Budva in Montenegro - top hill, nightlife, hotel and rent car


Visit the city Budva at the Adriatic Sea is considered as an event not to be missed during a stay in Montenegro; moreover, it is a small city with its own unique charm and atmosphere, located within 20-25 km from Kotor (a bus ride to Budva takes about 40 minutes).

Located in the coastal Montenegrin area with many attractive beaches, it is often called the Budva Riviera, comparing it with the famous French Saint Tropez.

Budva in Montenegro 

Why you should visit Budva in Montenegro?

 When you come here for a few hours or, maybe, days, Budva has all chances to please the tourists, because in this small coastal town you can quickly organize a little excursion, which, however, will allow you to fully immerse yourself in a Spa environment and explore the main attractive places of Budva. Budva is a city of choice for tourists wishing to create a holiday in Montenegro and enjoy the atmosphere of a cozy cafe on the waterfront.

Main advantages:

1) The convenience of the Central location on the Montenegro's coast;

2) Soft and sandy beaches;

3) Very festive atmosphere (especially in summer nights).


Budva in Montenegro

Budva – the balance between beach parties and deep heritage of the historic centre 

Visit Budva will not take you much time, especially if you are in a hurry to see as much as possible in a short period of time. The main activity is mostly concentrated in a small centre where there is a lack of transport and large crowds of tourists. It is an area full of peculiar charm, which is a great place to relax, making shopping in the nearby located shops, or eating leisurely snack in the cafe. Ideally, it is recommended to explore the historic sights of the city and take pictures of Budva, sit at a table on the terrace of a cafe on the waterfront, and then take a sun bath on one of the sandy beaches, which are the local pride. After that, you'll never want to leave this lovely little town.

Beaches in Budva are located near the center, and therefore are very easy to get to. There are also special private beach locations, fully equipped, which can be accessed for a fee. Here you will be satisfied with the quality, cleanliness and high level of ecology that distinguish the beaches of Montenegro from its neighbor Croatia. Genuine clean sandy beaches are quite rare on the Adriatic coast but Montenegro is very good in this case with soft high-quality sand. Comfort on the beaches is provided by installed sun loungers and mattresses, which allow you to sunbathe and to enjoy the beautiful shades of sea water in Budva.


What you should observe?


Budva is an old town with a long history, all its attractions stores exciting stories and tales. During your trips through the narrow alleyways of the town you can discover many ancient churches, picturesque squares, big villas, which can wonder you with its rich decoration. Among the religious buildings we must distinguish between the rest of ruins of the Basilica the fifth century. The construction was almost destroyed, but on its territory are preserved mosaics art, dated fifteen hundred years.

A church of Sainte-Marie is on of the elements of the most recent religious memorials , it was constructed in the ninth century. Its walls store some extraordinary artifacts and things, its rooms are decorated by paintings and old-styled frescos. And we can distinguish one of the most wonderful architectural constructions of the Middle ages: the churchs of Saint Stephen and of the Holy Trinity. They are situated in a few steps from each another, but they were represented in different architectural styles. This illustrates very well the rash development of different styles.

Budva in Montenegro

However, according to tourist reviews about Budva you can understand that the process of urbanization has recently emerged. If you look at the map of Budva, you can clearly see that in order to attract tourists and create facilities for them, a lot of modern buildings and hotels were in a mass order began to build; this fact somewhat changes the old atmosphere of the city.


The atmosphere in Budva


As a result of long domination of Italian culture on the whole Mediterranean sea coast, the inhabitants of Budva are more hospitable and friendly than in some countries, such as Croatia, where some tourists think the locals are cold and distant, less inclined to communicate.

Locals will gladly tell you where to rent a room in a hotel of Budva, or advise where to taste the best cuisine. The staff finds an individual approach to tourists, which are working with, regardless of the fact, whether they are Russian, Serbian, Italian, German or French travellers.

As in any seaside town, the main influx of tourists in Budva is in the summer. The average cost of a trip to the shops starts from 4-5 euros, posh restaurants also offer rates from 10 to 20€ depending on the dishes.





Accommodation in BudvaBecause of its reputation of “the Saint-Tropez of Montenegro” Budva is one of the most expensive cities in Montenegro for life. But you can always find here accommodation suitable to every budget and every taste – from the simple to the luxurious.

Cost of the rent of an apartment in Budva starts from 30-40 euros per night. Prices for hostels are more affordable and are about 15 Euro per person in a shared room. However, rental apartments in Budva is the best option for family or friends: it will be more economical and will allow you to have some independence, if the stay is planned for more than 3 or 4 days.

For luxury holidays you may rent a luxury Villa in Budva with spectacular sea views and panoramic views of the entire city. They often include a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, spacious balconies, terraces, barbecue and garden.

Count approximately on 45-55€ per room for two people in a family hotel or a hotel with included breakfast and private bathroom. Often there are hotels of international standard and international level: here the prices range from 60-80€/ night for a double room. But you can try to find the best hotel deals offered at the last minute before registering with a discount up to 30% with the Internet sites.


When is the best time to go to Budva?


For Budva a warm Mediterranean climate with rather dry summers is inherent. During the year the average temperature is 15.2C and annual precipitation is in average 1299.8 mm.

Best months for visits are considered to be May and June in summer and a period from August to September.

The water temperature in Budva ranges from 14 to 26. In the months of October, December and November the weather in Budva is often very rainy.