Season in Montenegro

Features of each warm season

Season in Montenegro

Montenegro is a popular tourist destination. Here come all year round: someone wants to make a pilgrimage to holy places, others are treated, others crave the clean sea and cozy beaches. The high season in Montenegro traditionally lasts from May to October. Below we will talk about the best months to visit this country.



The average temperature in the country in May is + 21-22 ° C. At times, it jumps to + 25-28 ° C. In the mountainous terrain in the evenings the thermometer's column drops to + 5-8 ° C. In coastal areas, the temperature is rarely below + 15-18 ° C.

Rains usually go only at the very beginning of the month. On average, in May, 4-5 cloudy days are given out. You can swim in the sea, but sometimes it's cold in places.

May is good for a small influx of tourists. This gives great advantages: free entrance to the beaches belonging to hotels, democratic prices for accommodation, the possibility of a quiet pastime and leisurely sightseeing.

 Month of May in Montenegro


June is an ideal month for those who do not suffer from intense heat, but want to swim, sunbathe and take a walk in picturesque places.

The average air temperature reaches + 24-28 ° C in the daytime, at night - +14-16 ° C. Water in the sea warms up to + 21-24 ° C. This is enough for a comfortable holiday on any of the Montenegrin beaches.

In June, the gardens blossom at the resorts. They impregnate the air with charming aromas. Parks in the beginning of summer are already covered with hydrangeas, magnolias, acacias.

The first fruits and berries appear on local markets. Particularly common are apricots, peaches, strawberries and cherries. At the end of the month, you can try figs.

In June in Montenegro, not too many tourists are resting. Thanks to this it is easy to find budget apartments and choose between a variety of accommodation options.

A small attendance has a positive impact on the purity of water and coastal zones. In June, tourists have excellent opportunities to explore the seabed.

 June in Montenegro


The hottest month on the Adriatic coast is July. At the resorts, the air warms up to + 29-31 ° C. The water temperature reaches + 25 ° C. The sea becomes hot and hot.

With the arrival of a large number of tourists in Montenegro begins a stormy nightlife. Many cafes and restaurants in the evenings are turning into dance grounds. The fun does not stop until the morning.

July is saturated with culture. In Bar and Kotor large theatrical festivals are held, numerous musical performances are held in Herceg Novi.



The air temperature in August rests on the same levels as in July. Water in the sea continues to be around + 25 ° C.

August is not the best time to visit the sights. There are too many tourists on the most important historical and cultural places of the country.

But in August in Montenegro there are important events: the Festival of Electronic Music, the Festival of Folklore, the International Summer Carnival, the Tivat Cultural Summer.

Going on holiday in August, it is worth to book a hotel in advance, rent a car and buy tickets for festivals. Otherwise, they may not remain.

 Summer in Montenegro


With the advent of September, the number of tourists in Montenegro is sharply reduced. The air temperature drops to comfortable + 25 ° C, water - up to + 23 ° C.

After an active beach holiday in the previous months, the sea is slightly polluted. The coastline in most resorts, too, does not differ in perfect purity.

In September, Niksic begins the days of culture, during which poetry evenings are arranged and theatrical productions are organized. In Budva, there is a tennis tournament and a large fish tasting.



The air temperature in October is stable at around + 23 ° C. At the beginning of the month, the thermometer in the water shows + 20 ° C.

By the middle of autumn the weather is becoming unpredictable. There can be heavy downpours and thunderstorms. From the sea begins to blow a cool wind.

October is a great month for visiting Montenegro for the purpose of pilgrimage or sightseeing. Tourists in the country are very few, so you can rent cheap accommodation and rent any car you like.

Autumn in Montenegro