Montenegro beaches - queens, sandy and nude beach


Beaches of Montenegro


Montenegro is a comfortable and many-sided rest all the year round. Since the middle of May and all September it is possible to luxuriate on beaches here and to plunge into warm waters of the Adriatic Sea. The smart coastal strip, stretched for many kilometers, without effort containing about 117 various recreation areas. Crystal-clear waters of Adriatic Sea, from celestial-blue till deep sapphire color as though move paradise to the earth. Near the coast waves of the big sizes therefore it will be easy to enjoy bathing seldom meet. Here all necessary conditions for a relax and good mood are created.


Features of beaches


Beaches: features, description and prices

Total length of a beach strip is more than 70 kilometers. All beaches very different are also not similar at each other. There are stony, pebble and concrete vacation spots. Descent on these sites quite flat and quiet, but is diving danger. Sea waves beat big and sharp blocks which can fairly spoil sea tour.

From the southern part the country is available a little sandy and the melkogalechnykh of beaches with a convenient and smooth descent in the sea that is ideal for rest with children. The most part of beaches doesn't belong to hotels therefore access to them free. But the cost of rent of chaise lounges and umbrellas high therefore resort areas proved as expensive.



In what time it is better to open a sea season?


The beach season opens at the end of spring and lasts to the middle of fall. It will be especially hot these days in the towns of Kotor and Ultsin, is more cool near Budva. Average water temperature is about 27, at the same time the transparency will be from 40 to 60 meters. The peak of a season falls on July and August. During this period problems appear at once: any more not top-level purity of beaches, constant oversaturation of the coast and high seasonal prices. Plan a trip not during "a hot season" and your rest will please with availability and comfort.


Prices of beach services


Entrance on the majority of beaches free. But if you travel on the car, then arrival on the territory will cost couple of euro. Comfortable rest doesn't do without rent of chaise lounges, umbrellas and beach accessories. The cost of a hire of necessary stock depends on the concrete beach and month of year.

Prices for beaches in Montenegro

The average price of an umbrella and couple of chaise lounges will be about 10 euros, and in some places can reach up to 30 euros. But some beaches are worth it to give such money. Here picturesque landscapes open. Combinations of majestic mountains, the azure sea and emerald greens won't be left without your attention. For cheerful pro-driving time on water is required to you air mattresses which will help to diversify leisure. Be going to give for it from 5 euros to 20 euros. Practically each beach, for convenience of guests, is equipped modern shower, toilets, a zone for active recreation and cozy cafes.


"Blue flag"


Чистота на пляжах

Montenegro is famous for the whole world for the cleanest beaches. Each new day begins with preparation of the territory for arrival of tourists. After busy day, there is also a careful cleaning of the coast. Every year the country receives increasing number of "Blue flags".

It is a high award for purity, safety and ecology. The ecological distinction "A blue flag" is awarded on the basis of many factors. On the first place – this quality of water, on the second – purity and safety of the coast, on the third - high level of service of guests of the beach.


Nudist recreation areas


Montenegro is well-known to people who chose free lifestyle. They support a unification with the nature, without hesitating of the nakedness.

The resort Ada Bojana is an artificial island which "highlight" is that here it is possible naked to go everywhere. The territory of the island has extent about 3 km. Infrastructure is well developed, there is a cafe, tennis courts, volleyball courts. For visit of public places the clothes but only only good mood and self-confidence aren't necessary at all.

The resort of Buyalitsa is the mixed beach for nudists and vacationers in bathing suits. The coast is covered with small pebble and has smooth calling the sea. Infrastructure is badly developed therefore here it is necessary only to bathe, sunbathe and enjoy the nature.


Picturesque coasts


The coast of the Adriatic Sea has romantic bays, mysterious and silent lagoons, mighty rocks and islands with surprising greens. Therefore each site of the sea coast has the beautiful name "Riviera". Montenegro beaches divide according to the name of nearby big cities. Each Riviera has the advantages.

Budvansky Riviera is the "pearl necklace" weaved out of a set of beaches which have the not repeated color.

The Budva Riviera

Petrovats. This ideal vacation spot all family. Picturesque landscapes and soft climate that can be better for rest with children! The hills surrounding the sea are covered with evergreen needles and olive groves. The fresh air impregnated with pine aroma. The reddish small sand and the blue sea will calm to a shower and will treat a body.

Morgen. The coastline of this beach is divided into two parts by a rocky wall. It is possible to pass from one part into another on the small wooden bridge. Here very much tourists like to stop and to take unforgettable pictures. From the bridge the fantastic view of the celestial-blue sea, hills and impressive rocks with small caves opens. Water here so clean that without effort it is possible to consider sea inhabitants. The morgen 1 is a modern beach with well developed infrastructure. For convenience of vacationers, all recreation area is filled with plank beds and sunshades. Morgan 2 is a wild beach. In the territory of few coastal cafes, there are no chaise lounges and umbrellas.

Saint Stephen. Amazing place, center of rest of an elite class. Main "highlight", the island hotel is. This resort - the hallmark of Montenegro. There come celebrities of the whole world to enjoy silence and to admire a gentle modulation of pink sand in beams setting the sun.


Gertsegnovsky Riviera - was located in the north of Montenegro, in the Boka-Kotorsky bay which is considered the most picturesque around the world. There are pebble and sandy beaches for every taste. From a set of coastal zones there is a wish to allocate a little...

Herceg-Novi – the popular resort. City of the eternal sun, fragrant flowers and gentle sea. For variety of smart greens, it is called a botanical garden. Beaches generally concrete, but it is possible to reach the sandy coast by the private boat. The main place of interest of this place is that there is a school of diving. Skilled instructors with pleasure will help you to receive the mass of unforgettable impressions of immersion.

In 10 minutes of driving from Herceg-Novi the fantastic Zhanitse beach was located. It is possible to reach here only on the boat. Believe that it is worth overcoming these difficulties, and to you surprising landscapes will open. The purest air, the azure sea and snow-white small pebble what else is necessary for pleasant rest? All beach is in gentle embraces of olive groves in which shadow it is possible to take rest from the exhausting summer sun, and in the nearest cafes to enjoy the refreshing drinks.

Tivat Riviera

The Tivat Riviera is the smallest among all Montenegro a rivyer. It is surrounded by the Tivat gulf with the most beautiful bays. Water in the gulf is much warmer, than in the sea, but at the same time clean and transparent as a tear. All coast is buried in magnificent verdure. The place ideal for rest by all family. Here everything is very compact and convenient therefore it is possible to reach the necessary place quickly. In the Tivat Riviera about 10 various beaches. We will dwell upon the best of them...

Almara. The most fashionable beach with well developed infrastructure. In the territory equipped in the latest fashion, will offer you: chaise lounges, umbrellas, tasty drinks from the nearest cafe and various water attractions. You will be able to finish summer day in the beautiful coastal park under sounds of bewitching music. The beach has an award "A blue flag" for purity of a coastal zone and safety.

Blue horizon. One of the best beaches on the Montenegro coast. It is located on a soft sand in an environment of pine and olive groves. It is appreciated curative air and the superficial warm sea. It has special popularity among vacationers with children.

The Barskaya Riviera

Lordly Riviera – is located between two coast - the Adriatic Sea and Lake Skadar, in the southern part of the country. All territory is in an environment of the fine nature. Here various beaches meet: sandy, pebble, populous and absolutely wild. Along all coastal zone there are plank beds, solar umbrellas, locker rooms and shower cabins. The bar is considered the warmest city of Europe therefore here it is possible to have a rest almost all the year round.

Beaches of Lordly Riviera about 20, everyone has the smart places for sea rest.

Big and Small sands are surrounded with olive groves and old oaks. It is the territory of natural reserves of the country. The coastline is turned to the west therefore every evening it is possible to admire sunset under sounds of the rolling waves.

Along with remote beaches, also city places for bathing are in demand. Joy – the city pebble beach 800 meters long. Sutomore – the beach surrounded with cypress and pine thickets. During the high season here it is very populous. For comfortable rest all territory is well equipped by all necessary for carefree rest.

More coolly. Cozy and beautiful pebble beach. For fans quiet and lonely time of pro-driving will be the best option. In this area there are no conveniences and the developed infrastructure but only the surprising nature and silence.

The Barskaya Riviera

Malevik beach. Its uniqueness that here it is possible to watch the various sea world. It it becomes frequent subject to scientific research.

The Kralichin beach will present lonely rest far from noise and vanity. It is possible to get only here on water because it is surrounded with rocks from all directions.

Ultsinsky Riviera one of the warmest parts of the seaside. Includes a big variety of cozy places in an environment of the Mediterranean vegetation. Riviera collected all color of the country. Dense groves and impressive rocks surround the boundless azure sea. Among this beauty there are many vacation spots.

Female beach. The medical rocky place only for women. The curative properties of water enriched with iodine and sulphurous connections favorably influence a female body.

Albatross. The rocky private beach which is in an environment of the pine wood. Includes three recreation areas: nudist, women's and mixed.

Bay Valdanos. The wild beach surrounded with olive thickets. Is far from all well-known tourist tracks. Lonely rest will be to the taste to fishermen and divers.

Practically each city in Montenegro has an outlet to the sea. There is a lot of beaches in this country and all of them strike with the variety. Rest on coast of Adriatic Sea is an excellent remuneration to people who look forward to a meeting with the warm sea and the most beautiful nature.

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