Food prices in Montenegro

What are the prices for food in Montenegro?

Food prices in Montenegro

The reviews about food in Montenegro are mostly positive. Local food combines the traditions of several countries at once. It traces typical Slavic, Turkish and Hungarian notes. Food in the shops and ready meals at restaurants are affordable even for particularly economical tourists. Below we consider this in more detail and give specific examples.

food prices in Montenegro


What determines the price of food in Montenegro

The cost of products and dishes is highly dependent on the season. In July and August, prices are rising sharply, and with the arrival of September, they suddenly fall. Prices for seasonal fruits and vegetables are prohibitively low. At the end of summer, grapes are sold for € 0.80, in May they are asked for € 1.2 for strawberries.

The second factor affecting pricing is the location of the store or restaurant. Food in Montenegro in Budva in the Old Town is the most expensive. It is in this area that all the main attractions of the country are concentrated. Meals in Montenegro in Becici , located near Budva, are several times cheaper.

Food in Montenegro in a cafe


Food in Montenegro in cafes and restaurants

The prices for food in cafes in Montenegro start from 4 € for breakfast, 7 € for lunch and 10 € for dinner. The cost of hot drinks starts from 2 €. The Montenegrin rakia costs the same. A glass of wine costs about € 3, a glass of juice costs € 2.5.

To save money, you can find an institution with a sign "Complex menu" and ask the waiter what dishes are ready. This is exactly what Montenegrins do. You can also look at the menu of Gotova Jela. It contains the most budgetary dishes.

In Montenegro, enough fast food establishments with low prices. Spring rolls in them cost about 1 €. A large slice of a national pizza called spitters costs € 1.5. For a full-fledged sandwich or hamburger they ask for 2 €.

Prices in restaurants in Montenegro are higher than in cafes. Breakfast in them costs from 5 €, lunch - from 11 €, dinner - from 18 €. Choosing a restaurant, follow the simple rule: the farther it is from the coast and tourist streets, the lower the price and more portions. The best places are located on highways between cities.

Food in hotels in Montenegro

Food in hotels in Montenegro

Typically, trips to Montenegro do not provide three meals or four meals a day. Most tours only include breakfasts. Tourists are rarely offered a buffet or the right choice of dishes. Meals are usually tied to a specific time.

Restaurants are not always located right in hotel complexes. In some hotels the way to them takes 10-15 minutes. During this time, you can walk to any other more tasty and budget places.

If you intend to move between cities and go on excursions, it is better to take a tour without meals. The same applies to those who want to save. Usually the cost of food is laid in the price of the tour with a large margin. A typical ticket can cost 50,000 rubles, with meals - already 90,000 rubles.

Meals in Montenegro

Meals in Montenegro independently: prices and places to buy

If you are planning to move into an apartment, apartment or villa, it will be most advantageous to cook by yourself. Small shops located next to residential buildings are not suitable for profitable purchases. Popular products such as non-carbonated water are cheap, others are unreasonably expensive.

In the markets there are two types of prices: for local and for tourists. Foreigners overpay 5 or even 10 times. Fruit is better to take in the trays on the streets. Montenegrins and experienced travelers claim that they are cheaper and tastier there than in stores.

Supermarkets have fixed rates. Popular networks like Maxi Market have a large selection and average prices. IDEA supermarkets have the cheapest products, but the choice is worse. The number of IDEA stores is also limited.

Fresh pastries can be found in the “bakers” - this is how bakeries are called in Montenegro. Fresh meat is sold in the "Mesars". They also sell the most juicy hamburgers.

Prices for seafood in Montenegro are high. This is due to the fact that the fish industry is not developed in this country. Seafood is supplied to shops and markets by local fishermen in small quantities. They are even considered delicacies.

The most convenient way to purchase seafood and fish on the market. The seller will wash, clean and even help to cut it. You just need to find the right recipe and apply your culinary skills.

Consider the cost of food in Montenegro, with specific examples. The average price of food is 1.60 € per kg, Vranac plantaze wine - 2.20 € per liter, water - 1.20 € per 1.5 l, beef - 7 € per kg, grapes - 1.5 € per kg, tomatoes - 1 € per kg.

Find baby food in Montenegro is not difficult. Porridge and dairy products are in all supermarkets. On the shelves is missing only buckwheat, which is not popular among the locals. It can be found in the departments for the Russians and the Zdrava Khrana network.

Sports nutrition in Montenegro can be bought in any relatively large city. Spirit stores are located in Budva, Podgorica and Bar. In addition to sports nutrition, they sell natural supplements, as well as products for treatment and prevention.