Bobotov Cook

Bobotov Cook - one of the vertices of Durmitor

Bobotov Cook

Bobot Cook is the highest peak in the Durmitor mountain massif and Montenegro as a whole, where several hiking trails run. Here come lovers of outdoor activities, who want to enjoy the beauty of the pristine nature and test yourself for strength.


Location Bobotov Cook

Bobotov Cook is part of the Dinaric Highlands, located in the north-western part of the country. The summit is located in the heart of Durmitor - the main national park of Montenegro. Visiting the reserved area costs 3 euros. This amount is paid at the entrance, which is located near the ski village Zabljak.

Where is Bobotov Cook 


Description Bobotov Cook

The height of the peak of the Bobot's Cook is 2523 m. In cloudless weather, from the peak there is a beautiful view of the Lovcen mountain - the second highest in Montenegro. On the other hand, we can see Tara Mountain, which is located on the territory of Serbia.

The most dangerous wall of Bobotov Cook is considered to be the western one. Connecting with the neighboring, it forms a semblance of an amphitheater. Nearby is the Shkrka Valley, where there are several lovely lakes. The southern wall forms stony valleys, the northern wall forms a snow pyramid.


History of ascents Bobotov Cook

According to official data, Bobotov Cook was first conquered in 1883 by Austrian Oskar Bauman. Forty-eight years later, in 1931, a group of enthusiasts climbed the peak in winter, and two years later, in 1993, the Slovaks conquered the summit from the south.

It is from this time Bobotov Cook has gained popularity among tourists. Because of its low complexity, the mountain became uninteresting to climbers. Now everyone who climbed the Bobot Cook, can leave a record of his success in the iron box. It is right on top.


Routes Bobotov Cook

To Bobotova Kuku conduct 4 routes of different levels of complexity. All of them are designed specifically for tourists. Before climbing it is important to get acquainted with the routes and find the best one.

Each route is marked with rings colored in red. It is thanks to them that he can be seen from afar. All difficult sections of the road are equipped with safety ropes. The main danger during the ascent are loose stones. Rising, you should carefully look at your feet.

Route to Bobot's Cook

The first route starts from the Black Lake, which is located directly near the town of Zabljak. It runs through the Ice Cave - one of the key attractions of the region. The first route takes 5 to 6 hours in one direction. The exact time of recovery depends on the physical preparation and the number of stops on the way.

The second route is considered the easiest of all. The conquest of the summit takes only 3.5 hours, for descent - even less. The route starts at the Sedlo Pass (1907 m), which can be reached by car. The path runs through several mountain peaks and a lake of glacial origin. In the summer it almost completely dries up. The last pass is made at a distance of 616 m from the summit. The heaviest part of the journey begins after him.

The third route begins in the village of Dobriy Do, the fourth - in the valley of Shkrka. They have about the same complexity, so you can easily choose any. Experienced tourists offer the following travel plan: to come to the Black Lake in the morning, leave the car at a paid parking lot, take a taxi and get to Sedlo (it will cost about 25 euros), make an ascent, and then go down to the village of Zhablyak and rest there. This route lasts a little less than 9 hours, and therefore tourists manage to return home in the evening.


Important points Bobotov Cook

The period from the beginning of June to the end of October is the best time for climbing the Bobot's Cook. In the late autumn, winter and spring, the cold weather is set in the mountainous terrain and snow is falling, making the journey much more difficult.

Top of Bobot's Cook in Montenegro

Travelers who dare to go to the top in the winter, should bring warm clothes, sunglasses and sunblock - all this will make the climb more comfortable.

It is important not to forget the water (at least 1.5 liters per person) and food, without which the forces necessary for lifting will quickly run out. If the water runs out, along the way it can be dialed in one of the natural sources, for example, in a clean lake.

Going up to Bobotov Kuku, you will often meet pyramids made of stones. Once they served as landmarks in the way, and are now used to designate someone's presence on the top. Anyone can add a stone to the pyramid.

Almost all tourists remain satisfied with their acquaintance with Bobotov Cook. The path to the peak runs through picturesque landscapes, which are constantly changing: mountain lakes, picturesque valleys, authentic villages, age-old glaciers. From the top there are stunning views of nature and the cities of Montenegro.