Wines of Montenegro

Features of Montenegrin wines

Wines of Montenegro

Wine - a kind of "visiting card" of Montenegro. Almost all the tourists who come here try the most famous varieties, and then bring them to their homeland. After reading this article, you will better navigate the intricacies of local wines.



The Mediterranean climate, reigning in Montenegro, creates ideal conditions for growing grapes - the basis for alcoholic beverages. On the territory of this country vineyards occupy an area of ​​4300 hectares.

In total, 12 wineries are registered in Montenegro. The most famous belongs to the company "Plantage". In her piggy bank, she has over 500 industry awards.

Wines of Montenegro are delivered to 30 countries. Every year, 13 million bottles are exported from the country, 1 million of which are sent to Russia.

 Winemaking in Montenegro



Wine Vranac is recognized as one of the best in the whole of Europe. It belongs to the category of red dry wines. The drink has a ruby ​​color with a slightly purple hue. Translated from Montenegrin, its name is treated as a "black horse".

Under the wine Vranac, Plantage annually allocates 70% of its vineyards. This is due to the immense popularity of this variety. In addition, Vranac is included in the list of the 100 most exquisite European wines.

This variety is made from red berries, which give the drink an unusually rich taste. The berries themselves are sometimes served as a separate treat. Tourists can try them only in August.

In the taste of wine plum and cherry shades are caught, there is pleasant astringency, the aroma of meadow flowers is felt. Two years of fermentation give it new flavoring characteristics. In the aged wine Vranac begins to catch cinnamon and oak bark, there is an aftertaste of fragrant herbs.

The wine of this variety is divided into several subspecies. The most accessible is "Vranac". It is followed by Vranac Pro Corde. According to local, this drink is very useful for the heart. "Vranac Premium" is the most expensive kind. He is considered the most consistent of all.

Vranac contains 16% alcohol and is fed chilled to 16-18 ° C. Most often it is eaten with meat dishes, spicy snacks and all sorts of smoked foods.


Wines Vranac, Montenegro


Krstach is a white wine that is made from a unique variety of berries. Grapes Krstach grows exclusively on the territory of Podgorica. He was repeatedly tried to grow in other countries, but to no avail.

Large clusters with juicy grapes ripen by September. They are assembled by hand and already in October they leave for the preparation of one of the most exquisite Montenegrin alcohol products.

Krstach in Montenegrin means "cross". The fact is that the only vineyard in the country where this sort of wine is produced is made in the form of a cross.

Wine Krstach has a transparent yellow color. Visually, it resembles diluted honey. This variety has a rather unusual taste. It is dominated by herbal notes and there are barely perceptible flower shades. The drink leaves a rich aftertaste.

This wine contains 12.5% ​​alcohol. It perfectly complements fish dishes. In many restaurants it is served to cheeses and fruits.

 Wines Krstach Montenegro

Where to try and buy

Enjoy the best wines of the country at one of the festivals. The largest is held in Virpazar in late December. On it you can buy aged wines, unique in taste.

It is noteworthy that wine tours in Montenegro became the second most popular entertainment after the pilgrimage. At tastings in wineries, guests are offered fruit, puff pastry, meat and delicacies. They are also shown the stages of the production of the drink. Owners of farms willingly share the secrets of choosing good alcohol.

Wines in Montenegro are sold everywhere: from private shops and ending with network supermarkets. Wine, brought from one of the resorts, will be an excellent gift for connoisseurs of quality alcohol products.