By car in Montenegro

How to travel in Montenegro by car

By car in Montenegro

Having a car at your disposal, you can easily travel all over Montenegro and see its most beautiful places. Below we will tell you where to drive around the country and how to plan your route.


Rent a Car

If you want to drive by car in Montenegro in high season, it is better to book a car in advance on a local site. Otherwise, the model you need may not remain.

All firms offering a rental service are divided into two categories: Montenegrin and international. The former have lower rates. The only drawback is that on the car, rented in the Montenegrin company, you can not travel outside the country.



Montenegro is dominated by narrow mountain roads, to which you need to get used. On many sites there are rockfalls. In some places the path runs through poorly lit tunnels.

In order not to have problems with the ascent to the mountains, it is advisable to take a car with a powerful engine. This applies to all who are going to visit Montenegrin National Parks, located at high altitude.

Auto routes of Montenegro 




Starting a trip to Montenegro is better from the western part of the country. It is dominated by ordinary roads without serpentine sections and mountain tunnels.

The road begins with Budva, the most visited Montenegrin resort. The Old City will tell the whole story of this place.

Kotor is the next point in our route. Going to the resort is easier through the pass, and not the tunnel. To do this, you need to wrap right behind the stadium. You will see it when you leave Budva.

To get acquainted with Kotor, it is enough to wander through its streets, go to a couple of churches, and also look at Kotor Bay and the surrounding mountains from a viewing platform.

The next stop will be in Perast. At this resort you can stroll along the Quay, go up to the church of St. Nicholas and swim to one of the local islands on the boat.

For a rest in Perast, a trip to Herceg Novi is the most green and fragrant resort of Montenegro. It is worth visiting the fortress of Spagnola and the monastery of Savina.



The north of Montenegro is notable for its abundance of natural attractions. The first of these is Skadar Lake, impressive with its scale and beauty.

From Skadar Lake you can easily reach Podgorica, the capital of the country. In this city you should visit the Ostrog monastery and ride on the Millennium Bridge.

Further the road runs along the canyon of the river Moraca and the eponymous monastery. Visiting it, you can move to Biogradskoe Lake and the resort of Kolasin.

Further we go to Zhablyak - the most famous mountain resort in the country. Here you can climb the Bobot Bob and explore the Black Lake.

Traveling by car in Montenegro




The south is notable for the abundance of resort areas and a simple road that stretches along the sea coast. The first in our route will be the town of Becici, in which it is worth to visit any local beach.

The next stop is expected in Przno, where it is convenient to get to the island of Sveti Stefan - one of the main attractions of Montenegro. On it there is a comfortable beach. Transparent sea is very suitable for diving.

Further the road leads through Petrovac in Sutomore, Bar and Ulcinj. All these towns are considered sea resorts, offering excellent opportunities for beach holidays. In Ulcinj is the largest beach in the country.



The road to the center of Montenegro starts from Budva and leads to Cetinje - a place that lovers of ancient fortresses like. Get to it will have to walk.

Moving on, you can see Lovcen National Park. It is located in a beautiful mountainous area and is considered a protected area.

Allotting to Lovcen the whole day, you will have time to climb to its highest point, to look at Montenegro from a height, plenty to enjoy the wild nature and breathe fresh mountain air.

The last point in our route will be the village of Negushi. It is the fortress of Goraja, which is considered one of the most interesting in the country.