Portal "All about Montenegro"

Sites that tell about the rest in Montenegro


Montenegro is an amazing country that leaves few people indifferent. Having returned from rest, some tourists are inspired by it so much that they decide to create a portal "All about Montenegro" or a project similar to it. Below we will talk about the best sites of this orientation.


"Montenegro-club.ru" (www.chernogoriya-club.ru)

"Montenegro-club.ru" - a site dedicated to temporary and permanent residence in Montenegro. On it you can find hundreds of accommodation options in this country and choose accommodation based on your own preferences.

This portal contains valuable information on the purchase, sale and rental of residential property in the country. In addition, you can ask free of charge questions on it, which will be answered later by professionals.

The site has useful articles about Montenegro in general. Experienced travelers share the sights of the country worth visiting.

The site has convenient navigation and allows you to quickly search for necessary sections. Montenegro-Club.ru is one of the best resources for getting to know Montenegro and planning your trip.


"Montenegro" (www.o-montenegro.ru)

Montenegro is a major network project dedicated to the country and rest in it. On it you can find hundreds of unique articles, as well as learn many things: from the rules of entry into Montenegro and ending with the features of organizing a wedding at a local resort.

The advantage of the site is that it has a lot of photos. Some of them date back to 2006. Here you can see the houses and apartments of Montenegrins, see pictures of the coastal regions of the country and get acquainted with the local streets.

Sites about Montenegro

The site is constantly updated. It regularly displays a weather forecast for the coming days, relevant for the country's main resorts. The section "News" publishes the events taking place in the country.


"Montenegro Today" (montenegro-today.com)

Montenegro Today is an information and news portal where you can learn about the country of the Balkan Peninsula everything you need to visit it. The site has a separate section, which includes basic information for inexperienced tourists.

The site has several large sections: articles, events, reviews, gallery, maps. The administration of the portal regularly updates it with up-to-date information on the weather, important political and public events in Montenegro, recently opened institutions. The site is constantly receiving profitable proposals for rental housing from owners.

The site has a forum where daily issues of accommodation, treatment and recreation in Montenegro are discussed. Anyone can ask his question on it. There is a high probability that an indigenous Montenegrin, a Russian-speaking emigrant or even an expert will answer it.


"Montenegro: rest, tourism, information" (montenegro.in-facts.info)

"Montenegro: Recreation, Tourism, Information" is a blog created by a married couple who have rested several times in the country of the Balkan Peninsula. The authors of the blog write only about what they themselves saw, tried and know, that is, share their practical experience.

In the blog you can find valuable information about the transfer between Montenegrin cities, the rates in the resort areas, the purchase of cheap air tickets to Montenegro from Russia and back, etc. In the comments, blog readers ask their questions and receive feedback.

Blogs about Montenegro 


Open.Monte (openmonte.com)

Open.Monte is a portal about Montenegro and life in it, which is useful to tourists, emigrants and all those who are interested in this country and its culture.

Particular attention should be paid to the news tape, which displays relevant information about changes in the movement of public transport, which occurred in the country of emergency, the expected events and so on.

The site regularly publishes job advertisements in Montenegro for beginners and experienced professionals in a variety of areas. Here you can also find a suitable housing option and get help in obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro.

The database of the portal's articles is updated, interesting entries appear: interesting interviews with local experts in tourism and real estate, reviews of newly opened cafes and restaurants, reports from past events in the country.