To Montenegro by car

How to get to Montenegro by car?

To Montenegro by car

The driver, who is going to reach Montenegro by car, has to overcome more than 2700 km along the motorway and visit at least 4 countries. In this article we will describe in detail how to get to Montenegro by car.


General information

The road from Russia to Montenegro takes an average of 3 days. For the safety of the driver and his passengers, the route must include at least 2 nights. It is advisable not to hurry and allocate time for 3 night stops.

The cost of gasoline and other road expenses to one side is about 315 euros for a standard car. You should not forget about the costs of obtaining a visa.



To visit Montenegro, foreign tourists do not need a visa. However, the way to this country lies through several European states that require its availability.

You can issue a transit or standard tourist visa. It is possible to get a multivisa.

Remember that you must apply for a visa to enter the country you are going to visit first. In our route, it will be Poland.

To Montenegro by car 


Fee for using roads

In the European countries for the use of autobahn need to pay. "Vignette" is a sticker that is placed on the windshield as a confirmation of the payment made.

"Vignette" can be bought at any gas station. There are no special points for its sale or verification. Signs about the need for payment are also not installed.

European police check the presence of "Vignette" and write out fines for her absence. To avoid unplanned costs, it is necessary to closely monitor the state borders between countries and pay the fare on time.




The route to Montenegro can run through Ukraine or Byelorussia. The first option is fast, but not very convenient.

Belarusian roads are most comfortable for driving. They are competently designed and in excellent condition. This can not be said about the Ukrainian autobahn.

In Belarus, you can stay in Minsk or Brest. Both cities are rich in sights and worth visiting.

To enter Belarus, Russian citizens do not need a visa. You can not limit yourself to the number of days spent in this country.



Poland is the second destination in our route. Many travelers complain that going through a border crossing point to enter this European country takes too much time. It is worth preparing for a long wait.

For a border point, you can relax and change the currency. In Poland, the Polish zloty is in circulation, and the euro is not accepted anywhere.

The road to Montenegro runs through Warsaw - the capital and the largest city in Poland. You can also go to Lublin.

Traveling to Montenegro by car 


Czech Republic

The next stop in our route is the Czech Republic. Territorial borders between European countries are not equipped with checkpoints. You will understand that you are in the Czech Republic, having seen unusual road signs.

The way is better to build through Prague - the famous capital of the Czech Republic. Crowns and euros are accepted everywhere in this city. In Prague, you can stay for a whole day: to see the main attractions, go to the local beer bar and stroll along the famous Charles Bridge.



The road from the Czech Republic to Austria does not cause difficulties due to the presence of signs and excellent road conditions. In this country, the euro currency is accepted everywhere.

On the way you can go to Vienna, stroll through its chic parks and get to the architectural monuments. When planning a trip, it is important to keep in mind that many institutions in this country are closed at 18:00.



When you enter this country you should pay for using the toll road. For lack of a corresponding sticker, a fine of up to 500 euros is charged.

The way to Montenegro can be laid through Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Many seek to quickly reach their destination and leave this city without attention.

Routes to Montenegro




A car journey from Slovenia to Croatia takes only an hour. In this country, drivers do not pay for the time they use the road, but for the mileage they have traveled. I can not go for free.

On the way, you can visit the capital of Croatia, the city of Zagreb. Euros in this country do not accept, therefore it is important to secure local currency.

For Croatia follows the long-awaited Montenegro, where you can enter without any formalities like the presentation of documents.