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Travel Insurance in Montenegro


To choose the tourist's insurance to Montenegro at the same time simply and hard. The first what it is necessary to decide on – for what purposes it is necessary to make out an insurance? There are three purposes:

  • To receive medical care;
  • For tranquility;
  • Just for the sake of formality.


Ideal insurance for Montenegro


Insurance from EVRThere are two companies on an insurance - it is ERV and Allianz. The insurance of the first company can be got on the website Сравни.ру, and the second company – on Tripinsurance.

Why it is necessary to address them?

  • Montenegro treats Europe, and the ERV and Allianz companies are European;
  • ERV and Allianz differ in a large number of responses;
  • The companies work qualitatively;
  • Allianz has contracts with medical institutions.

Minus only one – the prices is higher than averages.


Where to buy insurance to Montenegro?


As well as it was told above, Allianz is on sale only on the website of the Tripinsurance company. As for ERV insurance, it can be found on several websites is, in addition to Сравни.ру, such websites as and Cherehapa. The last website is more convenient, plus is the specialist of the offer there.

On Cherehapa the minimum sum of the policy is equal to 30 thousand euros, and in Сравни.ру – 35 thousand euros. But it is possible to save.


How to save at execution of the policy?


The first method – the policy with the small cover amount of an insurance. For example, the policy for 14 days with a covering in 75 thousand euros on a resource Inogosstrakh will cost 1387 rubles. As for ERV, here the policy for the same term and a covering in 40 thousand euros will cost as much. The difference is that in ERV the person with guarantee will receive this money therefore many choose more expensive with a guarantee.

Making insurance for a trip to Montenegro

The second method – to choose more simplified tariff plans. For example, Сравни.ру offers several tariff plans, TP Standart Plus for 1839 rubles to TP Optima for 3100 rubles.

The third method – to buy a ready insurance. Will suit only those who are shipped outward several times every year. It will be cheaper and simpler to buy one insurance for a year, than a little on each trip.

The fourth method – use of a promo code.

Where to address at emergence of insured accident?

Most the first step – to contact with assistansy, that is service company. Phones of the companies are noted in the policy, and at its registration a contact information goes by SMS.

If ассистанс it is reliable, then the employee will quickly contact hospital and will send the letter of guarantee with all information and data on treatment payment. The company which is also qualified and having experience will trace that the person got on reception and also will take an interest whether the help was rendered, whether there was it timely and qualified.

In all heavy and emergencies when the person can't move itself, the doctor will have to go to housing or hotel in which the client stayed. Besides, the reliable insurance company won't suggest the client to pay treatment independently. Everything has to be included.


Whether there are cases which are recognized as not insurance?


Insurance policy from AllianzIn each insurance company there are rules an insurance so the same case in one company can be paid, and in another - No. And in some companies of service are added separately on options. Therefore it is necessary to watch closely conditions of insurance and the list of the entering insured accidents.

In some companies refusals at treatment it is possible to be treated on a concept of active recreation. As for Allianz, its policies included different kinds of active recreation, and they don't need to be included. From other party, in the same company on an insurance it is impossible to be insured from burns from the Sun.


Types of an insurance

It is possible to be insured both from diseases, and from many other troubles, including:

  • 1. Not departure. For example, it wasn't lucky to ache a day before departure. Some insurance companies can return money in that case.
  • 2. Accidents. It is possible to be insured for the different sums, beginning from 1 and finishing with 10 thousand euros.
  • 3. Civil liability. If the third parties caused to the client damage, the insurance company can pay compensation.


As it is correct to issue a discount for Allianz the insurance policy

To receive Mondial Assistance (a discount for the policy of Allianz), it is necessary to visit the official site of the Tripinsurance company. This website is the exclusive representative of the Mondial and Allianz companies. In the right bottom corner it is necessary to enter one of promo codes. As the example, will suit asiagood5.

Discounts for Mondial Assistance policy

Important point: since June 1 of this year on the Internet portal Сравни.ру action of many discounts is stopped.

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