Apartments in Budva

How to choose and book an apartment in Budva

Apartments in Budva

Apartments in Budva - an excellent alternative to small-sized apartments and expensive villas. This accommodation option is ideal for those who want to get a decent standard of living for a modest fee.



Apartments in Budva are blocks of two, three or more rooms. They are larger and more convenient than ordinary apartments and hotel rooms. The apartments are well furnished, they can have several bathrooms, there is a built-in kitchen.

Apartments in Budva are not measured by the total number of rooms. In most of them the hall is integrated with the kitchen, and therefore it is not considered a separate room. If the ad says that the apartments are single, they will still have two separate rooms: a bedroom and a living room.

The apartment is populated by couples and large companies, consisting of 6-8 people. As a rule, apartments are part of elite villas or are located in ordinary residential buildings.


Time for booking

Budva is the central Montenegrin resort, in which most tourists come. Think about renting apartments here in advance.

If you are going to go to Budva in high season, it is advisable to book an apartment at least 2-3 months before settling. In June, July, August and September on the coast of Montenegro there is a beautiful weather, which has a beach rest, so apartments and other housing options are quickly sold out.

In high season, tourists can not find apartments for a long time. They are rented only by the day. Because of the large demand, the owners of the apartments do not provide discounts for holidaymakers.

From October to May, Budva is visited by a minimum number of tourists, the demand for housing is falling. To ensure that the apartments are not idle, their owners are eager to find long-term residents and offer them a discount for a long lease.

Apartments Booking Budva 


Important nuances

The cost of apartments in Budva from private landlords and agencies is practically the same. The lowest prices can be found on aggregator sites like Booking and Airbnb.

In the apartment, guests are not provided with meals. When looking for a suitable option, it is worth paying attention not only to its distance to the sea, but also to remoteness from markets, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Apartments in Old Budva will allow you to be as close to the main attractions of the resort. Perhaps, they will be noisy because of night discos, which are often held in this part of the city.


Best deals

Apartments Captain's Villa

Apartments Captain's Villa - a villa that offers holidaymakers 8 different apartments. The building is decorated in a typical Mediterranean style for Montenegro. It is surrounded by a flowering garden.

From the apartments you can quickly walk to the famous Montenegrin Top Hill Club and several museums. The sandy beach is just a few dozen meters from the villa. Opposite the beach is the popular island of Sveti Stefan.

Guests of the apartments can use the common barbecue area, sun terrace, and parking. Regular cleaning and changing of towels are carried out in the apartments. The apartments are equipped with air conditioning, kitchen, dining area, TV, safe, toiletries and other amenities.

Apartments Captain's Villa in Budva 


Aparments Villa Stefan

Apartments Villa Stefan is a guest complex consisting of several types of apartments. They differ from each other in their capacity.

The journey from the apartments to the local beach takes about 3 minutes. It offers windsurfing, canoeing or fishing. Mogren Beach is 1.5 km from the guest complex, Yaz - 3.2 km. Apartments are distant from the island of Sveti Stefan only 6 km.

Some apartments have a balcony with a view of the azure sea. There is a kitchenette with a fridge and a stove. All apartments have a modern climate control system and a flat-screen TV.

Apartments Villa Stevan in Budva 



Apartment Dobrljanin is located on the second floor of a modern residential building. Nearby is the main boulevard of Budva, several cafes and bars, as well as a gas station. There is a private parking space or garage.

The apartment has French windows in the floor, from which you can see the famous Slovenska beach. It is only 150 meters from the apartments. To reach the center, you need to overcome 600 m.

The apartment has a double bed, air conditioning, TV, equipped with all necessary bathroom and kitchen. For sunbathing there is a spacious terrace.

Dobrljanin Apartment in Budva