Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach or Slavic Beach

Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach or Slavic Beach - a place that at least once visits all holidaymakers who have chosen to relax Montenegrin Budva. This place is characterized by lively, well-appointed and well-developed infrastructure.



Riviera Beach or the Slavic beach became a popular place to relax in 1920. It was then that architects from the Czech Republic and Slovenia built the embankment of Budva and invited their compatriots to Montenegro.

In 1938, German Nazis and resting in Montenegro, Slovaks, collided on the beach. Between them there was a conflict, as a result of which the Germans went to Morgen, and the Slovaks stayed here. They hung a sign with his name near the beach, which eventually consolidated him.



The Riviera beach or, as it is more often called, the Slavic beach is the longest in Budva. It starts at the city port and stretches to the extreme southern point of the resort. The beach area reaches 1600 m in length.

 Where is the Riviera beach

The Slavic beach is covered with sand. In places it is found small pebbles and concrete areas. The entrance to the sea is shallow, near the shore is shallow, which is very convenient for children. Adults swim at depth. In the harbor there are stops in the form of buoys.

For the comfort of tourists on the Slavic beach are laid out the wooden path leading to the sea. They are needed so that guests of the beach do not burn their feet on hot sand.

Particular attention should be paid to the panoramas that open from the coast. On one side of the beach you can see the Old Town - the main historical place of Budva. From the sea you can see a small island of St. Nicholas - the only one on the entire Budva Riviera. You can get to it directly from the beach, renting a pleasure boat or buying a ticket for a boat.


Facilities and infrastructure

Slavic beach does not belong to any hotel, so you do not have to pay for entrance to it. The beach area is equipped with a lot of umbrellas and sun loungers, for the use of which a fee is charged. Prices change every season. The average cost of a chaise longue is 10-20 euros.

The beach is also equipped with changing cabins, toilet rooms and a shower with fresh water. In the beach area there is a rescue service. In high season there is a medical office.

Riviera Beach in Montenegro

Near the Slavic beach there are several recreation areas, which are buried in the Mediterranean vegetation. Some of them belong to a huge hotel complex, named after the beach - Hotel Slovenska Plaza. Next to it stands the hotel Admiral, which is very popular among Russian-speaking tourists.

Right beyond the coastal strip is the walking zone - the longest and the most visited in all Budva. To get from the beach to the main entertainment of the resort, you need to pass 30-50 meters. There is everything: water and land attractions for children and adults, sports grounds for playing basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and ping-pong, water equipment rental points etc.

Slavic beach will appeal to lovers of active pastime and extreme. Here you can go in for water skiing, parachute or jump from a height of 40 m. Instructors work on the beach. Some understand and speak Russian.

On the Slavic beach there are several massage rooms. Tourists especially like the procedure of relaxing massage with olive oil. Sometimes it is done right on the beach.

On the beach there are no problems with meals. Right next to it, on the local embankment, there are many institutions: from budget street cafes to luxury restaurants.

Fast food is served directly on the street. They are not much more expensive than in the less popular areas of the resort. In restaurants, prices can be inflated. Tourists say that local institutions serve delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

Near the Slavic beach there are dozens of tourist shops with typical beach attributes. In the neighborhood with them are souvenir shops.

Riviera Beach in Montenegro