow the streets of seaside towns. But, despite the fact that this time of year the country is full of cultural events of all kinds, Montenegrin's have found time for several important anniversaries, many of which were not so long ago the state.Holidays in Montenegro

  • June 3 — the day of Montenegro's Declaration as a state.
  • 4 July-day Fighter.
  • June 28-Vidovdan, the day of the Holy great Martyr Lazarus.

Every year on the 22nd of June, there is a swim on a boat around the island “Lady of the Rocks” and diving competitions. In mid-summer, international fishing competitions “Trophy of Skadar lake” and the championship of Serbia and Montenegro in mountain Biking “Durmitor marathon”, rally in jeeps and “Swimming marathon” are held.

In addition, there are numerous exhibitions of fine arts and book fairs.

Such a variety of festivals, holidays and entertainment programs allows you to make your stay in Montenegro bright and unforgettable.