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We sort the main questions connected with rent of a car in Montenegro


The popularity of Montenegro among residents of many countries is quite explainable. The nature of this country is incredibly picturesque, there are a lot of monuments history, architecture, modern sights. The normal tour by the bus won't allow to capture everything from them. The cheapest way and more effectively – to rent the car, especially, coming to Montenegro in the company or with family.


Offices where it is possible to rent a car


For rent at choice the international and local rolling offices are provided to tourists.

Rental car company HertzAmong the international film distributors Avis, Hertz, Sixt and other enjoy the greatest popularity. The cost of rolling can be learned, having used the calculator on their official sites. However, there is one nuance – the international companies demand to leave quite large sums of pledges (they average from 500 to 1000 euros).

Choosing local Montenegro rolling office, it is possible to meet certain difficulties. Matter in too large number of offers. First of all, it is necessary to study carefully the prices of rent and reviews of the organizations. Signs of the good film distributor in the following:

  • convenient and intuitively clear interface of the website;
  • a wide choice of the offered cars of different classes;
  • accurately registered lease term;
  • an opportunity to order additional options, such as, a baby seat or the navigation system.


Councils for rent of a car in Montenegro


It is the best of all to hire the car some days before departure to Montenegro. Especially during a season when rolling offices for the purpose of competitiveness specially underestimate the prices. In turn at the appeal to office on site, they, just overstate the rolling cost when understand that there is no way out and he is ready to overpay to the tourist. Besides, there are some more advantages of armoring of the car through the global Internet:

  • it is possible to find out offers of a set of the companies, to learn the cost of rolling of each of them, to choose the most acceptable and also to attentively study all lease term (an insurance, etc.), if necessary to carry out the order of an additional equipment;
  • the most favorable prices in respect of the relation and quality of the car order in advance, so, from offers on site there are most unprofitable options of a car;
  • you keep issue time as when armoring, there will be no need to go round film distributors in search of the most inexpensive option (and, at the low price of the car it has to be in good repair);
  • practically in all rolling offices it is possible to order delivery of the car to the railway station or in the airport in advance that is very important when you go to rest with family.

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Features of the choice of an insurance for rent


In Montenegro at choice three options of an insurance – OSAGO, KASCO are provided, to SuperKASCO. We will sort features of each offer:

  • Insurance for car rental in MontenegroThe CMTPL – is considered the most favorable insurance among most of tourists of our country – in case of hit in the road accident on you there will be no fault (even, you responsible for accident), so, and it isn't necessary to pay you; on site accidents the police protocol is formed;
  • The COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE – to tourists is offered a deposit (the sum which is in addition brought in pledge) – on the budget cars the amount of the deposit makes 100 euros, on more expensive – 200 euros; if the tourist who rented a car isn't guilty of small road accident, the loss caused to it is all the same paid from a deposit, however, when through your fault there is a serious accident, it isn't necessary to overpay for repair to you;
  • The SUPERCOMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE – the most expensive option, but protects the tourist from road accident of any severity.

By the way, such breakdowns as damage of tires of wheels, back, front and side glasses (mirrors), the bottoms and also inside of the vehicle don't extend to the first two types of an insurance. In turn these points are included in the SUPERCOMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE.



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Councils for the choice of a type of an insurance


If to speak about KASCO, such option is most favorable to distribution companies, than travelers. The matter is that the majority of the road accidents in this country lead to emergence of small dents or scratches, etc. The comprehensive insurance doesn't cover these accidents.

For experienced drivers an optimal variant – OSAGO. The insurance covers road accident of average and high weight if his responsible didn't flee the scene. Especially as the vast majority of the tourists hiring cars in Montenegro weren't responsible for the accidents which led to major damages of the rented cars.

That who learned to drive only recently and acquired the rights it is strongly recommended to make out the SUPERCOMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE. Of course, it is necessary to overpay a little, however you and all who came with you to rest will feel safe.


How to arrive if taken on car-rental it is damaged or will have an accident?


If you after all got into accident, it is the best of all to contact the staff of rolling office at once. Their number is registered on the signed lease agreement. The matter is that film distributors have communications practically at all levels of instances therefore it isn't favorable to it to deal with insurance companies simply. After the employee of office answers a call, it is necessary to follow its instructions accurately. It should be noted that many companies on lease of cars in general close eyes to small damages.


About the prices


The cost of rolling of the vehicle is calculated in online the mode via the calculator on its official site. Before armoring the car, it is better to read reviews of office to find out that the prices won't change on arrival in Montenegro. Successful travel!

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