The time in Montenegro

What is the time zone in Montenegro?

The time in Montenegro

Many people are interested in this question, which is now an hour in Montenegro? This is the question asked by the people gathered to go on vacation in this wonderful country or those who come here for permanent residence.


This interest is associated with the transition from summer to winter time, and what the difference is in the time of Moscow with Montenegro. I want to note that once in this country, the last thing you will care about the time in Montenegro is not made to hurry. But still I wonder what time now in this country.


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Time zone in Montenegro

Time zone of Montenegro GMT + 1. The whole country is in the same time zone. Time on all cities equally. Montenegro, like many European countries, lives in winter and summer.

Montenegro uses the IANA time zone identifier “Europe/Podgorica”.

On 25 October, at two o'clock in the morning, the time is set back one hour, and on 29 March, the daylight saving time is set, at two o'clock in the morning, the clock is set forward one hour. What difference does it make in time?

  • 1. After the last transition on October 25, the time difference with Minsk and Moscow was two hours. Here is the answer to your question, how much time in Montenegro. It is necessary to take away from Moscow and Minsk time two hours.
  • 2. The difference with Kiev is one hour. It's very simple from Kiev time take one hour and you get the time of Montenegro.
  • 3. UPD 29 Mar clocks again and now the time difference with Moscow and Minsk, makes one hour. In order to find out the time of Montenegro, you should take one hour from Moscow time. Montenegro's time coincided completely with Ukraine.
  • 4. In Montenegro, the 5 hours difference with new York, new York, USA. When in new York 12: 00 PM, Montenegro 5: 00 PM.
  • 5. When in Montenegro seven o'clock in the morning, in Tokyo 14:00, in Beijing — 13:00, in Paris — 07:00, in London 06:00 hours, and in Los Angeles 22:00.


So we can conclude that the time difference between Montenegro and:

Time zone in Montenegro


  • Los Angeles: -9 hours
  • New York: -6 hours
  • UTC: -2 h
  • London: -1
  • Paris: 0
  • Moscow: +1
  • Istanbul: +1
  • Dubai: + 2 h
  • India: + 3.5 h
  • Beijing: + 6 hours
  • Singapore: + 6 hours
  • Tokyo: + 7 hours
  • Sydney: + 8 hours.


We will be very pleased that our article helped you understand how to determine the time in Montenegro.