Ferry Bar (Montenegro) - Bari (Italy)

How to get from Montenegro to Italy: Bar-Bari ferry, plane

Ferry Bar (Montenegro) - Bari (Italy)

Montenegro attracts tourists with its amazing nature and variety of cultural attractions. Many people also like the fact that it is easy to get to other countries and diversify their vacation with a short trip to Albania, Serbia or Croatia. From Montenegro you can get to the exquisite Italy. Below, we'll show you how.


Ferry Bar (Montenegro) - Bari (Italy)

The ferry is the most popular means of transfer from Montenegro to Italy. This way of moving between the two countries was opened in 1965. Now all those who wish can literally cross the sea in the night and find themselves in another state in the morning.

The ferry overcomes 200 km by sea. Travelers spend 7 hours on the road. It is important to remember that to visit Italy, citizens of Russia and other post-Soviet countries require a Schengen visa.

 Ferry in Montenegro

About the ferry

In 2018, flights on the routes of Bar-Bari and Bari-Bar are made on the ferry Dubrovik, received positive reviews last season. In 2017, he made 44 flights from Montenegro to Italy and back. The ferry carried 23500 passengers and 4000 cars.

"Dubrovik" is characterized by impressive dimensions. It accommodates 148 cabins, in which 457 people can fit. It is important to keep in mind that not all rooms are equipped with a bathroom and toilet, in many there is only a washbasin. Such nuances should be specified before buying tickets.

"Dubrovik" can accommodate up to 1100 people on board. 384 passengers are located in additional places on the deck. Ferry Dubrovik can take up to 300 vehicles.

There are 2 restaurants on the ferry, one of which serves fast food. On the deck there is a bar. Tourists like to spend time in the cinema. For small passengers there is a separate games room.



Ferry schedule Montenegro-ItalyThe ferry began to run between the two cities on May 22. Until July 3, he makes one flight a week. From July 3 until mid-August, the ferry will run from Bar to Bari and back twice a week. Then the number of flights will drop to one.

The ferry leaves the port at 10 or 11 pm and arrives at the destination at 7 or 8 in the morning. The exact time you will find out when booking or buying tickets. It is important to understand that Dubrovik is a ferry, not a cruise ship. He does not wait for those who are late and does not offer passengers the highest level of comfort.

To familiarize with the detailed schedule of the ferry it is possible on a site http://www.morfimare.it/index.php. To search you need to select the direction and point of arrival, and then specify the month of the planned trip.



The price for a ferry ride in the direction of Bar-Bari depends on the level of comfort and time of the year chosen for the traveler chosen by the passenger. In the low season, the following rates apply:

  • 48 euros for a sitting place;
  • 126 euros for a double room.

In the high season, prices are rising:

  • 58 euros for a sitting place;
  • 151 euros for a double room.

The prices mentioned above apply to one passenger. Children under 3 years old, who are staying with their parents, travel by ferry for free. Children from 3 to 12 years old receive a discount of 75% of the standard cost. For the purchase of a ticket there and back, a discount of 20% is given.

Every passenger traveling in the direction of Bar-Bari pays a port dues. Its amount is 15 euros.


Transportation of goods

An important advantage of traveling by ferry is that it can carry heavy loads. If you rented a car in Montenegro, it can be taken to Italy. It is allowed to transport minibuses and motorcycles. There is an additional charge for this. If you decide to bring a bicycle to the ferry, you will not have to pay an additional fee.

The cost of transport varies depending on the month. In a low season for a car you need to pay 53 euros, in July and August this amount rises to 64 euros. It is important to remember the port charge, which is also charged for the car. Its size is 15 euros.

Remember that driving a car in Europe requires a green card. When renting a car it is worth to check its availability and expiration date. To export the car abroad, you will need a special signature in the rental agreement. In Montenegrin it sounds like: "Moze vozi van Crna Gora". Do not forget to check the signature and seal. Otherwise, you may refuse to hire a rented Montenegrin car.


Port in Montenegro

To go from Montenegro to Italy by ferry, you need to get to the only port of Bar. It is easy to find on the map by coordinates:

  • latitude: 42.099745;
  • longitude: 19.074665.

Port Bar on the map is as follows:

 Ferry Map Montenegro-Italy

The access to the berths is located to the right of the building Barska plovidba. It can be used as a guide. Nearby there is a ticket office, where passengers buy tickets. In the high season it is desirable to take care of their purchase in advance. You can buy tickets before you go to the site http://www.morfimare.it/.


Port in Italy

The port of Bari is located to the north-west of the famous Old Town. It is located at Molo Sant'Antonio, 24, 70123. On the map the port looks like this:

 Port in Italy

The port of Bari is located one kilometer from the main sight of the town - the church of St. Nicholas. You can reach it literally in 10-20 minutes, and devote the rest of the time to other attractions of this port town. We will talk about them below.


What to see in the Bar

If you want to go to Italy by ferry from Bar, we advise you to set aside a port town for at least a day.

The bar is divided into Old and New. The Old Bar is sure to appeal to connoisseurs of history. Here you can stroll along the ruins of the old cathedral, visit the ancient mosque, see the well-preserved aqueduct.

The new Bar, where you can visit the famous church of St. Nicholas, is no less interesting. Here is the residence of the archbishop and an unusual monument to the liberators of the city.

City Bar is suitable for beach holidays on the beach. One of the local beaches is notable for red sand, beautiful bays and lagoons. On the beaches of Bar, you can try yourself in diving or just swim in a mask, renting it. The beaches are fully equipped (umbrellas, deckchairs) and are great for a family holiday.

If you have time, you can give him a walk. The bar is surrounded by shady olive groves, where you can relax on hot days.


What to See in Bari

Sightseeing in BariThe city of Bari has existed for a thousand years, as evidenced by its architecture. The main attraction of the city is the church of St. Nicholas, where the relics of a Christian saint are kept.

In the quarter of Vecchia Bari are collected all the most important archaeological sites of the town of Bari. Tourists like to stroll through this intricate quarter, which is full of sharp turns and new streets. Everywhere there are shops, cafes and bars, where you can spend your time admiring the beauties of Italy.

Arriving by ferry from Bar to Bari, you can visit a few more places. Bari is a port city, from which ships are constantly sent. From here you can make a trip to:

  • Durres;
  • Hegumenitsu;
  • Kefallinia;
  • Corfu;
  • Patras;
  • Dubrovnik.


From Montenegro to Italy by plane

Air travel is the fastest way to transfer. Below, we list the cities of Italy, which can be reached from Montenegro.


Airports of Montenegro

Montenegro is served by two airports. One of them is in Podgorica, the other in Tivat. Flights to Italy depart from both.



Flights to the famous Italian city of Milan depart mainly from Tivat. The carrier is the Montenegro Airlines Montenegrin company. Travel time is only 1 hour and 20 minutes. The prices for tickets start from 13,500 rubles in both directions for one person.



Rome is the capital of Italy, where all avid travelers crave. To realize this dream, being in Montenegro, is simple: it is enough to purchase a plane ticket in the direction of Podgorica-Rome. Direct flights are organized by the national airline Montenegro Airlines. The flight takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. The minimum prices start from 14,400 rubles for a trip there and back.



The airline Alitalia CityLiner operates flights from Podgorica to Naples with a transfer in Rome. The journey time between the two capitals is 1 hour and 20 minutes. The flight from Rome to Naples takes 50 minutes. The cost of tickets to and fro starts from 17,000 rubles.


Airways from Montenegro to Italy


The flight from Podgorica to Palermo includes a transfer in Rome. Sometimes it lasts 23-24 hours. During this time, tourists have time to get around the capital of Italy or to take a sightseeing tour around the city. The carrier is Alitalia. Each flight takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. 20,000 rubles - the minimum cost of such a trip in the high tourist season.



In Bari you can get by plane. He departs from the Montenegrin city of Tivat. Flights in this direction are not entirely convenient. They include two transplants: in the Serbian city of Belgrade and in Italian Rome. This option is beneficial for those who want to visit more new places in one trip. This trip will cost at least 28,000 rubles.


Little advice

If you do not have a ticket to the city of Italy you need, do not worry about it. The transfer between European cities is quite well developed. You can easily find a bus, train or high-speed train from one point of arrival to another. For example, from Rome to Milan you can reach Rome in 3 hours, from Venice to Florence - for 2. The fare starts from 29 euros for a seat in the economy class. For many, this option of travel has become more convenient and profitable than traveling by plane.

Train in Montenegro

The result

Deciding to go from Montenegro to Italy, it is worth:

  • in advance to issue a Schengen visa, without which a trip to a European country will not take place;
  • book tickets for the ferry (http://www.morfimare.it/) or the aircraft (on the aggregator site or through https://montenegroairlines.com/ru/);
  • take care of preparing documents for a rented car (if you are going to go by ferry);
  • calculate how long the trip will take.

We hope that our advice will help you to plan your journey from Montenegro to Italy and get pleasure from it.